A perfect day

Monday, September 29, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

This past 3 days of Raya break have been spent by me by watching dvd & sleeping.eheh.Tomorrow I have to cook with my mum and she has been asking me to peel lots and lots of garlic & shallots...sheesh!hahaha.

Today I woke up late,cos' I was up watching the Korean series Sad Sonata on my brand-new DVD player which I bought with my OWN money..hehe.My former beloved DVD player was wrecked/ruined/musnah by my bouncer aka brother,Haziq!!!!hurmmphh.But he did chipped in some money so that I could buy a new one & so I manage to buy a more expensive dvd player than the one I had before,which my dad bought for me.

This new baby of mine even has a USB port!!!So dearest Izlin,I didn't even have to burn all the Gossip Girl season2(ooohhh..the new season is just too juicy!!!To Chuck--told you so!!) episodes that you gave me,I just watched it on my dvd player,straight from my pendrive!!!I love this new baby of mine because I could finally watch the Korean Series,Sad Sonata that Yaya gave to me since last semester break--cos' my previous dvd player couldn't play out the subtitles..cos' Yaya burn the dvd on her own pc,thus the dvd can only be watched,along with the subtitles,on a PC/Laptop & I prefer to watch dvd's/any series for that matter,on my tv!!!

Ookay,today,after waking up late,I went out to shop for Raya with my mum & 2 brothers.Bought a gorgeous modern baju kurung..love the unique sleeves & lining below it..& also a pair of black patent leather stiletto pump---which my mum deemed were too high..if only she knew that I wore a 4.5 inch heel to class a couple of days ago..ehehe.The higher the heels,the better!!

Ooh,while buying my Raya stuff,I saw this Macha..hahahaha.Okayla,it's not a macha,it's Black,my super senior& he was there with his family so manage to terjah him a bit...haha.Still remember the time he scolded us during pre-degree,along with Husni because we were making a ruckus in Cemara one night..LOL!!

Then after hopping from one mall to another(I think it was 3 mall trip in a day!)...we went to Bazaar Ramadhan at the Shah Alam Stadium to buy some kuih for the big berbuka puasa with my dad's side of the family later.Met Dr.Z & her hubby,talked a bit & walk again.Took a pic of the loooooooong queue at the Papa John stall..seriously they are so damn famous for their roti john man!I did a post on them before...Below are the pics to show how long the queue was!!

Then we went to visit my grandma in sek 11.She seems to be doing okay...But this will be the first Raya ever that she won't be able to cook Raya dishes for her family because she's bedridden...: (

After that we went to the thing that I've been waiting since yesterday!!!Bukak puasa with all 5 siblings from my dad side of the family.My dad went straight to Pak Teh's house(used to be their late parent's house) in sect.19 after work,while my mum & my siblings went in my car.All of my cousins on my dad side are still in primary/high school & I'm the eldest cousin so I feel so old!My dad's siblings are(with the name that I call them)..Pak Uda,Pak Tam,Pak Teh,Mak Lang & Cu.

Mak Lang cooked a LOT of tasty dish for berbuka & she gave me 2 kek lapis for Raya(I LOVE KEK LAPIS SARAWAK!!!).Kek Lapis is like much more expensive than Secret Recipe tau!!And Mak Lang gave me the big square one in white cake boxes..not the panjang2 rectangle ones..hahah.The food for berbuka cooked by Mak Lang,was spaghetti with bolognaise sauce,rice with dishes many dishes like...

a)ayam percik(ini Pak Uda beli)
b)rebung masak lemak
c) ikan masak lemak kuning
d)sambal tumis petai&udang(I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
e)ayam masak merah
f) ikan masin
i)4 kinds of drink-cendol,sarsi,orange & teh o'.

After stuffing ourselves,it was time to play...bunga api!!!!!!!!!wooott!


selamat hari raya! nak main mercun!!

acad said...


Selamat Hari Raya..!!!
Maaf Zahir batin..
Rohani jasmani..

Ak x baca abis pom entry ko nie..
pjg sgt!