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I never thought that my next post after the fun that I had these couple of weeks,would be a sad one.That's just how life goes.It throws you curveballs.

My grandma was admitted to HUKM yesterday due to dehydration and because she refused to take her medicine or eat..sigh...Atleast when she's in the hospital,they'll drip the water and medicine into her so she has no way of throwing it away or refusing to take it...I just wish that she doesn't give up on herself when all of her family members wants her to get better.

As some of my friends knows,my grandma have been bedridden since July and up until now.It's just that I stop blogging about it because,it's just too hard to put into words...Certain things are better left unknown by others.But with all the sad things that has been happening nowadays,opening up about it makes me feel a little bit better.

On Friday morning,while I was still sleeping,I received a message stating that In's mother has passed away.Al-Fatihah to In and her family.Words cannot describe the grief that she felt on that day but I know that she'll get through it with the love of all her family members and friends.

And today,I received a message from Ad,about his mum condition.I took some time to gather my thoughts and manage to come up with a solution thanks to the help of a lecturer at the faculty and through PMFP,I'm sure we can come up with something soon.So to friends who knows about Ad and has the means,please lend a hand okay?Ad,don't worry,I'll be doing something soon and hopefully with the help of our dean,all will go well.Have faith in your family and friends..



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I'm back after 5 days of AWOL...haha...
Went to VC Cup,met a lof of new faces,and like Hasif said,we are old!!!Slept at Shila's,atiq's & aina's cool house!!!They have astro & a fluffy white cat named Paris...whom slept on the bed with me cos she thought I was Aina..haha

Manage to adjudicate round 1-5 but although after finals of Public Speaking/Pidato night,they announce the breaking teams & adjudicators,my name was called out(meaning that I'll adjudicate for quarter's,semi's & finals,like I did for the past 2 years...),I wasn't able to make it due to OK Mag's 3rd anniversary party at Zouk which was last Saturday...A lil bit sad cos' I love adjudicating & I have never missed VC Cup championship dinner..:(

But congrats to que&farass for winning VC guys rose from your fall..hahah...Nasib ayatollah maafkan...(inside joke)..Can't wait to see them again for Royals debate,which I'll adjudicate also!!yeayyy..

So all is not lost since OK party was a blast..Hotel Maya,across Zouk,the place where we did our makeup for the movie characters,was so posh & gorgeous man!But when the party was nearing, I didn't have time at ALL to do my hair & I just grab a top to wear to the party as I didn't have time to iron my clothes either..but it was all worth it to see all the movie characters come alive..Meet tons of Malaysian celebs & the A1 Club Monaco drivers..The Hong Kong celebs who our boss rumored were going to come,didn't show..hahaha..Guesss that was just hear say???haih...
I'm super tired so gonna do some much needed hibernating cos in 2 days I'll be working some more..fuuuh and then straight to this blog will be in hiatus mode again..Oh,btw,go to Kinokuniya since their doing promotions & I manage to buy 2 books--Remember me by Sophie Kinsella & The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold--- for rm50 only!!And they gave me a 15% & 25% discount(the 25% is for me to post to a friends since it's only valid via postcard) card..^_^

I'm gonna watch the 2nd season of Popular on dvd thanks to the db8 girls who lend it to me...I used to love that show back in high school..I let some of my pics do the talking.The rest is at my facebook!


I'm FREE---sort of..haha

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Just finish the fantastic(no really,it was!) Sociolinguistic final paper!!woohooo...Thank God what was discussed,spotted and the ones that my brain tried so hard to decipher and understand and remembered,was in the essay section.If not,I would have bawled my eyes out,cut my hands,my feets and everything else!Fuuuuh,legaaaaaaaaa!

Talked to my sociolingo lecturer after the test,Pn.Roslinda Wahab,and she asked what was in the test.And I told her what I choose for my essay question and I asked her what is okay that I used how language shift(the factors & whatnots) in explaining diglossia & bilingualism(ignore this part if you're not a TESLian..haha) & she said that it's basically the same thing..huhu.I thought that some of the objective questions were harder than the 2 page essay questions(4 page of essay since there's 2 question okay!).

Thanks uber2 much to Hana & Napz for our discussion until the wee hours of morning for our final paper.With all the crazy antics & laughter that kept us awake to digest what we were studying.Slept for like only 2 hours & had a cup of steaming coffee(desperate times =desperate measures as I rarely drink coffee,for health reasons!) & we were up and ready for our final paper this semester.

