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I haven't blog in 3 days(a personal record of bussiness!!)...Had assigments,tests,tutoring sessions...Hence the sound of life passing me by which is the title for this blog...Today I had my Japanese oral test with Napisah & thank God everything went well...although we woke up super late this morning..huhuh.And then I had my sociolinguistic test(I love the textbook,I'm not kidding here..Just like I love my Sociology textbook which puzzles a lot of my friend..haha).

It's the 4th day of puasa & I manage to sahur & breakfast(not breakfast but break-the-fast) with my family for 2 days in a row..but yesterday I didn't manage too because had Koko at night...which at some point in the class last night I seriously felt..for the first time ever,that I wanted to take an axe and slice it through someone's head with one felt swoop..With the 'crack ' or 'dush' sound echoing in the class..I told the girls and they were like,'sabar liyana' and I was like..that word doesn't exist in my vocabulary...muahaha.I'm kidding!!!It wasn't that person fault actually but he was babbling about nonsensical things that I was getting really really annoyed...I was stressing out about the fact that I haven't memorize my kaiwa yet at that time and the fact that I have the sociolinguistic test after kaiwa...My head was spinning but after the class had ended and I nibbled some chocolate coated cookies(some people say that chocolate is better than sex..haha.Remember the scene in Down With Love where Barbara Novak ate a bar of chocolate because Catcher Block was turning her on???ahaha)..I was back as my cheerful self and my friends were super glad because I was starting to freak them out..ahah...

Something to ponder about...
I don't get it why some men thinks it's okay to have a girlfriend and have another girl on the side too.Call me prudent or conservative or whatever but to me,once you commit to a girl or a guy,you C-O-M-M-I-T to them.Is it so hard to stay faithful to one?Granted,you're not even married yet but you have a girl on the side..what is up with that?You have the looks,the brains but you use it to grab as many girls as you can?At the end of the day,are you truly happy with what you've become??

On a totally different note too,behind a great man lies a woman who shaped him to be great.Don't you think so?I have several real life examples(case in point:--Hafriz & Izlin..she made him become more mature..ahah...Sometimes I think... he is becoming more mature than me too!!cisss..hahaha) but I won't put it here as to respect the low profile couples...ahah.But there is this quote that I saw in the current issue of Instyle(which I left in the car & the price have rise again..I bought the September issue for rm26!!!Last month it was only rm17!!) about how Joshua Jackson..wait I think it goes like this..The quote was from this actress called Lena-something and she said that before this,Joshua was a diamond in the rough but with the love of a good woman(that will have to be the gorgeous Diane Kruger),he become Harry Winston worthy(the famous jeweler)..