Getting doped

Thursday, October 23, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Firstly,congrats to Effa & Sabri for their upcoming wedding..This Sunday,26th October at Alor Gajah...Congratulations!!!From Dielle The Musical--the production that brought them together..I think...Cos' me & my friends were involved in the musical & we saw them getting closer & closer..^_^..I can't believe that my 2 former seniors are getting married!!!(Bile la turn aq??hahah)

I know I should not be blogging when there's a million(ok I'm exagerrating a wee bit..haha)other things to do..but I just couldn't stop myself to blog about this..Plus,I haven't blog in about 2 weeks man!!!

Question..Have you seen a druggie during work?Like a person is high on drugs while working??I had the privilege in meeting one yesterday.And truth be told,it was interesting!

I was at this printing place(the name of the place shall remain anonymous) with 2 of the boys that I'm tutoring and there,manning the counter is the guy who had just had a 'fix'.How do I know that?Trust me,when you meet one,you just know!

The dude was talking like he's a rasta and he was clearly baked but he did talked good English.He was like,"Wassup bro" to everyone who came in.And he was talking to me like Batman in Dark Knight..hahaha.You just had to be there..I couldn't stop laughing and rolling my eyes afterwards to the boys who were with me...hahah.

The moral of the story is,DO NO TAKE DRUGS when you're working at a place that is frequent by teens and kids!That's such a bad influence..Or JUST DO NOT TAKE DRUGS AT ALL!!!

For people who loves perfumes,like me & my parents..go and grab em' quick at the Metrojaya Warehouse Sale at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam before it's all gone!!I went this morning after helping my mum to get my dad's road tax and yadda yadda...and there were so many people there!

And it's only the first day AND it was like 10 something in the morning..huhuh.I saw a lot of great stuff..gorgeous bags and many more but didn't have the time to wander around so me & my mum just went straight to the perfume & cosmetics side and there were so many perfumes that I wanted to buy.

I saw Kate Moss,The Beckham's perfume,Antonio Banderas,Britney's,Prada's,Marc Jacobs,Nina Ricci,YSL,Jean Paul Gaultier,CK,Davidoff,and so many more and like half of it's normal price..It was madness!!!!!!!!!!Nina Ricci perfume(I remembered a colleague of mine did a poem on it during Creative Writing) was going for RM60 a bottle!!!F&*king cheap!!!hahaha.

I only bought 2 Revlon stuff and a Davidoff perfume cos' I'm broke..and my mum was there to tell me that..'haha serves you right for spending all the money that you earned before the sale'..T_T.If I kept the money that I made from tutoring + raya cookies+bracelets+raya money..I would have more than 1k to spend....T_T..If only I was more thrifty...sheeshhh...But to others who are fully loaded,do go there and spend your money on my behalf aite??hahah

Hanis Zalikha,sorry for spelling your name wrong in my old post.It doesn't matter if it's blog or 'belog' honey cos' I still think your blog rocks!!