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Friday, August 29, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Silent Scenery
Imaginary Frens

Yesterday night I went to Laundry to support my cousin,Syazni's, band 'Imaginary Frens' performance for Sound of Urbs.So I had to do something bad which was cut class...hahaha.Hey,in my defense,I haven't ponteng that class yet..haha.So that's a first!Anyhoo,after class,and 'studying' Metho Reading,got ready,went out with my cousin around 8 pm,pick up Mel & Ida and then Shazni(this is Male Shazni,not the Female Syazni).Off we went with Mel driving the car because I'm lazy like that..haha.Arrived there,sat at the seats above and next to the stage..rase rockstar gitu..haha.Cos' that's wear the performers table are and of course there were free beers...-_-..haha.Which Syaz was like.."Minum la teh o ais tuh!"hahaha.

Because we came there at 9 something,the food for the bands(there were 4 bands altogether) were gone....sad cos Syaz said that they served seafood spaghetti and pizza...damn!Hang out,hang out.Borak2.And I actually stash my Reading notes in my bag(konon nak study if dieorg xperform lagi) but of course I only touch them once that night and didn't read them at all throughout the night.haha.Shazni(male) took pics of us,the bands performance and it's on his Facebook (Shaz's Facebook).

The night started with one band which I forgot their name but they were very good.They played mostly cover songs but they did play 2 original songs.The next band
Silent Scenery(for their Myspace CLICK HERE)however,blew me away.I was totally transfixed as I sat on the sofa and was in complete awe( yes I was sitting so in front that all the photographer's asses were in my way!).They looked like any normal guys that you might bump into at your uni cos' they sat in front of us before the performance and seriously,if you see them you never thought that they are such rockstars on stage!..2 of the looked preppy with their button down shirt...and the lead guitar was wearing a funny hat BUT they are beyond awesome.Their music doesn't even have that much lyrics.It's mostly instrumental but god were they good or what!They sound unbelievable.Seriously..I have never seen a band that was so in sync and was basking in the music and just feeling the music.They looked so focus on their music and watching them play was undescribable.I just sat there on the sofa with my jaws literally on the floor.They played it like they mean it..huhu.Mel bought the cd from them and we played it in my car as we drove back home, with the windows down and the cool breeze flowing perfect!But they do sound better live.. I love the all the bands that night(ookay maybe not really the last band laa..sorry!).

Syazni's Imaginary Frens who played after Silent Scenery didn't dissapoint and I'm so proud of Syaz and I'm sure Kak Hani,her big sis feels mucho mucho proud than I do.Thanks to Syed and his friend who came eventhough he had a tahlil just before (how ironic rite from a tahlil to a gig?haha.But like he said,'doa is doa,gig still gig!')They came just in time,right before the band was about to play...(Have fun in Phuket & buy me something!!haha).Imaginary Frens rocked the house.And it did helped that a lot of Syaz's supporters and friends came that night.Sangat kecoh!Syaz's voice did broke a little during the 3rd or the 4th song but they still rocked the house with their leather jackets on!haha.Oh,the cutest thing happen..this cute guy came and Kak Hani introduce us and I was like,'Imaginary Frens dah habis perform dah bru nak dtg?' and he was like to my cousin,'tu la...blah2(xingat the exact words)..xpela asalkan kiteorg dpt amek gamba dgn dieorg'.Turns out they're( he came with his friends) are fans of the band..and I was going with Mel like...'cute nyer Syazni ade peminat setia!!!'haha
After that we hung out a bit,camwhoring and around 2 am,we went back.I went home,study a lil bit and sleep for not more than 3 hours...

Glad that tonight I'll be able to sleep far more than that!!Tomorrow is shopping day with the family!!!And I'm more excited over the month of Ramadhan than celebrating Merdeka itself(maybe because of the current political situation and also because FESKEM was cancelled due to the fact that we did all out for MeKar and INTEC was suppose to handle FESKEM and take over it..but -_-....).I can't wait to Sahur with my family this Monday & buka puasa for the first day of the Puasa Month with them!!!weeeeee!!!Okay,gonna sleep a little bit before going off to tutor Ms.Salliza's 2 adorable nephew's...^_^


Hey babe, glad that you're having a good time:))

LIYANA said...

thanks izlin!!!
happy merdeka & selamat berpuasa!!!