Going away

Saturday, December 27, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

As most of you know,I have 3 brothers.And yesterday was one of them,named Syafiq,celebrated his 15th birthday while my other brother,Haziq,who's 18,left the comforts of our home for UiTM Segamat(where Hanis Zalikha is going too!hehe).Of course the whole family,yesterday,woke up at 6 am and got ready to send him there.

It was quite a bittersweet journey because although he does get on my nerves sometimes,and he does has quite a bad temper(actually that runs in the family..haha),most of the time he has been a great brother to me and I wouldn't trade him for anything else.I can proudly say that my brother paid for everything to get into Uni,himself.

He paid for the fees,to open the account,even the clothes that he had bought for it.Because while waiting to get into uni,he worked at 7e for a few months and he was even generous to his siblings.I still remember during Raya,he gave money to everyone in our family & he gave me rm50!hehe.Even when we're on the way to Johor to send him there,we stopped at the R&R for breakfast,he bought Dunkin for each of us.

I know that I'm going to miss having all 6 feet & burly of him, around ,with Segamat being quite far from where we live.We're used to being a close knit family that even the idea of boarding school to my mum,means that you're 'throwing' your children away.haha.No offense to anyone,that's just the way my mum is.So none of us was sent to boarding school and now,my brother will be far from our family.But I'm not really worried because his closest cousin,Firdaus is there and whenever he wants to come back home,one of his highschool senior who drives a Vios is there as well,and he lives near our house.

When we got to Segamat,it was funny because he seriously know nothing about all the documents that were in these bunch of envelopes that my mum had prepared for him because everything was done for him by my mum.Oh,and the people there,as in the MPP(the student council) was very friendly.There was a few students who was at the entrance to pass maps & show the way for registration.

And when we were at boys dorm(my brother's dorm name is Sempana Riau)the MPP guys shook my brother's hand and led the way.I was way more excited inside because the feeling of that 'welcome to uni' whereby you haven't been in one yet and everything is new and exciting and a little bit scary.

My mum made his bed and after putting everything away,we went to the cowboy town(after being born and bred in the Klang Valley,anywhere that doesn't have a nig sprawling mall looks like a cowboy town to us)we went to have lunch at PizzaHut.After that we went back to his dorm where my dad even manage to 'rasmikan' his bed while sleeping on it.haha.And my mum explain to my brother what is in all of the envelopes that she had prepared for him.I felt a pang at that moment.That,hey,you won't be able to see him every week now.:(..But I know he'll be fine but it's nothing wrong to miss him right?huhu.

On another note,can't wait for the second half of the 2nd season of Gossip Girl!I watched the trailer for it and all I can say is..Why Chuck??WHY?????.hahaha.


Memories are not just mere memories

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Today it has been 5 years since the passing of my late grandfather on my mother's side.Sheikh Haji Jamaluddin bin Al-Radzi.And he is deeply missed by his 25 grandchildren,his wife and his 8 children.Atuk,as he we fondly called him passed away because of lung cancer.And today,a lot of the fond memories that I had of my grandpa came rushing in.Every year,he makes a point to buy me,my cousin Kak Hani & Syazni,frilly dresses with layers of petticoats.You know,the traditional british gowns.Because the 3 of us girls grew up with him,we were the closest girl grandchildren to him.And every Raya & on our birthdays,he would make sure to get us a new gown each year.

Atuk was one of the sons of the late Arab,Al-radzi to his 2nd wife,a Malay(his 1st wife is of course,Arab).My Arab relatives still lives in Taif until today and the last time they came to Atuk's house was a long time ago.Atuk loves to garden.And some of my friends who have come to atuk's house would notice the 3 huge pine/christmas trees that was his fruit of labor & it's so high now.His family was his life.And he was very much hands on in everything.He waters his huge garden twice everyday.And he's always there for my grandma.And because he was almost hit by a reckless motorcyclist during one of my cousin's engagement ceremony,NOBODY in our family will ever buy a motorcyle,even up to this day.

Atuk was a war veteran and he fought against the Japanese during the war.And I still remember the Bekas Perajurit dinner/kenduri that he held at his house because if I remembered correctly he was the President for the Petaling district a long time ago.And he has this close friend of his uncle Rashid,whom when I was little,whenever he came to the house,my grandpa will give me the newspaper & ask me to read in front the both of them & I would be making up my own stories,not bothering at all that they were laughing at me..^_^

And atuk always drives his old grey volvo..You know the one that Ali drove in Kami?He would never ever change cars although we've tried to convince him to get a Perdana since his car is a gas guzzler.But he loves the car so much that he hold on to it and now the car is with one of my uncle in Alor Setar.

