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I haven't update this blog in awhile because I wanted to post this entry along with some photos but due to the fact that I've seemed to misplace my hp cable..I guess the pics have to wait later.Every cloud has a silver lining and after the sad day that was the day when my uncle past away(Wednesday),on Thursday,I could count on my friends to make things better and my family too,of course.

I was so bummed out that I couldn't break my fast with my family on Thursday because I had to go to Ihya Ramadhan which was organize by PMFP & since I'm on the high committee,it's compulsory for me to go,plus,I had my creative writing class from 6-10pm.My mum called on Thursday evening asking if I could go home or not since Pak Uda(my dad's brother) and his family is coming over to break fast with us.So of course I couldn't go and it sucks because during the day before,I asked Pak Uda to come home with us and break fast but he wanted to go back to the hotel in PJ with his family.

Pak Uda currently lives in Terengganu with his 2 kids and his new wife(he divorce his first wife about 2 years ago),while his former wife lives with their 3 child from their previous marriage.I haven't seen him in like a year!sob sob sob.And when I got back home on Friday my mum told me about how his kids played around on our lawn and that they had to bathe after rolling on the grass..LOL..arghhh they must have looked so cuteee!!!But fret not,my mum said that we'll be going there for a holiday before my bro,Haziq aka the Bouncer goes to uni.I'm estatic because Pak Uda's bungalow is by the beach & among all states in Malaysia,I haven't been to Kelantan,Terengganu,Sabah & Sarawak yet.So I can cross Terengganu off my list soon..!!!

Ihya Ramadhan organize by PMFP was a success.My attire that night prompted a lot of talk from my friends.Some of the lines that came out from A
kmal-- "Aku tergoda&bermcm2 lg..",Furkan--"Ayu& bermcm2 lg menyakat dr beliau",Fazirul--"Nampak manis& bermcm2 lg",Hafriz--"patut teruskan pakai mcm nih..-_-...,Duang--"cantikl liyana bertudung",Syatila--"comel",Acad--"Ustazah!",Mr.Jaferi--"I'm surprised"..-_-...and so on.

Yes,I wore the tudung that night to respect the ceremony as
we had a ceramah before we break our fast.When the maghrib azan was heard,we break our fast with pudding,dates and rose syrup water and proceed to berjemaah maghrib prayers and after that we had rice.It was yummy!There was rice with kurma telur,ikan masin,ayam berempah,ulam, watermelon& bread pudding for the students. While we,the PMFP with the lecturer, had rice with squid cooked in soy sauce,stir fried vegetables,ayam berempah,ulam2 & sambal belacan,popia,bread pudding,watermelon.

Oh,I took a pic of Pn.Roslinda Wahab(my sociolinguistic lect) youngest son,Khairin Nafis..I couldn't stop pinching his cheeks!!!!Arghhh so cuteeee!!!When I told her that Khairin is so cute,she said,"Tengokla sape mak die(look who's the mother)"..hahaha.She brought all of her 3 children to Ihya Ramadhan and Pn.Hajah brought the cute but mischievous Dini too--who played facial expression,scrunching up our nose with me.

After we break out fast,we proceed to Isyak prayers and then onwards to Terawih.I have to confess that during Ramadhan,I rarely had the chance to perform terawih prayers as I have koko and a class during night time.So it was great that my lecturer(Mr.Jaferi) permits me to perform my terawih as PMFP was the one who's organizing it.But up to the 7 rakaat,I was kinda getting sleepier and my friends confessed that they too were "terhuyung hayang skit"..hehehe.

After that there were moreh but I quickly popped into my creative writing class and got the assignments.5 poem for the blog entry yo!!!!woaahhh.And an indvidual assignment and that's to write & perform a poem..gulp...I'm down with 3 more poems left to create..sigh..I think my poems sucks..haha.

After class,I went back to Hanna's place with the girls,lepak2 and then head out to A&W for sahur.And seriously,I told Hani that she's getting funnier by the day.You guys should see her imitating that Grim Reaper monster from Death's hilarious!!!That night we ate so much food at A&W.Like,sooo much food!!!Hani was going on how she's blowing off her diet & so am I..and she's making this slashing motion at her neck cos' we're eating too much..hahaha.Like we're better off killing ourselves with the amount of calories that we had ingested.