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Beshnyerrr..Can't say anything much here cos' it's hush-hush.But I just want to give a very BIG APOLOGY to Firhan & thanks so much for the invitation card for his brother's wedding tomorrow but I can't possibly go as I'll be somewhere from morning till night....So sorry!!!!

P/S:Izlin/Mrs.Althoir cepat dtg cni!!!!hahaha.Nanti kiter bley kuar jln2 & tinggalkan Hafriz keseorangan...muahahaha


Crapping+Blair Waldorf

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I was totally crapping in my previous post...How ungrateful do I sound???ish2.I have my own car and that should be enough..haih...Tomorrow is the final paper for me and my colleagues,TESL Part 5...Good luck to everyone!

I've manage to write the 3 articles last night.One is almost finish.The other 2 is on the way!!!!Can't wait for this weekend since I'll be busy on both days doing fun things!!!weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

And next week will be great as well as I'll be adjudicating VC Cup's debate tourney for the 4th time,the difference is that Izza won't be around..It's my first VC Cup without Izza..haha..To the new debaters,be prepared& please don't give me a headache!!haha.And after VC Cup I'll be doing 2 odd jobs...Work it!!!And then I can laze around as I please...hehe.

I heart Blair Waldorf!!!!It doesn't even matter that Leighton family has a dark past...I still love her!Her real life boyfriend is Sebastian Stan who played that scum Carter in season 1,remember him?The one who got Nate into that gambling trouble?

So it was fun reading about the real NY 'It' it here & here.They say that the NY socialite,Olivia Palermo is Blair Waldorf...hurm...I don't think so!!!NY most famous socialite & 'It' girl,Tinsley Mortimes appeared on Gossip Girl season 2 a couple of times...

Read this article/review on the current episode (10)of GG season 2....Can't wait to watch it,as I've only watch the 9th episode last week...Cyrus Rose made an appearance in GG!!!I'm glad that the writers of the Gossip Girl tv show is staying true to the book in some parts!!


Jealous nak mamps!!!

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Why???Why am I so freaking unbelievably jealous over a guy friend of mine???I'm soooo jealous over the fact that he just got a car & his car is so damn hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So freaking hot & it's his 1st car...Arggghhhhhhhh.1st car dh dpt kereta yg muy expensivo & hot...Everytime I see his car and or see him driving it, I'll be so freaking jealous...uwaaaa..Nape????To Hani,Napz & Hanna,wat dono je la dgn post ni ek???Aq tau korg akan basuh aq nanti...haha.Aq nak kereta yg hot jugak....sob sob sob..



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I totally forgot that I'm suppose to write an article for Izham,forWUPID's mag!!!arggghhh..Habisla kene marah nanti..I'll try my best to write something tonight & tomorrow..huhu.What should I write about anyway???I'm thinking about frugality,since in this day and age,money matters a lot!Or should I write about Iraq or Afghanistan???Any ideas people???Wait a minute,I think I know what I want to write!!!hehe.

Maybe I should write about 3 different articles so they can decide which one to choose...Each article will be different than the other...One will be about social interactions.Two will be about politics(maybe la..wonder if i'll be censored??).Three will be about saving the environment???hurm...Let's get cracking!!!Eh,when will I study for my sociolingo paper???hahaha

Congrats to my brother who will be shipped off to Johor in Dec for his studies!!!Good riddance!!hahaha.Kidding!Besh la die cos' his favorite cousin,Fir is also there..They'll have a hell of a good time there..kui2.

After finals I'm definitely flying off to somewhere & have a great vacay!!!woottttttt.But that'll be after adjudicating & a few odd jobs...fuuuh...


Nihongo no more

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Dame desu,dewa arimasen and everything in between..No Japanese anymore!Gonna miss Habibah Sensei so much...she's an amazing lecturer..bubbly,very very supportive & a great motivator!!!

1. Complete this sentence. Life is...

I have so many definitions..

a)what we make it to be
b)full of obstacles that we have to endure..we are put on this earth for a reason after all?
c)love,surprises,bitterness,laughter,sadness,& many more!!!

2. How many pets do you have?

1,a white cat named Suzy who got hit by a car while crossing the road...:(

3. Are you listening to anything now? What is it?

in my head is the Terima Kasih Cinta song.

4. What was the last movie you watch?

The Accidental Husband

5. Have you ever regret anything in your life?

Duh!Although I always believe that you should not regret anything that you've done because life that is filled with get the drift?But I do have a couple of regrets..