And as he hails from Batu Gajah(or is it Alor Gajah?) Perak,he loves gulai(curry).Nenek will make him gulai ikan(fish curry),not chicken or beef,everyday!That's what he has everyday.And he's the one responsible for making me love indian food like Masalodei(I don't think I spelled it correctly) & Putu Mayam.He would buy vadai from this mamak in PJ everytime he goes there along with teh tarik and bring it home.

And there's this Putu Mayam vendor who sells it on his motorcycle and would come by every evening around the neigbourhood & my atuk will always buy it from him.And he loves corn ice cream,one thing that I do not share with him.But he'll always make sure that there's a variety of ice cream flavor in the freezer along with waffle cones for his grandchildren whenever we were little.Atuk also,embarassingly,loves dangdut songs!Like,he has the cassettes and would play them in his car.So I know the words to the song like 'Sengkong & Keju' due to him.hahaha.

He's also,of course a big fan of P.Ramlee movies and growing up,me and my brothers & my cousins watched the movies almost everyday because he has the VHS of everyone of em'.From all 3 of Bujang Lapok movie,to Ragam P.Ramlee(it's so funny that Kak Hani must remember that we watched that part repeatedly!),Ibu,the 2 Labu Labi movie,the 2 do re mi movie,and so many2 more.Just named any P.Ramlee movies & I've watched them.

Atuk never boasts about his accolades to others.Although as a kid,he and grandma would always go to the royal palace and my grandma will get all dolled up and I would be wondering why are they going there.Oh yeah,I forgot to mentioned that my family lived with atuk in Shah Alam for more than 12 years.

You know how some people would boast about they datukship or they have to have A.M.N put at the end of their name so that people will know that they got the medal?Well,my atuk never told us that he has AMN & AMS & so many more because although there were framed pictures of him taking them,we never bothered to look closely at the captions.haha.So one day,he was taking out all of his medal for cleaning and we the grandchildren was hovering and only then that we know that atuk was Ahli Mangku Negara,Ahli Mahkota Selangor,and so many more.The last one that he got was Jaksa Pendamai,JP.Which required him to put that metal logo thing on his car.

And a few months before he passed away,5 of his children along with 11 of his grandchildren(because we were the ones living in Selangor),went on a holiday in Cameron.And I still remembered how freezing my atuk was because he's so skinny(but he's very strong!) that we stayed for 2 days at the holiday bungalow of my mum's former boss.A funny story about my grandpa was that people always mistaken him for the Anak Mami actor,Pi'e when he goes out and some even ask for his autograph thinking that he was him.

The one in the family that has my grandpa's exact manerism is my youngest brother Raffiq.He is just like my grandpa except that of course he looks Chinese(due to my dad's side).There's so many great memories of atuk & we'll always remember him & keep him in our prayers everyday.


The Classic

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

I don't know why but the topic of Love is everywhere nowadays & just 2 days ago,as I was passing by from Puncak to Shah Alam,I saw 5 weddings being held!I'm not kidding.1 was in Puncak & the other 4 in Shah Alam & the weird thing is 4 out of 5 wedding choose the color bright blue + white on their tents..hm..My mum was like maybe they all used tents from the same company?ahakzzz.And Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' and 'Tiffany Blews' from the Falloutboy are playing in my HEAD constantly..haih...

I've watched only 1 from the 6 Korean movies that Yaya gave me.And I have to say this movie,a 2003 South Korean movie,The Classic is an amazing love story!AMAZING.It'll make the most hard as a rock person to cry,even a cyborg will cry if it watches this movie.It's been a long time since I've watched a love story movie that is able to have such an amazing storyline that not only will most definitely touch any hearts but give a lot to ponder about as welll.

And I love how the story unfolds though I can't divulge much here since I think everyone should watch this movie.Although I know there are a few boring bits because this movie is a series of flashbacks and the setting is during the time of war in Korea(the flashbacks).

There are some funny but gross bits as well because of the fact that Joon-Ha(Ji-Hae's mother's first love) & Tae-Soo studies at a military school.And there are a few scenes whereby they have to bare their bums...And there's a really gross scene when they had to poop& put it in an envelope..You have to watch the movie to understand why they have to do that.

