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Sunday, September 14, 2008 Liyana Hanim 5 Comments

Moja asked me to do this here it goes...Oh,it's 1.46 am in the morning and my PARENTS haven't gone back from their 'date' ANNDDD...they went out using my car..-_-...Kids nowadays...tsk2..LOL


I love the smell of white frangipanis--can someone bottle it up for me?I love watching dvd's while laying on my bed.I love shopping for bargains.I love writing and reading.I love book warehouse sales.I love watching the sunset.I love my tv.I love searching for cool unknown(yet) songs.I love trying new recipes.I love my brown & grey(just bought!!) DG aviators & wear it all the time.I love sleeping while it's raining outside.I love the color lavender,white and red.I love InStyle magazines & never throw them away.I love the Ellesse watch I got from my mum since I was 16 years old & still wear until now.I love the sound of the ocean and the smell of the air near it in the morning.I love to scrunch up my nose at people for no apparent reason.I love real life true love stories.I love listening to Lee Hom's song,like search for the lyrics,meanings & sing it over and over-kind of love!I love to watch my fav movies/series over and over again until I know the lines by heart--quiz me on ANY line from Friends or Gilmore Girls and i'll be able to tell you which epi & season it's frm!I love shoes/bags & aspire to have my own shoes/bags closet..right now,my car boot are filled with shoes..ahah.I love people who can hold up an intelligent conversation.I love discussing about issues--politics,world affairs--with my parents.I love cool quotes.I love all of my dresses..albeit I haven't worn half of them!I love my bed!I love all of my beauty products..every single gazillion one of them..muahaha.I love being the only daughter in the family.I love it when I get what I want..most of the time...^_^.I love the intricacies of's not a bed of roses but that's part and parcel of it.I love Jit Murad stand up comedy,went to Full of Jit at Bangsar & it was a crazy laugh fest!!!I love the look that only a couple in love know,when you just look into each other's eyes & you don't have to say anything or you only have to smile 'your smile' and he just knows what it means...sigh...

People who I want to see do this 'assignment' are Izlin,wawa,kak aisyah,nazri,nina alyssa & anybody who's bored!


Anonymous said...

rajin nyeeeeeeeee

mojax said...


you absolutely got an A for this assignment!


LIYANA said...

hehe..hana saje jer...

thanks cikgu mojaxxx...hahaha

H&F said...

i think i know u..

im not too sure


LIYANA said...

yup,i am a tesl student