I was like,nevermind,we'll break our fast with dadih jer....(which so didn't happen to me since when I got home on Friday,my mum cooked Sambal tumis petai ikan bilis & my dad bought ikan bakar...=having rice again=getting fatter!!!!!!!!!!).A&W h
ad a new addition to their menu.They had mix fries and curly fries and pour cheese sauce on top and there's also another one where they serve em' with the coney dog sauce...yummmaahhh!!!Hani & Napisah had the cheesy mixed fries.Hani had waffles and rootbeer float and a beef burger with that.Napz had cheeseburger,rootbeer float along with her cheesefries.Hanna had cheese burger(she's set on her diet..cisss!) while I,had waffles with extra syrup,rootbeer float and onion rings.^_^

Yep!!!Diet is out of the window.But spare me la,and Hani too,since we haven't had carbonated drink in a looong time.And I can't remember the last time I had
A&W.Funnily,the last time I had fast food was with them too which was Mc D's Mud Pie Oreo McFlurry(yummyy!!!) and during the first week of fasting,I break my fast with them at KFC and had that new chicken berempah whatever thing.

By the end of our major pigging out at A&W..Hani felt like she was about to barf while I was contemplating whether to get a coney dog while mooching Hani's &
Napz's fries..hehe.Oh,Hani only manage to eat half of her waffle so I fed it to this fat cat who was around.And it ate it!Actually,I didn't finish my waffle too but it wasn't as much as Hani didn't finish hers so Hanna finish up my waffle for me..hehe.

On Friday,after class,I went home because I wanted to start and baked the cookies for people who ordered from me.And mama cooked rendang ayam & sambal tumis petai ikan bilis.So screw the breakfast with dadih only rule..hahaha.I had rice along with mama's dishes and ikan bakar(grilled fish).

On Saturday morning,went to KL and then to Summit,and the to Shah Alam mall with my family..Sort of Raya shopping...hehe.And it was about 3.40 pm(we went out at like 10 am something!) when we went to the Bazaar at Shah Alam stadium in Sect.13.It was our 2nd time there since my parents doesn't like the fact that it's s0 damn crowded..

It was definitely more crowded than last year..I guess because of the amount of press the Bazaar gets,from the Malaysia Book of Records,8TV even mentione
d it during the Quickie...But since it was,3.40 pm..the stalls was about to open so we were able to walk freely without people pushing us..

But to my surprise,I saw this loonnnnnggg queue at Papa John's stall.Like seriously loong!!!And it was at that time,3.50 pm!!!Crazzzyy!!!The line of people waiting for the roti john was like...equals to 3 or 4 tent there.It must be really tasty.And th
e people who were making them looked like professional chef,judging from their attire.So people,if you want to eat Papa John's roti john,come super super early!!

I had a bit of a tiff with my dad there because I was contemplating whether to buy these kabobs(kebab is the pita bread filled thing while kabobs are the grillled meat/chicken with veggies on a stick) at one of the stalls(it'll be featured this upcoming Monday at TV3 on the Syamsul at Bazaar show) but my dad,due to his low blood sugar and no nicotine fix,suddenly storm off while I was standing there with my bro & my mum.Lerr..My mum was like,"Biase la tuh"...See,don't ever smoke people!!!It'll turn you into this ticking time bomb during fasting month.

We went our separate ways,my mum went with me while my bro,Syafiq, went with my dad.After we were about to go back,my dad pass me a plastic bag,saying "Nih,ayah beli tadi"...containing..tadaaahh..two sticks of the kabobs.One beef and one chicken.
Hehehe.My dad may look tough and is strict on the outside but inside,he's a big softy especially when it's about his only daughter(ME!!).Haha...I ate it for my break fast and it was sooo damn good!!!!It was rm 5 per stick but it was sooo worth it!!!I'll post all of the pics soon.Now,back to poem writing and baking more cookies!!(pic of hazelnut chocolate chip cookies for Yaya's mum!)Toodlesss!!



nak tgk pic kamu pakai tudung!!


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kak aisyah..pic tuh ade dlm hp duang & hafriz..
mrk sibok tangkap pic time klas..
katenyer ssh nk dpt pic begitu..haha