6. Who do you want to be today?

Just my annoying self.Less hyper though cos of PMS!!sakit perutttttt

7. Who are you tomorrow?

A girl who's going to wash her dirty car..hahaha

8. What's good about you?

I have tenacity!That's very imp to me...There are other things too if you ask those who loves me..^_^

9. What's bad about you?

Ooh,mother may I??haha..Many things if you ask those who hates me..

10. If you die tomorrow, what is the one thing you would say to a person you love before you go?

Be happy & know that I'll always be here--points to that person's heart..ecehcehceh...


Bunkface video clip--so cute!

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The Silly Lily video clip from Bunkface reminded me a lot of this cartoon that I love to watch that was shown on TV3 years ago..I don't remember what the name of the cartoon was(if anybody does,please tell me!I think it's Angela something).Anyhoo,I'm not really a big fan of Bunkface(the meaning of their name is pretty vulgar..ahakzzz) but they're pretty good..

Their Situasi song(the 2nd single from them) got stuck in my head for days..Although at the beginning,the song sounds like they rip off The Fallout Boy,but I love the chorus...huhu.My fave Bunkface song has to be Fine.And yeah,they do sound a bit like Greenday...hahaha. Bunkface's MySpace CLICK HERE!

Here's the very cute Silly Lily video clip!!!Enjoy!!

Here's the song Fine


Eat this,Not that

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Let's face it,most of us rarely have the time to cook.I have to confess that I rarely cook on the weekdays.I eat out with my friends all the time.And I eat fast food once or twice,sometimes more that that,in a month.And a lot of people eat fast food because it's easily available and,yeah it's pretty fast.But what really goes into the food?After I saw the book above,on Rachael Ray,I really really want to have that book!I've search on MPH but the book is not available there..damn!
I was really interested because the book opened up the can of worms that a lot of fast food outlet have been hiding from it's consumers.And after searching on the net on articles on the book,it was great reading up on the 'hidden' secrets of a lot of the fast food chains.And how A LOT of them hide the nutritional value of their food.This is worrying because some of the food that a lot of people around the world eat on a daily or weekly basis,contains an enormous amount of calories and fat that exceeds their daily intake.
You could be eating a meal today,that is suppose to sustain your nutritional needs for 3 days and not even know about it!No wonder obesity is becoming a very big issue nowadays.Lack of knowledge on what we put in our body,food-wise, may be detrimental to our health in the future.You may scoff and say,so what?But who knows,3 or 4 years down the road it could lead to serious health issues!
For more information,read this great articles :


Reading List

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I'm so jealous cos' Ms.Sal & Ana are going to Kuching tomorrow..uwaaaa..I can't because I've 2 more final papers to go!!!Nevermind,right after my final, final paper & my being the makeup artist for someone's engagement ceremony,I'm off to Kuching!!!!!!woottt!

Here are a few books that I'll be reading for this hols courtesy of Ms.Sal & Hani!
To Moja--This book,that I bought in July,I haven't finish reading it because I wanted to fully concentrate while reading it & that's why i've read other books while I let it ferment on my desk..hahaha.The book requires a lot of concentration, plus I like to write in the xhabis2 lg bace the book..hahaha...I'll let you borrow it next sem la eks???kui2

1.Crime from the mind of a woman by Elizabeth George-

This book contains 26 compelling crime stories from some of the 20th century best women writers.Can't wait to read all of the stories..I've always been fascinated with crime stories..I missed by Book of crimes,as it contains the information on all the well known murderers,spies,thieves & many more..I guess it's the thrill of the unknown?But a friend who borrowed the muy expensivo book,lost it but he graciously replace the book with the complete set of Narnia for me..hehe.

2.Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

From the woman who brought us Pride and Prejudice,Mansfield Park,Sense and Sensibility,comes Northanger Abbey.I love all of Jane's book & judging from the reviews that it got on Amazon,this will be another great read!

3.Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe

One of my super seniors,Adlan,recommended that I read this book a longtime ago.But I totally forgot about it untill I saw it on Ms.Sal bookshelf.I hope that this book will be as good as he said it is.

4.The Rice Mother by Rani ManickaThe author is a Malaysian who was born and educated here but now lives in the UK.Most of the setting in the book is in the time of Malaya.Can't wait to read this one!

5.Man and Boy by Tony Parson

This book was quite talked about a while ago but I didn't have much interest in reading it.But I saw it on Ms.Sal shelf along with Man and Wife,which I will read after I've read this book first!



