Monday, November 24, 2008 Liyana Hanim 11 Comments

I'm back after 5 days of AWOL...haha...
Went to VC Cup,met a lof of new faces,and like Hasif said,we are old!!!Slept at Shila's,atiq's & aina's cool house!!!They have astro & a fluffy white cat named Paris...whom slept on the bed with me cos she thought I was Aina..haha

Manage to adjudicate round 1-5 but although after finals of Public Speaking/Pidato night,they announce the breaking teams & adjudicators,my name was called out(meaning that I'll adjudicate for quarter's,semi's & finals,like I did for the past 2 years...),I wasn't able to make it due to OK Mag's 3rd anniversary party at Zouk which was last Saturday...A lil bit sad cos' I love adjudicating & I have never missed VC Cup championship dinner..:(

But congrats to que&farass for winning VC Cup...you guys rose from your fall..hahah...Nasib ayatollah maafkan...(inside joke)..Can't wait to see them again for Royals debate,which I'll adjudicate also!!yeayyy..

So all is not lost since OK party was a blast..Hotel Maya,across Zouk,the place where we did our makeup for the movie characters,was so posh & gorgeous man!But when the party was nearing, I didn't have time at ALL to do my hair & I just grab a top to wear to the party as I didn't have time to iron my clothes either..but it was all worth it to see all the movie characters come alive..Meet tons of Malaysian celebs & the A1 Club Monaco drivers..The Hong Kong celebs who our boss rumored were going to come,didn't show..hahaha..Guesss that was just hear say???haih...
I'm super tired so gonna do some much needed hibernating cos in 2 days I'll be working some more..fuuuh and then straight to Royals....so this blog will be in hiatus mode again..Oh,btw,go to Kinokuniya since their doing promotions & I manage to buy 2 books--Remember me by Sophie Kinsella & The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold--- for rm50 only!!And they gave me a 15% & 25% discount(the 25% is for me to post to a friends since it's only valid via postcard) card..^_^

I'm gonna watch the 2nd season of Popular on dvd thanks to the db8 girls who lend it to me...I used to love that show back in high school..I let some of my pics do the talking.The rest is at my facebook!


liyana,u sgt rjn.
but well,bila dpt duit hlg pnt kot. :)

btw sblm ni dh rs ur face ada iras2 ngan belinda.(btl ke nm dia ni?)
now dh ada bkti.
mmg same!!

LIYANA said...

hehe..thanks irma!
penat tuh penat la tp when ur working with cool people & they're nice ppl,it doesn't feel penat sgt pun!

yup her name is belinda..i minat sgt kat die...her hair is perfect!!!kulit pon & she's so nice..and zizan pon sgt la baik!siap borak2 lg...huhu


second season of popular? wait. popular yg ade brooke and whats-his-name guy from ugly betty tu???


LIYANA said...

tat guy henry dlm ugly betty tapi dl popular die jd Harrison..
tu la one of my db8 girlfriends ade dvd die...so i pinjam laa

the whole 2nd season ade 22 episodes...i bru tgk smpai epi 10..heheh..besh sgt..teringat time remaja dlu...the show was like 9 years ago!!

U Watch Popular?

Oh Goodness....Good Times.

Lols...Whats With The HellyBoy Theme?


LIYANA said...

hey noel!!

yupzz i do!!

the hellboy theme is actually one of the many movie characters that was for OK Mag's 3rd anniversary party at zouk last saturday....i ws one of d makeup artist

(Oh Tuhanku)

Got phat fabe some more.

speechless, but jealous!

MojaLagi said...


I'm still jealous.
Rina Omar ade x?


LIYANA said...

omg..belinda is so nice!!!
and i told her tat i love her blog & she said that she's gonna hav a new website...mane ade phat fabes???
tuh rudy laa!!!

rina xde la..sape plak la nk on air for 8tv quickie since both henry & belinda ade kat ctu..
eh ade pic aq dgn Henry skali tp kat facebook..huhuh

Nina Alyssa said...

omg babe! love ur outfit! so cantik!! and jealous gile u dpt jumpe zizan, hotness! :D

LIYANA said...

hey nina!!!
thanks so much..tat dress is vintage...huhuh

ooh zizan is H-O-T...and he's super nice!!!
we talked and he gave me his bussiness card!!!!!