The Secret Life of Bees

Friday, August 22, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd are one of my favorite books and it was on Laura's Bush list of 25 books to read before you turn 25(or was it 21 books..I forgot because the list of the books is tuck in a file in the nook of my car somewhere..Currently I think I have only manage to cross of almost 10 from 21/25 books..).
Laura's Bush is of course the wife of George W. Bush and the reason why I have her list of books to read before I turn 25(21),is because she was a librarian and she was honored(on April 2005) by the American Library Association for her years of support to American libraries and librarians and she even has her own foundation which is the Laura Bush Foundation For America's Libraries.

Back to the book,if you click the link above,you'll learn more about the book...but I'll write a short description here.The book revolves around Lily Owen and her life as she fled from her estranged father,to find who her mother was before she died(which has something to do with Lily,i won't spoil it here..go and read it yourself!).And how she comes upon the family of beekeepers who accepts her as one of their own family members.

I'm excited that the movie version of the book will come out in October and the girl playing Lily Owen is Dakota Fanning!Alicia Keys,Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson is in the cast too!!Looks like(hopefully) it'll be a good movie...Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

OMG liyana! u saw those ugly pics???


I've always been a part time mnodel with several magazines. since form 4! hahaha. ugly betty.

oh that cover girl is your friend? i met her during the photoshoot! sangat tinggi!!! pretty too...


Liyana said...

hehe..mane ade ugly laa!
giler la i had no idea u were a part time model...woohoo!!

that cover girl is the daughter of my mum's fren..huhu.sgt tinggi kn??