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The title above is because recently Izza's been calling a few times & I miss her usage of that word..And life right now is a combination of both..the crap part is due to the fact that I have assignments to complete..damn!!!!Everything else is pretty '-tastic'..hahaha.

First and foremost,I want to give a huge apology to those who attended the Dean List's dinner last Friday night.Atlthough it WASN'T organize by the beloved PMFP(Persatuan Mahasiswa Fakulti Pendidikan),and it was organize by SMFP(Sekretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti Pendidikan).But me & Hanna along with several others PMFP member's were there to help them out..,it might seem to others that night,that we were the one responsible for the gifts or the chaotic way the registration of the night was.

But we weren't!Believe me,a lot of things happened behind the scene that frustrated a lot of us...Like really frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!Arrggghhh.I feel so thankful,syukur alhamdulillah that I wasn't part of SMFP or formerly known as SMPP this year for they did a bad job of organizing the whole dinner event and syukur ke hadrat illahi that I'm in PMFP with people like Furkhan,Hanna,Hisyam,Jasmine,Azie,Akmal,Fazirul & Hani who are very meticulous & well-organize when it comes to organizing an event.

The only good thing that came out of that night was the food & the hot guys from the Brass Band.That was all!I'm sure all the lucky draw winners & even the best student winners was beyond pissed with the recycled gifts that they got..Imagine this..they got the 2007 Dean's List keychain & the date of last year's dean list was on it so of course-lah it wasn't a typo error kan???ish2.Poor thing to the best students who got it too along with their certs...The saddest thing to me & Hanna was when Jasmine,PMFP's secretary,who's taking Chemistry & who got a perfect GPA--(4.00 man!!)told us how dissapointed she is over the recycled gift...sigh... There's so many more things that went wrong that night behind the scenes that even the SMFP members themselves were pissed off over what happened.

And the fact that they asked me & Hanna,only the night before the event,when we had the last big meeting,to be in charge of the registration for the students(initially,we were suppose to go on stage & give the gifts for the night cos they said that the usherette will be in charge of that..haha..yeah right!!) because they estimated that there won't be that many student that will come for the night...hahaha..boy were they wrong!!!

We were bombarded with many,many students & they had to queue up a loong line..because...Be reasonable la..You put 2 people in charge of registration for ALL the courses????WTF???Thank god for Imran,Izzat & the other guy from SMFP who saw us being very 'swamped with people that they helped us out throughout the whole thing.

AAAANND...remember that I said that they wanted us to be in charge of registration because of the fact that the usherette will give the gifts for the night???WRONG AGAIN!!A few hours before the event started,they told both of us that yeah,we had to be in charge of the giving the gifts too.....-_-...

But that too,was such a horrific experience..Imagine this,at the end of the event,I was standing on the stage,all the gifts had been given but the MC'S suddenly ended the night and they forgot...the fact that the Dean's token of appreciation haven't been given yet!!!

So Hanna gave the sign language to Amir(one of the better MC) & thank god he was a quick thinker & he quickly repair the situation..BUT.....the project manager...who was sitting down in front & who all of us on stage can see where that person is..was totally forgetful over the fact that the PM have to give the gift to the Dean...So in the end,I, me,moi,had to give the gift to our Dean & she was like..'Oh,your the one who suppose to give it to me?'.....Yes Dean,it baffles me too!!!-_-

All I can say is that when it comes to organizing an event(this comes from my experience of working with great people and I've also organize a couple of events before),there's NO ROOM FOR ERROR!!Especially on the DAY OF THE EVENT itself,ALL THE MT'S have to be on your feet and walking around to make sure everything is okay and double or triple check all the tasks that you've assigned for everybody and NOT just sit down & eat & let everything go!!!!
Amboi2 Herne!!!sabor je la aq...hahaha
The Brass Band hotties..(the right one is the cutest!!!hahah)
Me & Furkhan,the respected PMFP president!!!wooot!
Hanna & Hisyam..ehem2
Me& Hisyam..peace!!!

I wanted to blog about my trip to Ulu Yam & Fraser's Hill last Saturday(we went out from 8.30 am & got home to Shah Alam at 11 pm!!)with Hisyam,Akmal& Hani for the Kursus Kepimpinan that we're organizing,but then that will make this post too long so I'll blog about that sometime later this week...

Oh,a tip:If you text a guy 5 times & he only reply once,or you're the one who's always calling him..maybe you should get the hint that he's just not interested in you in THAT way..okay?How do I know this...Well let's just say,guys do gossip as much as girls do too!!!Plus,you're worth better than that,so don't sell yourself short..


well, it sure looks like you're having a crap-eff-bloody-fing-tastic time! hahaha. gila gabungan dlm gabungan perkataan!

Anonymous said...

yeah assignments can be crap. haha

hanna comey said...

cik liyana hanim...
1.though d event was like too good to remember, i bet u had fun capturing the moment with the brass band..eheh was a precious lesson to learn i guess and how to appreciate things and people around us,more and more...
3.izza, ko mmg giler (ops!taboo words)haha
4.ur tips is juz damn true, don't put hopes too high...(mengagumi tanpa dicintai...)
5.lastly, furkan tu ko salah eja shud be FURKAN (without h) not furkhan!haha hari rayer!

LIYANA said...

hanna aq agree dgn sume tuh..especially no.4.hahaha
ssh la org yg rase die hot tp pdhal,d'blakang die xtau ape laki tuh ckp psl die kan???huhu

ler tang slh eja name furkan gaks yg ko nk point kan???ehem2

LIYANA said...

yep izza!!sori la if aq kadang2 xtau nk ckp per kat telefon..hahah
maybe sbb time ko call slalu aq tgh berjln @ dlm meeting @ tido..muahaha
blame the time difference!!!

LIYANA said...

btul tuh hana..assignments are the bane of my existence..hahaha