Crapping+Blair Waldorf

Thursday, November 13, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

I was totally crapping in my previous post...How ungrateful do I sound???ish2.I have my own car and that should be enough..haih...Tomorrow is the final paper for me and my colleagues,TESL Part 5...Good luck to everyone!

I've manage to write the 3 articles last night.One is almost finish.The other 2 is on the way!!!!Can't wait for this weekend since I'll be busy on both days doing fun things!!!weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

And next week will be great as well as I'll be adjudicating VC Cup's debate tourney for the 4th time,the difference is that Izza won't be around..It's my first VC Cup without Izza..haha..To the new debaters,be prepared& please don't give me a headache!!haha.And after VC Cup I'll be doing 2 odd jobs...Work it!!!And then I can laze around as I please...hehe.

I heart Blair Waldorf!!!!It doesn't even matter that Leighton family has a dark past...I still love her!Her real life boyfriend is Sebastian Stan who played that scum Carter in season 1,remember him?The one who got Nate into that gambling trouble?

So it was fun reading about the real NY 'It' it here & here.They say that the NY socialite,Olivia Palermo is Blair Waldorf...hurm...I don't think so!!!NY most famous socialite & 'It' girl,Tinsley Mortimes appeared on Gossip Girl season 2 a couple of times...

Read this article/review on the current episode (10)of GG season 2....Can't wait to watch it,as I've only watch the 9th episode last week...Cyrus Rose made an appearance in GG!!!I'm glad that the writers of the Gossip Girl tv show is staying true to the book in some parts!!


OMG i dont know Leighton had that dark past!
and i too, din know her bf is that guy.


thanks for sharing Li!

and yes, i heart B too! She looks so...Waldorf~


LIYANA said...

kan??sian her dark past tuh...
and yeah,her bf is tat dude...haha

queen B rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

i heart Blair Waldorf too!