A journey

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 Liyana Hanim 5 Comments

Last Saturday,me,hani,hisyam&akmal went on a trip to find the best spot for our Kursus Kepimpinan.On the morning after the Dean's List Dinner,around 8.15 am,I went to Hisyam's house,waited for Akmal to come from his house and then off we went to KL Sentral to picked up Hani.Hisyam drove all the way of course.haha.After KL Sentral,we went to Kg.Attap and the 2 uncles in their Innova showed us the way to Ulu Yam.At Ulu Yam,we stayed for a bit and looked around.

Next we went to Frasers Hill,more like at the bottom of the hill actually,to see another spot for our kursus.Hani was very paranoid about pacat.You know that insect that tend to get stuck on your leg and suck your blood until it gets fat and hungry?Yeah,that one.Before going to that place,we stop and had breakfast as the uncles wanted to,so we stopped at this stall in Kuala Kubu Baru...We waited for En.Hashim,who has a pajero because my car & the uncle's car can't enter the forest.

While waiting for En.Hashim,the 4 of us went to fill the tank,since we planned to go to on top of Frasers Hill after we've finish seeing the place for the kursus.Only Akmal have been to Frasers Hill before but the 3 of us haven't yet...
When we went to the place and ride the pajero..it was a very wobbly and a stop your heart kind of ride.I have never ridden a four wheel drive in a jungle before so it was a very different and quite a scary experience.You feel like the car could suddenly topple over and it was shaking and swaying all the way through the jungle.Because lorries that entered the jungle when the land was soaking with water from the rain and they push the pedal of their car too hard,it created very very deep holes along the muddy road.So along the way,the pajero did get stuck in the mud and the men had to push the car.

At the site,Hani,unfortunately found a pacat that stuck to her leg.She didn't scream as there were many men there so she calmly asked me to pull it away from her leg.It was my first experience in holding a pacat!!It feels like a cendol in my hand..hahah.

Afterwards,as we've finish looking around the place,and said goodbyes to the uncles,we went off to the top of Frasers Hill.But unfortunately,we arrived just when the gate was about to close.So we had to wait for an hour for the gate to reopened.We talked and talked and gossiped and gossiped...Guys can gossip too!!!hahaha.When we went to the top,there wasn't that much to do,so after prayer,we went to have lunch and took some pictures.Talked and talked and talked.Actually,we didn't stop talking in the car the whole day!

Next we went to Hani's house initially just to send her home but then as her mother had already prepared drinks for us,Hisyam who at first was so 'malu2',decided to stay for Maghrib prayers.We wanted to go back to Shah Alam after Maghrib but Hani's parents asked us to stay for dinner.

I enjoyed chatting with Hani's brother and Hani & me realize that we had something in common.We liked this one PS game so much that we couldn't stop talking about it.Hisyam & Akmal was puzzled watching us talk and talk in details about how the game is played.heheh.After Hisyam lost to the football game on the PS2 with Hani's brother,I played a game that he recommended.Then we had dinner of satay and mee hailam courtesy of Hani's parents who went out to buy it just for us.After dinner,the men talked politics for so many hours.

Hisyam & Akmal is sooo damn knowledgeable when it comes to politic and so is Hani's father so they keep talking about it.We went back around 10 something and even in the car,Hisyam & Akmal still talked about politics and I,guiltily join in too & we were on the same page so there wasn't any fights going on..hehe.Seriously,they breathe and live about politics.They know everything!I wento back to my grandma's house around 11 something.Can't wait for the trip to Sg.Pisang pulak!!!!wooott


Temi said...

janda baik pon banyak tempat yg ok utk kursus kepimpinan gak

ika said...

yana ! selamat hari raya !

LIYANA said...

tu la temi tp janda baik jauh sgt lorrr

LIYANA said...

thanks ika!!!selamat hari raya 2u 2!

Anonymous said...

everytime i go up the fraser hill, mesti nak muntah rasa...
pening kan?


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