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I haven't blog in quite sometime..hehehe.There was a glitch with Streamyx a few days ago but now I'm back!Today I found a pair of the most perfect jeans...It's soft as butter!!!!

And here's a picture of the man who's responsible in designing it!!!
Yup,he's no other than Micheal Kors!!!One of the judges on Project Runway...I know I'll probably never be able to afford any of his bags now but atleast I have a pair of his jeans..hehe.Click here to see the Sausalito jeans that I got.XS is size 0 & 2,while S are size 4& 6..I'm a size 6!!!Yeay..hehehe.The jean fits like a dream!!!

Obama won yesterday & became the 1st African American President&the youngest at 47!Lot's of people shed happy tears for him...It's sad though that his grandma passed away a day before he won the election...

My Japanese final paper will be in a few days & I haven't crack open the books yet.Only staring at the front cover...haha.

I have been watching the current episodes of Gossip Girl season 2...It's so sad what happened to Blair & Chuck..Both of them love each other but Chuck decides that if they become a couple,it won't last so they remained just friends...:(

And Nate & Jenny??ewwwwwwww..And I'm glad that Aaron is in town & how cute is that he mentioned Mookie(his slobbering dog!!)?For those of you who read the
books back in high school like I did,you've known that Aaron is suppose to be Blair's stepbrother since his dad,Cyrus married her mom in the first book of the Gossip Girl series...Hmm..who knows in the episodes to come?

Heroes season 3 rocks!!!!!!!!I love that show so much(I even read the online comics back in Season 1) & I'm only on to the 4th episode.The show just boggles the mind!!!Genius!For those who haven't watched it yet,please watch from season 1 or you'll have a major headache if you jump in straight to season 3.

I don't want to spoil anything here,cos'someone's been calling me a meanie for spoiling the show for him.muahaha.But I'll give a hint here...Sylar is becoming one of the good guys & he's related to someone among the gang!!!

Oooh,One Tree Hill season 6 is great too!I love the 1st episode,the one with Brooke & Lucas celebrating their 1 year anniversary...How I wish that had happened instead get the drift??

And how cute is it when James sang the Ayer song & they played Violet Hill by Coldplay at the end of the 1st episode!!!Crazy nanny Carrie is back..She's so creepy!!!

Movies that I've watch recently are Accidental Husband,Penelope& Mamma Mia..That last movie made we want to jump up and sing!!hehe.And any movie with Colin Firth is always good..And James McAvoy in Penelope...sigh...He's such a dreamboat!

Actually,I'm suppose to blog about my wishlist,scratch that,not a wishlist but a LIST of stuff that I want someone to buy when he goes to the States..hehe.I'll do the list in the next entry soon...

Don't worry,everything that I want won't cost as much as the plane that you're buying..Maybe lah...(insert mean laugh here)



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Yesterday was the last day of assignments!!!!And the first day of finals....hahaha.How did I celebrate after the few frantic hours of trying to finish up that one last assignment??Copious amount of pizza..haha.Napz has been talking for weeks of ordering Dominos so that she can use her free pizza coupon..So we ordered pizza..4 pizza's actually...hahaha.Yeah,kinda greedy but the 4 of us manage to finish everything off!!!

After that me & Hanna went to Ms.Sal to sleepover because the next morning we're going to send Adam to LCCT....Sob,sob,sob.Like Ms.Sal said he's a 'bujang lapok'...Miss his crazy antics & expressions already.... :(...

Had fun this morning at the LCCT and finding parking was a bitch!!!hahah.At some point I actually had to push him around while he sat on the cart..isk2...hahaha.Nasib belanja McD!To a friend,sorry that I couldn't see you when you stopover at LCCT...I was already out of the parking lot by that time!!Next time aite???

I'm now armed with a stack of books from Ms.Sal(I'll write a review in the weeks to come) & series & movies from Hani.I'm trying to find a way to make rm2500 in a few months.Gonna need it for a big plan of mine..hehehe.Oh,the Kursus Kepimpinan are postpone to next semester because Pn.Hajah haven't had a meeting on the Tabung Amanah..So Hisyam,Bukit Tinggi biler nih???muahahaha.Toodles!!!

Did you guys see Ana perform on 1,2 Jus last night???I missed it but I'll catch it on catch up tv(pun unintended!)...Beli la her cd!!!!!!!!!!^_^