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Saturday, September 06, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

I never thought that I'd love tutoring/teaching..but I come to realize that I do.It has been almost a month that I've been tutoring the two nephews of one of my lecturer and I have to say that it's been fun.They're easy to talk to,they are funny and they make it easy for me to tutor them.Some of the conversations that I've had with both of them during this one month,has been really funny and an eye opener...Just yesterday,one of them pointedly told me ,after looking at some of the pictures on my pendrive that....my forehead is large enough for an airplane to land on...-_-

Oh,both of them,although they're 15 and 16 years old,can drive AND EACH of them have their OWN car..I'll refrain from stating what car their father gave them so that people will not scream "Life is not fair!"..but what I can tell is that each of their car are more expensive than my car!!! T_T ...And the 16 year old one can drift (as in car drift) and is able to pimp up his friends car providing they gave him the money for it...Yeah I guess it's because I have 3 brothers of my own,I find that it's not hard to talk to them and all..

Today has to be one of the best shopping trip with my family(for this month atleast...in a couple of weeks it will be RAYA shopping!!!!wooottt!).In the morning,we went to Shah Alam from Puncak to pick up my brother,Haziq--who's staying at my grandma house cos he's working.I stay at my grandma's house only once a week now cos I drive back and forth from Puncak Alam to Shah Alam & I stay at Hanna's place once a week too...---,or the bouncer(cos he looks like one..although he's 3 years younger than me,he looks much older,taller & bigger than me so yeah,he's like my bouncer!).It was looking like a great day because we haven't gone out as one whole family in a long time cos' me & my brother is always busy and whatnot.

We went to KL to shop and I bought....Firstly,do not judge me by how many things I buy today..Like a very very good friend of mine told me yesterday.."Who would've thought that the once 'budak hingusan' that was you,has become independent,standing on your own two feet,driving back and forth from Puncak Alam and have a stable paying part-time job(actually,I have 3 part-time jobs..hehe...one is the tutoring thing,another is a lucrative part-time job thanks to a friend who told me bout it &lastly is the baking business--cookies order for Raya are trickling in!) "...or if you still think I am a spend thrift,read this quote from Sophie Kinsella's article in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar..."I’ll never stop shopping; I’ll never feel guilty about it or stop taking joy in it. Why should I? With every spree, I’m giving myself a mood-enhancing buzz, I’m boosting the world’s economy…and I’m getting all this gorgeous stuff. Really, what’s not to love?”

Today I bought 4 bags(a sling purse,a cute hand bag,one big chic It bag & one flowery bag..I didn't took pictures of them because it defeats the purpose of buying them!!!haha),6 headbands(thin headbands in silver,gold& bronze,2 paisley print & 1 dark blue)a floaty top with satin flowers on the neckline AND a new butterfly---my fondness for butterfly started when I was little and it my collection of butterfly stuff has of course expanded ever since then.I have many,many butterfly tops,a print dress,many pendants/necklace...huhu---comforter for my bed(buhbye to my baby blue comforter that has been with me since I was 12 and has traveled with me & my family when we move to Penang & Seremban...I'm gonna miss u!).

Bukak puasa food...What is this?It's Masak Asam Batang Keladi...yum!!!The first time I had this dish was early last year with Hanna..I still remember it,after class both of us would hop off from the bus mini(yes I do take the bus mini back then when I didn't have a car to go to class from my apartment) & we would go to Seri Soga to buy our lunch & there they sell this dish.But it's hard to see this dish nowadays since preparing batang keladi is NOT easy...If you pick wrongly,it could be poisonous or it could make your body itch!! Today's spread...It's not excessive because the bouncer(aka my bro Haziq) will help finish them!
My favorite,favorite sweet treat during this fasting month...DADIH!!Back when I was in Form 3,there was this pakcik who sold dadih outside of SMK Seksyen 9,Shah Alam & I would always buy it from him as I wait for the school van to pick me up...Thankfully in Puncak Alam,a stall opened at the Ramadhan Bazaar,selling a myriad of flavors & so far I've tasted Strawberry,Blueberry,Honeydew,Apple&Chocolate(I eat like 3 dadih everyday..after bukak puasa laa..).I haven't tasted Mango & Sweetcorn though..maybe tomorrow..hehe

Oooh I've been meaning to post about this letter below since last week but I always forgot!!!
I'll end this post with this letter that Mia wrote to Modern Man--aka Jack her ex-fiance,in the 3rd episode of Cashmere Mafia...Ok firstly,for you who haven't watch Cashmere Mafia..Mia & her fiance,Jack was pit up against each other for the editor post and the minute Mia won,Jack dumped her,just like that!And then he never ever contact her at all!How stupid and mean is he??So,as his last issue for Modern Man,he made this front cover of the magazine of a woman,eating a man with a fork(I don't remember exactly what was on the cover) and Mia,being the editor for the magazine,wrote this letter for the readers but of course it's directed to Jack..

Dear Modern Man

You know what this modern woman wants for breakfast?
Maybe oatmeal.
Bacon and eggs if she's craving protein.
Definitely coffee.
But relax,I'm not gonna have you for breakfast.
So please don't be such a wimp about woman at work.
It's high time to accept the fact that a woman might not just be your co-worker,
she could be your boss.
And you're gonna have to be prepared to deal.
To be a man about in it in the true sense of the word.
Sure,more working woman means more competition.
But instead of being threaten by it,be challenged by it.
Let's bring out the best in each other.
Win or lose,if you're a good sport,everybody wins.
Until you get your head around this...
You'll be on your road and I'll be on mine.
I hope at some point,we'll meet in the middle.
The Modern Woman.


Anonymous said...

wow banyak nye makanan on the table. yummyness


LIYANA said...

huhu..tu la..byk kn??
i hv 3 hungry brothers..haha