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My life right now is pretty hectic.Heck the word pretty shouldn’t even be there..It is hectic.But I got everything covered .Yesterday was a jampacked day. After class in the morning,I had to pick up my mum in Puncak Alam which is 40 minutes away from my faculty,so that she could go to HUKM and see my grandma(my grandma has been admitted in and out of the hospital for a few weeks now ).After that ,I have tutoring which usually lasts for about 2 hours but I had to cut it short because I have a class.ahah.I don’t just tutor the boys Eng although some people think so because I’m a TESL student but I tutor all the subjects that the boys are taking.Particularly the one whose taking PMR this year.Because my ass is on the chopping block if his grades doesn’t go up soon enough for the upcoming PMR.And I had PMFP meeting because Ihya Ramadhan will be this Thursday night and we divided the work among us.PMFP’s meeting are always so funny.They love to poke fun at each other and last night,when Hanna,Hani & me got in the meeting room a little bit late,we came in with someone whose very famous in PMFP and Hanna was made fun off by the guys for it..eheh.Although yesterday was pretty stressful,the jokes that the peeps made just made me laught a lot during the meeting.After the meeting,me,hani,hisyam,furkan & hanna discussed about the kursus kepimpinan that’ll be at Frasers Hill after finals.Me,Hani & Hisyam were discussing about what activities were going to have for those 3 days and we’re going to Frasers Hill soon to check out the place!!Yippeee.It’ll be me,hani & hisyam,a road trip to Frasers Hill.Although Hanna wanted to go,me & hani was like noooo!!!And hani was going all,bg lah kiteorg comolot dgn hisyam..Nanti ko pegi la petik strawberry time kursus tuh dgn fazirul(cos they were the high comm for Mekar).LOL..

And the list of order s for my choc chip cookies for Raya are about to hit the 20 mark and yeah,it might look like it’s not a lot but each person equals to 100 pieces of cookies and I do all the mixing,baking all by myself okay!I don’t ask help from my mum nor do I have a maid.I’m self-sufficient like that….but that is pretty tiring since I have to bake all those cookies starting this Friday since the oven is at my Puncak Alam house and not the Shah Alam house.So,that means I have to bake 2000 cookies in 2 & ½ days….OMG!!!Nevermind,I can do it!!!ahah.


Li, I am sorry for not telling you about the class earlier tau, and thanks for the Rayban. It's gorgeous.

LIYANA said...

eh,it's okay bro..it's not ur fault pon..just hw things goes sometime..lg pon time tuh aq tgh stress out so i dun blame u laaa

of course it's gorgeous..aq yg pilih kot???hahah