Worst day ever??

Thursday, October 09, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

The title speaks for itself.I was so damn tired.Haven't blog in awhile due to obvious reasons...Procrastination during the Raya hols has taken it's toll on me...huhu.

Last night due to Hani's 'belas ihsan',giving me the privilege of using her laptop..hehe,I manage to finish 3 assignments & slept at 4.30 freakin' a.m!!Woke up around 8 a.m & rush to my Japanese class with Napz.After my Japanese class,got ready for the Sociolingo group presentation but alas,there wasn't enough time for my group to present as the total of our slides are 59 and our lec had to go to UM.So next week then...sigh...

Rush quickly to trusty Ah Meng shop to print and photocopy my lesson plan,my poem for creative writing...and after that I had a meeting with the Vice Dean about the Dean's List Dinner & Pre-Graduation Night Dinner.Then rushed to meet Ninot at SACC to give the cookies for her open house tomorrow(sorry babe I couldn't go cos' of the preparation for the dinner!!But like u said,there's always next time right???).Then rushed for tutoring and I was seriously bleary eyed and I felt soooo damn tired but after that,something great happen.

Something that made the WHOLE worst tiring day ever seemed better and brighter.Someone saw that my car was so dirty that he,and I didn't even ask him to do this,after he had already had a bath,come out and washed the car for me and even organize the inside of my car..huhu.I know I'm a girl & I'm suppose to be all prim & neat but my car is a train wreck inside...muahaha.Right now la..cos' life is super hectic!!!

He's the 3rd guy that I have let to wash my car...the 1st guy was my lil' brother Raffiq,who helped me wash the car back in Puncak & the 2nd is of course my father.I can't believe that he just went out and wash my car and took out all of my shoes & put it back neatly all by himself without me asking him to do it & he didn't even ask me to help him..I was wearing my class clothes & he knew that I'll be having a presentation in a few hours..

But how unbelievably sweet right???I haven't wash my car in almost a week or so & I never send my car to be washed at the car wash since I prefer to do it on my own.I seriously melt when I saw him wash the car...huhuh.Okay gtg...I'm typing this during my class break..See,I have to squeeze in some blogging time!!


Oh, i miss munawarah..

im sad...

she's lost o kidnapped...

mojax said...


I really baffled when it comes to your time management. You seem like all-energetic despite your hectic schedule; which is GOOD.

maybe we need another few more hours in a day.

best nye!! <--ttbe je. wahaha

LIYANA said...

ye ker niza???my condolences to u...huhu

moja..i need a WHOLE day..not just a few more hours..hahaha

izza,sowi cos had to cut off our conversation short d' last time u called..huhuh..had to get ready 4 d dinner..hehehe..babe,mmg best!!!!!^_^