Saturday, November 29, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I never thought that my next post after the fun that I had these couple of weeks,would be a sad one.That's just how life goes.It throws you curveballs.

My grandma was admitted to HUKM yesterday due to dehydration and because she refused to take her medicine or eat..sigh...Atleast when she's in the hospital,they'll drip the water and medicine into her so she has no way of throwing it away or refusing to take it...I just wish that she doesn't give up on herself when all of her family members wants her to get better.

As some of my friends knows,my grandma have been bedridden since July and up until now.It's just that I stop blogging about it because,it's just too hard to put into words...Certain things are better left unknown by others.But with all the sad things that has been happening nowadays,opening up about it makes me feel a little bit better.

On Friday morning,while I was still sleeping,I received a message stating that In's mother has passed away.Al-Fatihah to In and her family.Words cannot describe the grief that she felt on that day but I know that she'll get through it with the love of all her family members and friends.

And today,I received a message from Ad,about his mum condition.I took some time to gather my thoughts and manage to come up with a solution thanks to the help of a lecturer at the faculty and through PMFP,I'm sure we can come up with something soon.So to friends who knows about Ad and has the means,please lend a hand okay?Ad,don't worry,I'll be doing something soon and hopefully with the help of our dean,all will go well.Have faith in your family and friends..


Nina Alyssa said...

babe you've been tagged! :D

I am really sorry to hear that. A friend's sister just died of cancer the other day. It is a pretty tough time now for everyone.

God help all of us to be strong and positive. Take care :)