Nihongo no more

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Dame desu,dewa arimasen and everything in between..No Japanese anymore!Gonna miss Habibah Sensei so much...she's an amazing lecturer..bubbly,very very supportive & a great motivator!!!

1. Complete this sentence. Life is...

I have so many definitions..

a)what we make it to be
b)full of obstacles that we have to endure..we are put on this earth for a reason after all?
c)love,surprises,bitterness,laughter,sadness,& many more!!!

2. How many pets do you have?

1,a white cat named Suzy who got hit by a car while crossing the road...:(

3. Are you listening to anything now? What is it?

in my head is the Terima Kasih Cinta song.

4. What was the last movie you watch?

The Accidental Husband

5. Have you ever regret anything in your life?

Duh!Although I always believe that you should not regret anything that you've done because life that is filled with get the drift?But I do have a couple of regrets..

6. Who do you want to be today?

Just my annoying self.Less hyper though cos of PMS!!sakit perutttttt

7. Who are you tomorrow?

A girl who's going to wash her dirty car..hahaha

8. What's good about you?

I have tenacity!That's very imp to me...There are other things too if you ask those who loves me..^_^

9. What's bad about you?

Ooh,mother may I??haha..Many things if you ask those who hates me..

10. If you die tomorrow, what is the one thing you would say to a person you love before you go?

Be happy & know that I'll always be here--points to that person's heart..ecehcehceh...


nanti ajar aku nihongo

LIYANA said...

me teach you???
ko lg terer punyer nanti..dun worry babe!

btw,time final tuh,org yg amek italian pon satu dewan dowh!!!dgr jer subjek teringat kepayahan kiter nk blaja italian tp xdpt!!!!sob sob sob

hey hey dont leave me out in the cold!

I pown nak amik italian dulu (feeling2 sexy gtuh)

Yelah liyana, nanti ajar kitorang nihongo kay!

Btw, my url wa atarashii desu. haha.

LIYANA said...

hahaha...wawa slalu feel sexxayyy..haha

eh,nape aq nk ajar ko nihongo plaks??mcm aq xtahu & xnmpk jer yg time final kiter hari tuh ko kuar kul 9.50am!!!!
ko jwb test tuh 50 mins jer...& aq mmg mengaku ko la DEWA NIHONGO..hahah