Feast of Love

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There is a story about the Greek Gods; they were bored so they invented human beings, but they were still bored so they invented love, then they weren't bored any longer. So they decided to try love for themselves. And finally, they invented laughter, so they could stand it.

The line above says a lot.Love is not always going to be about happiness.There are moments of sadness and hardship too and being able to laugh at times when it's hard is what makes it easier to bear sometimes.

I can't believe it took me this long to watch this movie.I am so glad that I found this movie..or maybe it found me?The movie is not that amazing but I love the fact that it gives me another perspective when it comes to love.I mean,nothing is ever black and white when it comes to love and relationships right?The movie is of course based on the book Feast of Love by Charlie Baxter.
The movie revolves around the characters in the book but it's not played out in the same way that the book was.In the movie,the story revolves around Bradley,a guy who's always seemed to be unlucky with love.Harry,the observer of all the people around him that's in love & coping with the death of his son.
Oscar & Chloe(my fave couple,pic below!) who's relationship is sort of like Romeo & Juliet.There's minor characters as well like Kathryn(Bradley's ex-wife) and Jenny who fell in love with each other.There's Diana(also Bradley's ex-wife) and David who fell in love while having an affair.

The character that I love most in the movie has to be Chloe and Oscar.And judging from other reviews that I read over the net,the story of their love should have taken center stage but it wasn't possible since each characters has their own story to tell.

I love the fact that Chloe was resilient and she stayed with Oscar and she made things happen for them because she knew that Oscar would leave her soon,from the psychic reading that she went to.She made sure that they'll get the house that they wanted(love the scene where both of them were talking about the foyer and kids) and she asked him to marry her.

I also love Bradley for not giving up on love even though he was screwed twice in marriage.And I love the line that Harry said about Bradley.That he could not hold against his wives for being in love.

I mean,how could you stop one from loving another right?Like a quote that I love said,"The heart will want what it wants".

On a lighter note,the trailer for Confessions of a Shopaholic is out!!!!I'm sad that Becky will not be British(like in the book)in the movie but instead she's American.But I love that Luke Brandon is Hugh Dancy!!!!



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Am finally at my parents home & in my favorite lair..Going to get some much needed sleep...huhu.A few weeks ago I watched Camp Rock(I love the songs & I'm not ashamed to admit that I burn a few on a cd & listen to it in the car..^_^),Another Cinderella Story & a couple more movies that I don't remember..I heart Selena Gomez!!!She's a stlyemaven and she's only 16(or is it 17?)..although she has an overbite(ala,gigi mcm arnab tu..) but she's still a cutie pie to me & heard that she's dating Nick Jonas..oooh!I love her VBLOG(video blog) on Youtube with her bestfriend Demi Lovato(from Camp Rock!).Here's some of my favorite Selena Gomez looks..Doesn't she always look so polish??
I thought Another Cinderella Story is a hilarious movie!Especially Dominique & her 2 daughters..haha.So OTT!!

On another note,I love Hani Zalikha's
mom's blog..lot's of cool domestic tips there!

Oh,I watched my old dvd's of Laguna Beach 3(I have 1 & 2 on dvd too!) and I still remember back in part 1,Izza & me will sit and watch the episodes& discuss their lives like we actually know them..haha.(it's a reality show)Izza would mimic Rocky/Raquel's "thank you" voice...haha.The teens on Laguna Beach are really rich kids who lives in Laguna Beach,who has MTV follow & filmed their lives when they're not in school.

Watching the series again at this day and age,and seeing the social politics of the people on the show,made me feel like..OMG!People are not that different.In the show,Tessa & Kyndra are now enemies but they used to be so tight a few years before.And Tessa's new bestfriend is Rocky.Rocky used to be bestfriend with Breanna.And Breanna hates Tessa.Now all of Breanna's friend ignore Rocky because she's friend with Tessa.

And then we have Kelan,a shy guy who's so into Lexie.Lexie asks him to Winter Formal,sending all this mix signals but then she acts all ice queen to him in Cabo which pisses him off.Tessa dates Derek,one of Kyndra's entourage.And the moment they became a couple,Kyndra & her girls started to diss Derek & asking him to break up with her.And yeah,you get how that ended right?

