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I haven't blog in quite sometime..hehehe.There was a glitch with Streamyx a few days ago but now I'm back!Today I found a pair of the most perfect jeans...It's soft as butter!!!!

And here's a picture of the man who's responsible in designing it!!!
Yup,he's no other than Micheal Kors!!!One of the judges on Project Runway...I know I'll probably never be able to afford any of his bags now but atleast I have a pair of his jeans..hehe.Click here to see the Sausalito jeans that I got.XS is size 0 & 2,while S are size 4& 6..I'm a size 6!!!Yeay..hehehe.The jean fits like a dream!!!

Obama won yesterday & became the 1st African American President&the youngest at 47!Lot's of people shed happy tears for him...It's sad though that his grandma passed away a day before he won the election...

My Japanese final paper will be in a few days & I haven't crack open the books yet.Only staring at the front cover...haha.

I have been watching the current episodes of Gossip Girl season 2...It's so sad what happened to Blair & Chuck..Both of them love each other but Chuck decides that if they become a couple,it won't last so they remained just friends...:(

And Nate & Jenny??ewwwwwwww..And I'm glad that Aaron is in town & how cute is that he mentioned Mookie(his slobbering dog!!)?For those of you who read the
books back in high school like I did,you've known that Aaron is suppose to be Blair's stepbrother since his dad,Cyrus married her mom in the first book of the Gossip Girl series...Hmm..who knows in the episodes to come?

Heroes season 3 rocks!!!!!!!!I love that show so much(I even read the online comics back in Season 1) & I'm only on to the 4th episode.The show just boggles the mind!!!Genius!For those who haven't watched it yet,please watch from season 1 or you'll have a major headache if you jump in straight to season 3.

I don't want to spoil anything here,cos'someone's been calling me a meanie for spoiling the show for him.muahaha.But I'll give a hint here...Sylar is becoming one of the good guys & he's related to someone among the gang!!!

Oooh,One Tree Hill season 6 is great too!I love the 1st episode,the one with Brooke & Lucas celebrating their 1 year anniversary...How I wish that had happened instead off...you get the drift??

And how cute is it when James sang the Ayer song & they played Violet Hill by Coldplay at the end of the 1st episode!!!Crazy nanny Carrie is back..She's so creepy!!!

Movies that I've watch recently are Accidental Husband,Penelope& Mamma Mia..That last movie made we want to jump up and sing!!hehe.And any movie with Colin Firth is always good..And James McAvoy in Penelope...sigh...He's such a dreamboat!

Actually,I'm suppose to blog about my wishlist,scratch that,not a wishlist but a LIST of stuff that I want someone to buy when he goes to the States..hehe.I'll do the list in the next entry soon...

Don't worry,everything that I want won't cost as much as the plane that you're buying..Maybe lah...(insert mean laugh here)