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I have been meaning to blog about recent events that has been happening to my uni,the 'famous' UiTM...Unless you have been living under a rock or in a cave,you must have heard the news that more than 5000 thousand UiTM students went to the Selangor MB office to protest over his remarks that 10% of the place in UiTM should be given to non-Bumiputera students.My friends and I saw the notice being put up at our faculty on the morning of the day before,the protest.Initially, when I read the notice,I felt,along with my other friends,that what Khalid was proposing, wasn't right.That as they say,UiTM is the last bastion for the Malays and Bumiputeras.But I have to say after some deep thinking,personally,I have mixed feelings over it.I wonder how the people of other races must feel seeing more than 5000 students fighting to NOT let them in their university.It must have hurt their feelings, but on the other hand,I understand the feelings of the students who went to protest.Although on this blog(click here),the blogger seems to think that the UiTM students were forced to protest.Some of my friends went to protest and they did it because of their love for the university so don't judge them because of it.

But what really irks me is that the overgeneralization of some people and political figures on UiTM students.They say that the reason why they want to bring in non-bumiputeras student to UiTM is because we don't know how to mingle with people of other races and what pisses me off the most is when this one 'infamous' political figure said that 'Kita tak nak pelajar Melayu yang bodoh'(as shown on the news of his speech)..Bodohkah semua pelajar UiTM?Why the heck most of UiTM students are able to get jobs in just a couple of months after they graduate?And UiTM students have many accolades from debates to interior design to fashion,we have won many awards and yet,they say that UiTM students are stupid.Where is the sense in that?Just because there are a few bad apples,they overgeneralize things.That just blows!

I have good friends from other races that I do keep in touch until today.My Scrabble teammates Puvanah and Suresh who with me, help my school become the 1st Scrabble champion of Negeri Sembilan,beating TKC students as well! When I live in Penang,it was very 'muhibbah' there.All of us spoke Malay with a Penang accent.Which I find so cool to listen to my Chinese and Indian friends talking that way.My old friends,Vinothini (who never fails to invite me to her house during Deepavali and stuffing myself with yummy Indian sweets especially the bright pink coconut candy...yummm!),Dharmini and Sharon who blurred the racial lines between us by speaking in a language that all of us could communicate in which brings me to what irks me a lot...Non-Bumiputeras who doesn't know how to speak BM at all,like at all and yet they call themselves Malaysian?Sorry to people who feels offended but if you are born and bred in Malaysia but you can't speak the Malay language then what is up with that?

On a brighter note,do read the current NUR magazine because my mum's friend/former employer's daughter,Nurul Huda, is on the front cover and she's a UiTM graduate.And a month after she graduated,she was accepted to work at Hijjas Kasturi Assoc.Sdn.Bhd and now she's the Interior Designer for them!


Nina Alyssa said...

hey u stayed in penang before? which part & when? my hometown la :)

Liyana said...

yupz nina!
i think i told u bout it but it was a looong time ago...ehehe

i lived in Balik Pulau(yep ulu giler but i kinda lov it..) from the month of september of my form 1 year until form 2..