And then we have Kyndra who flirts and dates Cameron.And then gets back together with Tyler.But then hooks up with Cameron,again.Cameron is going out with Jessica but denies it to his friends.Cameron also hooks up with Tessa in San Fran(back when Tessa wasn't with Derek) while he was with Jessica.Now,doesn't this still happen in like almost one or 2 people in our lives?????The show is great to observe human nature...hahah.Seriously!!!


Getting doped

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Firstly,congrats to Effa & Sabri for their upcoming wedding..This Sunday,26th October at Alor Gajah...Congratulations!!!From Dielle The Musical--the production that brought them together..I think...Cos' me & my friends were involved in the musical & we saw them getting closer & closer..^_^..I can't believe that my 2 former seniors are getting married!!!(Bile la turn aq??hahah)

I know I should not be blogging when there's a million(ok I'm exagerrating a wee bit..haha)other things to do..but I just couldn't stop myself to blog about this..Plus,I haven't blog in about 2 weeks man!!!

Question..Have you seen a druggie during work?Like a person is high on drugs while working??I had the privilege in meeting one yesterday.And truth be told,it was interesting!

I was at this printing place(the name of the place shall remain anonymous) with 2 of the boys that I'm tutoring and there,manning the counter is the guy who had just had a 'fix'.How do I know that?Trust me,when you meet one,you just know!

The dude was talking like he's a rasta and he was clearly baked but he did talked good English.He was like,"Wassup bro" to everyone who came in.And he was talking to me like Batman in Dark Knight..hahaha.You just had to be there..I couldn't stop laughing and rolling my eyes afterwards to the boys who were with me...hahah.

The moral of the story is,DO NO TAKE DRUGS when you're working at a place that is frequent by teens and kids!That's such a bad influence..Or JUST DO NOT TAKE DRUGS AT ALL!!!

For people who loves perfumes,like me & my parents..go and grab em' quick at the Metrojaya Warehouse Sale at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam before it's all gone!!I went this morning after helping my mum to get my dad's road tax and yadda yadda...and there were so many people there!

And it's only the first day AND it was like 10 something in the morning..huhuh.I saw a lot of great stuff..gorgeous bags and many more but didn't have the time to wander around so me & my mum just went straight to the perfume & cosmetics side and there were so many perfumes that I wanted to buy.

I saw Kate Moss,The Beckham's perfume,Antonio Banderas,Britney's,Prada's,Marc Jacobs,Nina Ricci,YSL,Jean Paul Gaultier,CK,Davidoff,and so many more and like half of it's normal price..It was madness!!!!!!!!!!Nina Ricci perfume(I remembered a colleague of mine did a poem on it during Creative Writing) was going for RM60 a bottle!!!F&*king cheap!!!hahaha.

I only bought 2 Revlon stuff and a Davidoff perfume cos' I'm broke..and my mum was there to tell me that..'haha serves you right for spending all the money that you earned before the sale'..T_T.If I kept the money that I made from tutoring + raya cookies+bracelets+raya money..I would have more than 1k to spend....T_T..If only I was more thrifty...sheeshhh...But to others who are fully loaded,do go there and spend your money on my behalf aite??hahah

Hanis Zalikha,sorry for spelling your name wrong in my old post.It doesn't matter if it's blog or 'belog' honey cos' I still think your blog rocks!!


A journey

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Last Saturday,me,hani,hisyam&akmal went on a trip to find the best spot for our Kursus Kepimpinan.On the morning after the Dean's List Dinner,around 8.15 am,I went to Hisyam's house,waited for Akmal to come from his house and then off we went to KL Sentral to picked up Hani.Hisyam drove all the way of course.haha.After KL Sentral,we went to Kg.Attap and the 2 uncles in their Innova showed us the way to Ulu Yam.At Ulu Yam,we stayed for a bit and looked around.

