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Am finally at my parents home & in my favorite lair..Going to get some much needed sleep...huhu.A few weeks ago I watched Camp Rock(I love the songs & I'm not ashamed to admit that I burn a few on a cd & listen to it in the car..^_^),Another Cinderella Story & a couple more movies that I don't remember..I heart Selena Gomez!!!She's a stlyemaven and she's only 16(or is it 17?)..although she has an overbite(ala,gigi mcm arnab tu..) but she's still a cutie pie to me & heard that she's dating Nick Jonas..oooh!I love her VBLOG(video blog) on Youtube with her bestfriend Demi Lovato(from Camp Rock!).Here's some of my favorite Selena Gomez looks..Doesn't she always look so polish??
I thought Another Cinderella Story is a hilarious movie!Especially Dominique & her 2 daughters..haha.So OTT!!

On another note,I love Hani Zalikha's
mom's blog..lot's of cool domestic tips there!

Oh,I watched my old dvd's of Laguna Beach 3(I have 1 & 2 on dvd too!) and I still remember back in part 1,Izza & me will sit and watch the episodes& discuss their lives like we actually know them..haha.(it's a reality show)Izza would mimic Rocky/Raquel's "thank you" voice...haha.The teens on Laguna Beach are really rich kids who lives in Laguna Beach,who has MTV follow & filmed their lives when they're not in school.

Watching the series again at this day and age,and seeing the social politics of the people on the show,made me feel like..OMG!People are not that different.In the show,Tessa & Kyndra are now enemies but they used to be so tight a few years before.And Tessa's new bestfriend is Rocky.Rocky used to be bestfriend with Breanna.And Breanna hates Tessa.Now all of Breanna's friend ignore Rocky because she's friend with Tessa.

And then we have Kelan,a shy guy who's so into Lexie.Lexie asks him to Winter Formal,sending all this mix signals but then she acts all ice queen to him in Cabo which pisses him off.Tessa dates Derek,one of Kyndra's entourage.And the moment they became a couple,Kyndra & her girls started to diss Derek & asking him to break up with her.And yeah,you get how that ended right?

And then we have Kyndra who flirts and dates Cameron.And then gets back together with Tyler.But then hooks up with Cameron,again.Cameron is going out with Jessica but denies it to his friends.Cameron also hooks up with Tessa in San Fran(back when Tessa wasn't with Derek) while he was with Jessica.Now,doesn't this still happen in like almost one or 2 people in our lives?????The show is great to observe human nature...hahah.Seriously!!!