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Friday, September 12, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Okay,today after my 8.30 class,I went to the library PC lab to search the reading evaluation thing online.Search and search,and then I found the web,rummage through my bag wanted to find my pendrive and....yeah it wasn't there!So I took out everything that was in my bag,korek2 the bag and yeah it wasn't there.So I started to panic because there's so many things in that 2g pendrive...Personal things,pictures,assignments,notes,songs and many more.So I tried to trace my steps back and I realize that I've must left it yesterday afternoon around 2 something at the PC lab because I was there to print my Creative Writing piece after Firhan.So I went to the librarian named Dafi and he search for it but it wasn't there.*cue the sound of my heart almost falling out of my chest*

So I went out,search the insides of my car but it wasn't there either.It couldn't be at Hanna's or my grandma's house because although I went to both houses yesterday,I distinctively remember that I didn't took out my pendrive from my bag.So I went to ask my friends opinion and Nazri was kind enough to follow me and see the librarian and ask whether we can see the CCTV footage.So we went to see En.Meor and he was okay but then this one dude was like so poyo like ookay.He was like I need to make a report to the Pengawal Keselamatan and then only can I and the Pengawal watch the CCTV footage.And as Naz & I left the library,of course I cried(a little laa) because there's so many things in there.SO MANY!!!!!!!!!!But Naz was like,you should do the report after class.And I asked some of my other friends and Syed also told me to do a buletin/notice asap and give a reward to the finder.

So after my 2nd class,I went to lodge a report and the officer in the office was very nice to me and it wasn't hard to do so ( I guess because before this I did lodge a report before when my purse went missing & the guards manage to find it for me..I have to say they're efficient when it comes to finding missing things...).So during my tutoring thing,I got a phone call.It was around 4pm I think and the librarian,Dafi,called me and said that he has found the pendrive(because if he put the pendrive in the computer & my name will appear as I named it after me).And he described the look of the pendrive and I was like thank god!!!!phewwww.What a day!!!


Nazz said...

Patients is virtue..

Glad to hear you're no longer dreading the loss of your pendrive..

May you spend your days together happily.. HEHE..

W said...

Together happily? Sounded weird enuff nazz..

Glad u've found yours. My lots mp3 unfort-ly, was never discovered. so much for the cctv i gues? (: