I'm FREE---sort of..haha

Friday, November 14, 2008 Liyana Hanim 6 Comments

Just finish the fantastic(no really,it was!) Sociolinguistic final paper!!woohooo...Thank God what was discussed,spotted and the ones that my brain tried so hard to decipher and understand and remembered,was in the essay section.If not,I would have bawled my eyes out,cut my hands,my feets and everything else!Fuuuuh,legaaaaaaaaa!

Talked to my sociolingo lecturer after the test,Pn.Roslinda Wahab,and she asked what was in the test.And I told her what I choose for my essay question and I asked her what is okay that I used how language shift(the factors & whatnots) in explaining diglossia & bilingualism(ignore this part if you're not a TESLian..haha) & she said that it's basically the same thing..huhu.I thought that some of the objective questions were harder than the 2 page essay questions(4 page of essay since there's 2 question okay!).

Thanks uber2 much to Hana & Napz for our discussion until the wee hours of morning for our final paper.With all the crazy antics & laughter that kept us awake to digest what we were studying.Slept for like only 2 hours & had a cup of steaming coffee(desperate times =desperate measures as I rarely drink coffee,for health reasons!) & we were up and ready for our final paper this semester.

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Beshnyerrr..Can't say anything much here cos' it's hush-hush.But I just want to give a very BIG APOLOGY to Firhan & thanks so much for the invitation card for his brother's wedding tomorrow but I can't possibly go as I'll be somewhere from morning till night....So sorry!!!!

P/S:Izlin/Mrs.Althoir cepat dtg cni!!!!hahaha.Nanti kiter bley kuar jln2 & tinggalkan Hafriz keseorangan...muahahaha



wat time ko kuar?

I was out at around 950..dayum! ;)

LIYANA said...

hahaha...ko mmg kan wa???
mesti kuar kul 9.50!hahah
time jepun pon same gaks..cisss!

LIYANA said...

aq kuar kul 10!!

yezza aku menang!


yesh yesh.

LIYANA said...

wei enjoy ur hols aite???
we deserve it since next sem sgt bz!
weih buku shakespeare ko tuh next sem jgn lupe tau!aq ltk kat umah dh...asyik2 dlm kete jer..haha

Anonymous said...

great! 3 semesters to go! hehe