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Whew..I haven't blog in almost a week!Life has been really hectic for me lately ..Tests,presentation & whatnot...Manage to bake 1600 pieces of chocolate chips for all the Raya orders that I got.Yes...crazy I know & I did everything on my OWN!I didn't ask help from my mum or like some people thought that I bought the cookies from a supplier..hello it's my secret recipe kot!!!Just because I'm kind of high-maintenance doesn't mean I don't know my way around the kitchen yo!!!haha.Giler penat that was..but it was sooo satisfying being able to earn money on my own(aside from the bracelet business & the tutoring job that I do too)..huhu.Also,I'm loving earning money on my own now that I've applied for 2 part-time jobs & hopefully I'll get one of them!!!Need to save money for TB!!

With the money that I got ,I even manage to buy my mum this one top that she wanted,on the sly and gave it to her as a Raya baju gift.Seriously,earning your own money and being able to buy stuff for your family with it, is one the best feelings in the world.huhu.And I'm proud to say that I'll be buying my baju raya(Raya clothes) this year using my OWN HARD EARNED MONEY!!!hehehe...

Slept a lot at the girls house this week & manage to have last sahur & bukak puasa with them.Hani cooked for us & then she went back on Thursday..uwaaa.Send off Napz at the bus stop yesterday & Hanna with her sis to KTM cos they're going to Gombak to meet their aunt & drive back to Ipoh for raya.Beshnyerrr raya kat kampung!!!I have no kampung(village) whatsoever!

Every year ever since I was a tiny tot,Raya has been spent in Shah Alam as my mum's side of the family lives in Section 11 while my dad's side of the family lives in Section 19.But this year's Raya won't be as 'meriah' as past raya since the eldest uncle on my dad's side just passed away and my grandma is bed-ridden as both of her legs doesn't function anymore.So it's more of a subdued raya and I think the first day of Raya I might go and catch the KAMI movie with my cousins.

Actually,I have so many things to blog about but you know,when the piece of news has been in your head for days and you tend to forget what is it that you wanted to blog about...yeah I'm getting old..hehehe.

On a funny note:Why many kuih has the name 'badak'(hippo) in it??Like 'cucur badak','badak berendam'..How did it came about?I always wonder...hmmm...

p/s:Temi,I'll do ur tagging thing in a few days time aight?Have to help my mum cook food for raya & do my raya shopping!!!!


Slamat ari raya Liyana!!!!


i dah reply komen u kt my blog. tp stilll tk puas hati.

so, i'll repeat: *gedik je

1. tHAnk you for the very honest raya card. i pon mtk maaf if i ade tercakap pape2 or curi tulang mase mekar aritu. hehee.

2. selamat hari raya jugak. u buat open house tk? *misty eyes kekurangan kasih syg sbb blk mlm raya ke3. so no open house kt kelate for me:(

3. loghat kelate: dun worry, tk ramai penah denga i ckp. not even hafriz. ngee~

4. next year buat lagi tk business famous amos tu? i nk tempahhh!~~

5. miss you. take care love. see you in a week's time *hugs :)

p.s: next sem, jom sekelas!

LIYANA said...

selamat hari raya to jeng & izlin juga!!!

izlin,u xgedik laaaa!!!!!!

to dearest izlin
1.ur so berry welcome(i ske ckp berry dr very sbb mcm dlm cartoon Strawberry Shortcake!!!) ker?meh la tido umah i kat puncak alam!!!jom2!!!

3.ala nk dgr gaks!!!mesti laen gilerr

4.insyallah i wat lg next year!!

5.miss u too!!!*hugs*