But the story starts as Ji-Hae was keeping her books in the closet,she took out her mum's box of old love letters between her and her 1st love.And Ji-Hae explains to us that her father pass away a long time ago and that her mother never remarries.And everytime her mother read the old love letters,she would cry.So we can guess that Ji-Hae's father is NOT her mother's 1st love.So Ji-Hae started to read the letter's and her mum's 1st love diary.During that moment I was like..How the heck did Ji-Hae's mum got hold of her first love's diary???Ahah!!You HAVE to watch the movie to see how everything unfolds.

In present time,Ji-Hae,who studies at this university, has a crush on this guy name Sang-Min but he is her best friend's boyfriend.So the movie goes back and forth between Ji-Hae's life and when she reads the diary,it goes to her mother's life.

I have to say that not only the movie is a beautifully sad love story but the way the storyline is played,is just amazing.There will be moments in the movie when you'll be like..'Oh!!'...Because some parts to me are just so clever,like when after the war,Joon-Ha & Joo-Hee(Ji-Hae's mum) met at this cafe,pay attention to the kid who was there before Joon-Ha came...;)And the friendship between Tae-Soo & Joon-Ha always make me smile because they are funny together.

All in all do watch this movie & be very very move by it.


My Lovely Sam Soon

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

This Korean tv series was aired in Korea in 2005.And if I'm not mistaken,it was aired here early this year on 8tv but of course I didn't watch it since I rarely watch tv during the weekdays when I'm at the uni.So I'm glad that Yaya sold the dvd to me.I have to say that it's not your typical Korean tv series.And I have so much thought about the whole thing so I'll try to put everything into this one post.

Can you truly be yourself in front of a guy/girl?Especially a cute guy/girl?One might say so but in reality,everybody tries to look good in front of the person that they like.As they say first impression matters a lot?So like a guy friend of mine said to me "Baru-baru memang la indah.Tgklah lagi 5 ke 10 tahun baru la kuar taik semua"..It means that you think that a person is great at first but after a few years down the road,only then that'll person show their 'true colors'.

So it was a breath of fresh air watching this show because Kim Sam Soon,the chubby 30 year old heroin,is so comfortable in being herself in front of guys like the cute 27 year old Jin Hyun.To the point that it made me cringe a little bit when she ate with a loud chewing sound in front of him.And she's very loud and she gets mad a lot and she likes to hit Jin Hyun which makes for a lot of funny scene.But I really admire her character because she truly is comfortable being herself no matter how society perceives her as a person.Which is a hard to do for a lot of people because generally everybody wants to be liked by the people they meet.

There are so so many funny moments in the series.And the hero & heroin has great chemistry with one another.And although I've watched so many Korean & Japanese series in the span of 6 years,I have yet to have this huge 'crush' on a tv hero,ever.But watching My Lovely Sam Soon,I've to say I wish that my boyfriend is Hyun Jin(played by the cutie Hyun Bin).

He's tough on the outside,a great dresser,passionate in a hot temper kind of way,the kind who fights for his girl,good with lil' kids,a lil bit arrogant but inside he's a softy.There this one scene whereby he was lying on Sam Soon's stomach while telling her about how the accident happen and from previous episodes,we know what a very hot-tempered guy he is & how 'garang' he is to Sam Soon,when suddenly,while he was telling the story,he burst out crying!And he was sobbing & it was just all so sad...but it goes to show that beneath all the front that he puts up,he's actually sensitive inside..sigh..

But yeah,the fact that he was indecisive over Sam Soon and his ex was really irritating to watch.You really shouldn't get back together with someone over sympathy!The ending of course,you can guess for yourself.It's one of my fave Korean tv show now!And did you know that there's a Pinoy version?I guess it got famous in the Phillipines too,that they adapted it!


Honey & Clover

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Finally I manage to watch the Japanese tv series that I've been dying to watch in such a long time!A friend told me to watch the anime first instead of the tv series cos' he said that although if you've never watch anime before,the Honey and Clover anime will change your life.I haven't gotten the chance to watch the anime yet though.

But I'm pretty contented over the fact that I've watch the cute Toma Ikuta on Honey and Clover the tv series.Kudos to Yaya who burn a heck load of dvd's(4 Japanese/Korean series + 1 special edition Hanazakarino + 6 movies!!) for me & send it via Pos Laju..Love u babe!!!

