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Just updated the pics of me & friends,including the hot brass band boys..hahah..during the Malam Penghargaan Night.. Lerr...just updated this post again cos' i forgot to list down my top 10 most addicted song

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My Top 10 Fave Food

1.Mangosteens--i can eat sooo much but my stomach won't feel anything at all!
2.Raw cempedak..not the goreng kind--tapi itu pon boley jugak if xde the fresh ones..
3.baked wedges with cayenne pepper dip in thai chillie sauce....oooh..i ate this like 3 days straight back at home...yum!!!
4.Crispy popiah--plz la open one in shah alam!!!
5.ikan belah belakang yg my mama masak...drools..
6.sambal tumis petai ikan bilis
7.nasi lemak!!!!!!!!!
8.good desserts....cakes,cookies,pastries
10.homemade pizza....with lots of tomatoes & mozarella on top....slurrrppp

10 things i love doing

1. talking..hahaha
2.meeting interesting/unique people & being their friends
3.sit and think about the future
4.watching dvd's
5.annoy my family & friends
7.collecting books
9.finding cool unknown songs/artists

5 types of girls that i adore
1. respectful towards members of the same sex--izza aq amek konye,mls nk 2kar yg nih..haha
2. girls who are R-E-A-L
3. who brings out the best in us
4.who doesn't flirt with guys they know we like/go after our boyfriends
5.who has brains--instead of not having an opinion of their own or talking crap(crapping is great, but not all the time!!)

5 things i love doing when im feeling down
1. rant to the loved ones cos' they're always there for me--mama,besties,significant other..ahah
2.watch Friends or Gilmore Girls
3.listen to music
4.write it in diary..not blog cos it's too personal!
5.eat comfort foods!!!

5 things i love doing when im happy
1. I smile for no apparent reason,all day!!!haha
2.I'm much much nicer too others..hahaha
3.laugh and laugh
4.make silly doesn't make sense jokes
5.i want to share it with the world!!!

10 ways to win my heart

1. don't have to fake it--i.e trying too hard
2.be there when i really need you to be there
3.make me feel better when i'm down
4.respect my friends & family
5.just be yourself!!!cos if u don't..sooner or later i'll found out!
6.have leadership qualities...xdela pemalas jer..haha
7.engage me in a meaningful conversation instead of ones involving bodily fluids!smart guys rocks!!
8.always care about me..always!
9.don't control me..i'm not a piece of property!
10.love me for me.

top 5 fave junk food

1. keropok durian
2.beacon marshmallows
3.chachos bbq nachos
4.ruffles sour cream & onion potato chips
5.homemade mango pickles!

5 things i wish could happen soon

1.getting married!!!ahahahaha..kidding!!!
2.end of semester!!wooooooooot
3.kursus kepimpinan pmfp!
4.immense wealth...muahaha

10 ridiculous things i wish to do before i die

1. get married
2.be ridiculously suiccessful in my career..hehe
3.learn how to paint/draw
4.learn how to swim
5.go to Italy & live there for a year or so.
7.learn to salsa!!!!
8.go to Japan
9.go skinny dipping.
10.go to a nudist beach & see what's the fuss is all about..ahahahah

my top 10 recently most addicted song

1.Lagu Kita by Aizat--besh sgt!!!mahu boyf nyanyi kn 4me pweasee!!!
2.You don't know me by Ben Folds featuring Regina Spektor--I love this soong!!!Kawaiii
3.Disturbia by Rihanna--besh giler time driving
4.Marbahaya by Pop Shuvit--besh biler org tuh drift kete aq..haha
5.Should've said No by Taylor Swift--love the lyrics!!!
6.Gives you hell by All American Rejects--straight to the point!!!
7.Spiralling by Keane--feel like dancing to it & shouting huuuuuu!
8.Fall for you by Secondhand Serenade--chomel!!!!!!
9.Maybe by Secondhand Serenade
10.Loves remain the same by Gavin Rossdale


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