Back to reality

Monday, October 06, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Aahh...this one week has been a fabulous sojourn...But now it's back to reality,back to lots of assignments...This past week has been spent by me and my family by visiting our family members and eating,eating,eating and eating!!!I'm sooo afraid to go on the scale and weigh myself because I'm pretty sure that I've gain a considerable amount of weight..hahaha.Everything is so good!!!Nasi himpit,rendang daging,rendang ayam,ayam masak merah,nasi minyak,masak lodeh,and so many more.Oooh,I have been eating cake everyday!Because my mum bought this chocolate mousse ice cream cake and it's so damn good man!!!ahaha.

My cousins and my family and I have 'rasmikan'(ceremoniously went) the newly opened Burger King outlet at the Extreme Sports Park in Section 13(Hanna kite boley gi rock climbing kat sane!!!woootttt) during the 3rd day of Raya..huhuh.My dad doesn't like it at all!He and my mum still prefer A&W for their fast food fix...and so do I actually...There used to be an A&W in Shah Alam where the Laman Budaya/Seni is now..sob sob...And when I was a kid we often go there or the one near Amcorp Mall,where my parents used to go for dates back in their high school days( me mum is from Sri Aman while my dad is from Bukit Bintang Boys or my mum jokingly called Bukit Binatang cos' my dad & his friends were so boisterous..A friend of my dad had a 3 seater tandem bike!!!).

My duit raya is already amount..haha.I bought this blouse but a white button down one instead of the plain one below...

and these pants but in dark charcoal.But what I really really want is this Stella McCartney dress embellish with paillette...droolss...Oooh yeah,for people who knows what's the number plate of my car is,please be reminded that there has been countless of times whereby I am not the one driving the car.I can do a long list of people that has driven my car when I'm in it or when I'm not in it.My dad uses my car a lot when I'm at home because it saves more gas than his.And just because it has the P sticker on it,doesn't mean that the person driving is me.

There was this one incident that my mum told me where there was this dude who dangerously cut off my dad while he was driving and my dad,being the very experience driver( he has drove around Cameron Highlands many times!even through that utterly small,one road to the Boh Plantation!),honk him & cut him off & to cut it short...just because you see my car on the road,it might not be me who's driving it!

Got to go for lunch..Am still at my parents house..hehehe.Have class at 5..sigh..back to reality!

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Nina Alyssa said...

babe! i really like the baju & pants! cantekkk. sorry i x reply sms u. outta crdt. nnti dh top up i'll text u kay mwahs!