If you've been reading my blog for quite some time,you'll know that I'm a huuuge fan of Toma Ikuta.But I have to say,although his character in Honey and Clover,as Takemoto,the 3rd year Archi student who's subdued & shy,shows his diversity as an actor(because in Hanazakarino,he played a very hyper guy),throughout the series,I was actually rooting more for Morita!

I thought that the character Morita shines better than Takemoto.But I have to say,after waiting for so long to watch the series..it disappointed me a bit over the fact that the story wasn't as great as I hoped it was.I know Yaya told me that it's not a really great series but I just wanted to watch it because of Toma.

*spoiler alerts!*

What I didn't like about the series was about Hagumi & Morita.Why?Well because to me,they're made for each other!And the fact that both of them are such great artists(as in artists of artworks) that they repeatedly won various awards.And what the heck was up with that when Morita took her out from the hospital,confessing all that shit and then a few days later he went on a around the world trip??haiyaaaa.

And Hagumi's clothes are so..awful.It practically dwarfs her!Everything is soo baggy and makes her seem lost in those potato sacks.I wonder if that's the way it is in the anime too?

At first I didn't like Mayama because to me he,liked Takemoto put it,he is a 'cyborg'.haha.But he's very very cute and seem to ALWAYS smoke in the series.I thought that his persistence over Rika was very admirable as she was acting just like a rock towards him.

The most funny part in the whole series was whenever the 3 boys's senior,Romaya(I hope this is correct..I don't remember his exact name) came back from work or when he just happens to appear out of nowhere.Because the boys looked up to him so much and he's always spewing advice although some of them doesn't make sense.Remember at the start of the series,when they were eating ham & they realize that a lot of great things in the Japanese language,most of them are 2 syllables.Like mizu=water,hamu=ham,sushi,...hahaha.

And Takemoto's 'journey' was very unexpected and his journey was almost I'nto The Wild' like...huhu.I've to say that all in all,it is a good Japanese tv series but it's very different than most series about uni students.


Napisah & Firhan punye keje

Monday, December 22, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

I was tagged by both of them but I'll do Napz'z 1st since her's long overdue....


1. Apakah benda yang paling penting dalam hidup kamu?
- bak kate napisah,non-living ke?kalau non-living..mestila kereta saya,tv+dvd player sy,ic + driver's license,SEMUA buku2 sy(300+ semuanya) & semua kasut2 sy..hehe.

2. Apakah benda terakhir yang kamu beli dengan wang sendiri?
- In-Style US Dec=rm17.90

3. Di manakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu?
- Umah mama or nenek adalah logik tp berangan nk wat kat The Datai..eheh2

4. Berapa lama anda rasa hubungan kamu berkekalan?
- hingga ke anak cucu & akhir hayat..hahaha..

5. Adakah anda dilamun cinta?
- insyallah cinta itu akan dtg dlm hidup sy dlm mase terdekat..amin..:)

6. Di manakah restoran terakhir kamu makan malam?
- kenny rogers

7. Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli?
- almost moon by alice sebold--sy ade sume buku die!!

8. Apakah nama penuh kamu?
- same mcm napz..rahsia la!

9. Kamu lebih senang dengan mak atau ayah?
- dengan mama sy yg sgt2 penyabar sbb sy nih kadang2 mengada,cpat naik angin & bak kate mama,kene relaks(perkataan yg sgt bahaya==RELAKS===mcm dlm cerite Cashmere Mafia,ala2 watak Lucy Liu berkata "Hey watch it" bile tunang die soh "Relax").

10. Namakan seseorang yang kamu ingin jumpa untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup anda?
- Marina Mahathir.Nama die sama dgn mama,mama jugak yg buat sy kagum dgn dia sbb masa sy sekolah rendah,mama beli buku Liberal Doses die & sy jdkan die idola sbb die sgt 'outspoken',bijak,& berani menyatakan pendapat walaupun waktu itu ayah die Perdana Menteri.Sbb die lah sy jadikan AIDS/HIV sebagai topik public speaking time form 4!

11.Sebutkan 8 nama sahabat yang paling rapat dengan kamu?
-mereka tahu siapa mereka!!!xsbr nk jumpe balik...huhu

12. Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian anda sendiri?

13. Tempat yang paling seronok kamu mahu pegi?
- Italy!!!

14. Butirkan 5 perkara tentang orang yang tag kamu.
- napz:die sgt taat pd agama,sentiasa menasihati sy agar menjd insan yg baik(i'm thankful for that!),sgt rpt dgn ahli keluarga,suka pizza& terer gile bhs jepun!