Next we went to Frasers Hill,more like at the bottom of the hill actually,to see another spot for our kursus.Hani was very paranoid about pacat.You know that insect that tend to get stuck on your leg and suck your blood until it gets fat and hungry?Yeah,that one.Before going to that place,we stop and had breakfast as the uncles wanted to,so we stopped at this stall in Kuala Kubu Baru...We waited for En.Hashim,who has a pajero because my car & the uncle's car can't enter the forest.

While waiting for En.Hashim,the 4 of us went to fill the tank,since we planned to go to on top of Frasers Hill after we've finish seeing the place for the kursus.Only Akmal have been to Frasers Hill before but the 3 of us haven't yet...
When we went to the place and ride the pajero..it was a very wobbly and a stop your heart kind of ride.I have never ridden a four wheel drive in a jungle before so it was a very different and quite a scary experience.You feel like the car could suddenly topple over and it was shaking and swaying all the way through the jungle.Because lorries that entered the jungle when the land was soaking with water from the rain and they push the pedal of their car too hard,it created very very deep holes along the muddy road.So along the way,the pajero did get stuck in the mud and the men had to push the car.

At the site,Hani,unfortunately found a pacat that stuck to her leg.She didn't scream as there were many men there so she calmly asked me to pull it away from her leg.It was my first experience in holding a pacat!!It feels like a cendol in my hand..hahah.

Afterwards,as we've finish looking around the place,and said goodbyes to the uncles,we went off to the top of Frasers Hill.But unfortunately,we arrived just when the gate was about to close.So we had to wait for an hour for the gate to reopened.We talked and talked and gossiped and gossiped...Guys can gossip too!!!hahaha.When we went to the top,there wasn't that much to do,so after prayer,we went to have lunch and took some pictures.Talked and talked and talked.Actually,we didn't stop talking in the car the whole day!

Next we went to Hani's house initially just to send her home but then as her mother had already prepared drinks for us,Hisyam who at first was so 'malu2',decided to stay for Maghrib prayers.We wanted to go back to Shah Alam after Maghrib but Hani's parents asked us to stay for dinner.

I enjoyed chatting with Hani's brother and Hani & me realize that we had something in common.We liked this one PS game so much that we couldn't stop talking about it.Hisyam & Akmal was puzzled watching us talk and talk in details about how the game is played.heheh.After Hisyam lost to the football game on the PS2 with Hani's brother,I played a game that he recommended.Then we had dinner of satay and mee hailam courtesy of Hani's parents who went out to buy it just for us.After dinner,the men talked politics for so many hours.

Hisyam & Akmal is sooo damn knowledgeable when it comes to politic and so is Hani's father so they keep talking about it.We went back around 10 something and even in the car,Hisyam & Akmal still talked about politics and I,guiltily join in too & we were on the same page so there wasn't any fights going on..hehe.Seriously,they breathe and live about politics.They know everything!I wento back to my grandma's house around 11 something.Can't wait for the trip to Sg.Pisang pulak!!!!wooott


Izza xde keje...

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Just updated the pics of me & friends,including the hot brass band boys..hahah..during the Malam Penghargaan Night.. Lerr...just updated this post again cos' i forgot to list down my top 10 most addicted song

Tagged by Izza Izelan/Britney/Lovesick...muahaha

My Top 10 Fave Food

1.Mangosteens--i can eat sooo much but my stomach won't feel anything at all!
2.Raw cempedak..not the goreng kind--tapi itu pon boley jugak if xde the fresh ones..
3.baked wedges with cayenne pepper dip in thai chillie sauce....oooh..i ate this like 3 days straight back at home...yum!!!
4.Crispy popiah--plz la open one in shah alam!!!
5.ikan belah belakang yg my mama masak...drools..
6.sambal tumis petai ikan bilis
7.nasi lemak!!!!!!!!!
8.good desserts....cakes,cookies,pastries
10.homemade pizza....with lots of tomatoes & mozarella on top....slurrrppp

10 things i love doing

1. talking..hahaha
2.meeting interesting/unique people & being their friends
3.sit and think about the future
4.watching dvd's
5.annoy my family & friends
7.collecting books
9.finding cool unknown songs/artists

5 types of girls that i adore
1. respectful towards members of the same sex--izza aq amek konye,mls nk 2kar yg nih..haha
2. girls who are R-E-A-L
3. who brings out the best in us
4.who doesn't flirt with guys they know we like/go after our boyfriends
5.who has brains--instead of not having an opinion of their own or talking crap(crapping is great, but not all the time!!)

