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Thursday, November 06, 2008 Liyana Hanim 6 Comments

I'm so jealous cos' Ms.Sal & Ana are going to Kuching tomorrow..uwaaaa..I can't because I've 2 more final papers to go!!!Nevermind,right after my final, final paper & my being the makeup artist for someone's engagement ceremony,I'm off to Kuching!!!!!!woottt!

Here are a few books that I'll be reading for this hols courtesy of Ms.Sal & Hani!
To Moja--This book,that I bought in July,I haven't finish reading it because I wanted to fully concentrate while reading it & that's why i've read other books while I let it ferment on my desk..hahaha.The book requires a lot of concentration, plus I like to write in the xhabis2 lg bace the book..hahaha...I'll let you borrow it next sem la eks???kui2

1.Crime from the mind of a woman by Elizabeth George-

This book contains 26 compelling crime stories from some of the 20th century best women writers.Can't wait to read all of the stories..I've always been fascinated with crime stories..I missed by Book of crimes,as it contains the information on all the well known murderers,spies,thieves & many more..I guess it's the thrill of the unknown?But a friend who borrowed the muy expensivo book,lost it but he graciously replace the book with the complete set of Narnia for me..hehe.

2.Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

From the woman who brought us Pride and Prejudice,Mansfield Park,Sense and Sensibility,comes Northanger Abbey.I love all of Jane's book & judging from the reviews that it got on Amazon,this will be another great read!

3.Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe

One of my super seniors,Adlan,recommended that I read this book a longtime ago.But I totally forgot about it untill I saw it on Ms.Sal bookshelf.I hope that this book will be as good as he said it is.

4.The Rice Mother by Rani ManickaThe author is a Malaysian who was born and educated here but now lives in the UK.Most of the setting in the book is in the time of Malaya.Can't wait to read this one!

5.Man and Boy by Tony Parson

This book was quite talked about a while ago but I didn't have much interest in reading it.But I saw it on Ms.Sal shelf along with Man and Wife,which I will read after I've read this book first!


Temi said...

no.2,4,5 dah baca :D

cubala baca the twilight series pulak..bes :D

Hafriz said...

Gi bace nihongo la. hehehe

macam best je that man and boy book tuh..

LIYANA said...

woah...giler la temi..
i know about twilight tp xminat la..hehe

LIYANA said... aq!!!hahaha
maybe a day b4 bru aq bukak buku nihongo

buku sociolingo pon xbace lg..muahahaha

LIYANA said...

izza,tu la,tgk dr cover dpn & belakang mcm besh..hehe