5 things i love doing when im feeling down
1. rant to the loved ones cos' they're always there for me--mama,besties,significant other..ahah
2.watch Friends or Gilmore Girls
3.listen to music
4.write it in diary..not blog cos it's too personal!
5.eat comfort foods!!!

5 things i love doing when im happy
1. I smile for no apparent reason,all day!!!haha
2.I'm much much nicer too others..hahaha
3.laugh and laugh
4.make silly doesn't make sense jokes
5.i want to share it with the world!!!

10 ways to win my heart

1. don't have to fake it--i.e trying too hard
2.be there when i really need you to be there
3.make me feel better when i'm down
4.respect my friends & family
5.just be yourself!!!cos if u don't..sooner or later i'll found out!
6.have leadership qualities...xdela pemalas jer..haha
7.engage me in a meaningful conversation instead of ones involving bodily fluids!smart guys rocks!!
8.always care about me..always!
9.don't control me..i'm not a piece of property!
10.love me for me.

top 5 fave junk food

1. keropok durian
2.beacon marshmallows
3.chachos bbq nachos
4.ruffles sour cream & onion potato chips
5.homemade mango pickles!

5 things i wish could happen soon

1.getting married!!!ahahahaha..kidding!!!
2.end of semester!!wooooooooot
3.kursus kepimpinan pmfp!
4.immense wealth...muahaha

10 ridiculous things i wish to do before i die

1. get married
2.be ridiculously suiccessful in my career..hehe
3.learn how to paint/draw
4.learn how to swim
5.go to Italy & live there for a year or so.
7.learn to salsa!!!!
8.go to Japan
9.go skinny dipping.
10.go to a nudist beach & see what's the fuss is all about..ahahahah

my top 10 recently most addicted song

1.Lagu Kita by Aizat--besh sgt!!!mahu boyf nyanyi kn 4me pweasee!!!
2.You don't know me by Ben Folds featuring Regina Spektor--I love this soong!!!Kawaiii
3.Disturbia by Rihanna--besh giler time driving
4.Marbahaya by Pop Shuvit--besh biler org tuh drift kete aq..haha
5.Should've said No by Taylor Swift--love the lyrics!!!
6.Gives you hell by All American Rejects--straight to the point!!!
7.Spiralling by Keane--feel like dancing to it & shouting huuuuuu!
8.Fall for you by Secondhand Serenade--chomel!!!!!!
9.Maybe by Secondhand Serenade
10.Loves remain the same by Gavin Rossdale



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The title above is because recently Izza's been calling a few times & I miss her usage of that word..And life right now is a combination of both..the crap part is due to the fact that I have assignments to complete..damn!!!!Everything else is pretty '-tastic'..hahaha.

First and foremost,I want to give a huge apology to those who attended the Dean List's dinner last Friday night.Atlthough it WASN'T organize by the beloved PMFP(Persatuan Mahasiswa Fakulti Pendidikan),and it was organize by SMFP(Sekretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti Pendidikan).But me & Hanna along with several others PMFP member's were there to help them out..,it might seem to others that night,that we were the one responsible for the gifts or the chaotic way the registration of the night was.

But we weren't!Believe me,a lot of things happened behind the scene that frustrated a lot of us...Like really frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!Arrggghhh.I feel so thankful,syukur alhamdulillah that I wasn't part of SMFP or formerly known as SMPP this year for they did a bad job of organizing the whole dinner event and syukur ke hadrat illahi that I'm in PMFP with people like Furkhan,Hanna,Hisyam,Jasmine,Azie,Akmal,Fazirul & Hani who are very meticulous & well-organize when it comes to organizing an event.

The only good thing that came out of that night was the food & the hot guys from the Brass Band.That was all!I'm sure all the lucky draw winners & even the best student winners was beyond pissed with the recycled gifts that they got..Imagine this..they got the 2007 Dean's List keychain & the date of last year's dean list was on it so of course-lah it wasn't a typo error kan???ish2.Poor thing to the best students who got it too along with their certs...The saddest thing to me & Hanna was when Jasmine,PMFP's secretary,who's taking Chemistry & who got a perfect GPA--(4.00 man!!)told us how dissapointed she is over the recycled gift...sigh... There's so many more things that went wrong that night behind the scenes that even the SMFP members themselves were pissed off over what happened.

And the fact that they asked me & Hanna,only the night before the event,when we had the last big meeting,to be in charge of the registration for the students(initially,we were suppose to go on stage & give the gifts for the night cos they said that the usherette will be in charge of that..haha..yeah right!!) because they estimated that there won't be that many student that will come for the night...hahaha..boy were they wrong!!!

We were bombarded with many,many students & they had to queue up a loong line..because...Be reasonable la..You put 2 people in charge of registration for ALL the courses????WTF???Thank god for Imran,Izzat & the other guy from SMFP who saw us being very 'swamped with people that they helped us out throughout the whole thing.

AAAANND...remember that I said that they wanted us to be in charge of registration because of the fact that the usherette will give the gifts for the night???WRONG AGAIN!!A few hours before the event started,they told both of us that yeah,we had to be in charge of the giving the gifts too.....-_-...

But that too,was such a horrific experience..Imagine this,at the end of the event,I was standing on the stage,all the gifts had been given but the MC'S suddenly ended the night and they forgot...the fact that the Dean's token of appreciation haven't been given yet!!!

So Hanna gave the sign language to Amir(one of the better MC) & thank god he was a quick thinker & he quickly repair the situation..BUT.....the project manager...who was sitting down in front & who all of us on stage can see where that person is..was totally forgetful over the fact that the PM have to give the gift to the Dean...So in the end,I, me,moi,had to give the gift to our Dean & she was like..'Oh,your the one who suppose to give it to me?'.....Yes Dean,it baffles me too!!!-_-

All I can say is that when it comes to organizing an event(this comes from my experience of working with great people and I've also organize a couple of events before),there's NO ROOM FOR ERROR!!Especially on the DAY OF THE EVENT itself,ALL THE MT'S have to be on your feet and walking around to make sure everything is okay and double or triple check all the tasks that you've assigned for everybody and NOT just sit down & eat & let everything go!!!!
Amboi2 Herne!!!sabor je la aq...hahaha
The Brass Band hotties..(the right one is the cutest!!!hahah)
Me & Furkhan,the respected PMFP president!!!wooot!
Hanna & Hisyam..ehem2
Me& Hisyam..peace!!!

I wanted to blog about my trip to Ulu Yam & Fraser's Hill last Saturday(we went out from 8.30 am & got home to Shah Alam at 11 pm!!)with Hisyam,Akmal& Hani for the Kursus Kepimpinan that we're organizing,but then that will make this post too long so I'll blog about that sometime later this week...

Oh,a tip:If you text a guy 5 times & he only reply once,or you're the one who's always calling him..maybe you should get the hint that he's just not interested in you in THAT way..okay?How do I know this...Well let's just say,guys do gossip as much as girls do too!!!Plus,you're worth better than that,so don't sell yourself short..


Worst day ever??

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The title speaks for itself.I was so damn tired.Haven't blog in awhile due to obvious reasons...Procrastination during the Raya hols has taken it's toll on me...huhu.

Last night due to Hani's 'belas ihsan',giving me the privilege of using her laptop..hehe,I manage to finish 3 assignments & slept at 4.30 freakin' a.m!!Woke up around 8 a.m & rush to my Japanese class with Napz.After my Japanese class,got ready for the Sociolingo group presentation but alas,there wasn't enough time for my group to present as the total of our slides are 59 and our lec had to go to UM.So next week then...sigh...

Rush quickly to trusty Ah Meng shop to print and photocopy my lesson plan,my poem for creative writing...and after that I had a meeting with the Vice Dean about the Dean's List Dinner & Pre-Graduation Night Dinner.Then rushed to meet Ninot at SACC to give the cookies for her open house tomorrow(sorry babe I couldn't go cos' of the preparation for the dinner!!But like u said,there's always next time right???).Then rushed for tutoring and I was seriously bleary eyed and I felt soooo damn tired but after that,something great happen.

Something that made the WHOLE worst tiring day ever seemed better and brighter.Someone saw that my car was so dirty that he,and I didn't even ask him to do this,after he had already had a bath,come out and washed the car for me and even organize the inside of my car..huhu.I know I'm a girl & I'm suppose to be all prim & neat but my car is a train wreck inside...muahaha.Right now la..cos' life is super hectic!!!

He's the 3rd guy that I have let to wash my car...the 1st guy was my lil' brother Raffiq,who helped me wash the car back in Puncak & the 2nd is of course my father.I can't believe that he just went out and wash my car and took out all of my shoes & put it back neatly all by himself without me asking him to do it & he didn't even ask me to help him..I was wearing my class clothes & he knew that I'll be having a presentation in a few hours..

But how unbelievably sweet right???I haven't wash my car in almost a week or so & I never send my car to be washed at the car wash since I prefer to do it on my own.I seriously melt when I saw him wash the car...huhuh.Okay gtg...I'm typing this during my class break..See,I have to squeeze in some blogging time!!


Back to reality

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Aahh...this one week has been a fabulous sojourn...But now it's back to reality,back to lots of assignments...This past week has been spent by me and my family by visiting our family members and eating,eating,eating and eating!!!I'm sooo afraid to go on the scale and weigh myself because I'm pretty sure that I've gain a considerable amount of weight..hahaha.Everything is so good!!!Nasi himpit,rendang daging,rendang ayam,ayam masak merah,nasi minyak,masak lodeh,and so many more.Oooh,I have been eating cake everyday!Because my mum bought this chocolate mousse ice cream cake and it's so damn good man!!!ahaha.

My cousins and my family and I have 'rasmikan'(ceremoniously went) the newly opened Burger King outlet at the Extreme Sports Park in Section 13(Hanna kite boley gi rock climbing kat sane!!!woootttt) during the 3rd day of Raya..huhuh.My dad doesn't like it at all!He and my mum still prefer A&W for their fast food fix...and so do I actually...There used to be an A&W in Shah Alam where the Laman Budaya/Seni is now..sob sob...And when I was a kid we often go there or the one near Amcorp Mall,where my parents used to go for dates back in their high school days( me mum is from Sri Aman while my dad is from Bukit Bintang Boys or my mum jokingly called Bukit Binatang cos' my dad & his friends were so boisterous..A friend of my dad had a 3 seater tandem bike!!!).

My duit raya is already illek..as in...zero amount..haha.I bought this blouse but a white button down one instead of the plain one below...

and these pants but in dark charcoal.But what I really really want is this Stella McCartney dress embellish with paillette...droolss...Oooh yeah,for people who knows what's the number plate of my car is,please be reminded that there has been countless of times whereby I am not the one driving the car.I can do a long list of people that has driven my car when I'm in it or when I'm not in it.My dad uses my car a lot when I'm at home because it saves more gas than his.And just because it has the P sticker on it,doesn't mean that the person driving is me.

There was this one incident that my mum told me where there was this dude who dangerously cut off my dad while he was driving and my dad,being the very experience driver( he has drove around Cameron Highlands many times!even through that utterly small,one road to the Boh Plantation!),honk him & cut him off & to cut it short...just because you see my car on the road,it might not be me who's driving it!

Got to go for lunch..Am still at my parents house..hehehe.Have class at 5..sigh..back to reality!

Oh,below are my results from the quiz on Hafriz's blogpost..Your results:
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with great strength of character.

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