** tiada soalan nombor 15 **

16. 8 perkara yang amat saya gilai.
- aiyooo..ape eks???masak,shopping,baca buku,menulis,tgk tv,duduk rumah,lagu yg org jrg dgr& berfikir berjam2...hahaha.

17. 8 perkataan yang sering di ucapkan
-bg karang(kat adik sy..haha..mmg ganaz tp xseganaz hanna!!),ya allah!,malaslah..,nk pegi,ape2 je lah,hah?,giler la,yupzz,&laen2 xingat!!!

8 buah buku yang paling terbaru dibaca.
-remember me,the almost moon,how to make an american quilt(fiksyen tau,bukan cara2 nk mengait),moll flanders,3 cups of tea,northanger abbey,man & boy,the rice mothers.

19. 8 lagu yang saya boleh dengar berulang kali.
- nih sst sbb byk sgt!!!!byk2222 sgt...

20. 8 perkara yang saya pelajari tahun lalu.
- mcm kate napz jugak...muahaha...

The last person to tag you is?

Khairul Firhan(sorry if slh eja!)

What relationship do you have with him/her?

My friend/colleague.Taking the same course--B.Ed(Hons) TESL.

Your 5 impressions towards him/her?

1. have lots of ideas
2. have interest in politics
3. talkative
4. friendly
5. energetic

The most memorable thing he/she had done for you?

always invite to his house for raya/wedding even when he was living in kajang & up until he move to klang..But I haven't gone yet cos' it always clashes with other things..

If he/she becomes your lover, you will...

-he's just a friend!-

If he/she becomes your enemy, you will...

be sad..haha

If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on...

i have no idea!

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is...

we fought about our diff political views...muahaha

How do you think the people around you will feel about you?

i've no idea!but i think that's the mentality of some,cos' ppl seem to really care what others think about them..NOT ME or most of my close friends!

The character for yourself is?


The most ideal person you want to be is?

gosh..i've no idea

For the person who cares and likes you, say something about them.

You are the coolest!!!

Ten people to tag.

If you guys don't want to do it,it's okay!No force here..haha.

1 Napisah
2 Hana
3 Azzam
4 Nina Alyssa
5 Wawa
6 Moja
7 Irma
8 Temi
9 Zizi
10 Acad

Who is no.2 having a relationship with?

I don't know..sape ye hana??huhu

Is no.3 a male or female?


If no.7 and no.10 were to be together, would it be a good thing?

I've no idea!

How about no.5 and no.8?

That won't happen..hehe.

What is no.1 studying?


When was the last time you had a chat with them?

Everybody=a long time ago!

Is no.4 single?

Nope.She's happily committed & devoted..^_^

Say something about no.2.

She's one of my senior & she's so nice!


Of gpa's,cars& gossip girl

Thursday, December 18, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Finally I was able to see my exam results..Was out the whole day since early morning & just got back a few hours ago..huhu.Been driving here,there and everywhere!Penattttsss...

Okay,I've to say I'm very grateful over my results and beyond thankful...Glad that I didn't have any C's or else my parents will kill me..haha.Thanks a lot for those who helped me study for finals--Hanna,Napz,Hafriz,Izlin!!Congrats to my friends who got DL..I know a couple of people who did..hehe.Can't wait to learn Shakespeare!!!weeeeee.Can't wait for picnic when the sem opens with the peeps & the peeps who got back from OZ...Miss u guys lots!!!

Am filling up my time with lotsa great stuff and trying to lose my hols weight..arggh...An indication that you have gain a bit of weight is when your jeans get a lil bit tight..eheh.So it's back to pilates,weight training(ala angkat berat tuh..) and proper eating time & I'm trying to do the MUFA thing that was featured on Rachael Ray..hurm..we'll see how it goes.

My car's alignment is okay now..my dad got it fix at the workshop & got me 2 brand spanking new tire's!!!Yeah tayar baru..cos' 1 tire gone bust & it's better to change 2 tire's on one side than just 1 tire..or that's what my dad said..huhu..So yeah,Hanna & Hisyam(yg mention the alignment thing to her cos' I'm so blind about cars stuffs),my car will not be senget2 anymore when both of you drive it..heheh.But then again,my car is not an expensive sports car like yours is..(hint2:hisyam)..Kpd seseorg,jgn jeles ya?He's just a friend to me & I'm just jealous of his car eventhough it's been months since he got it & flaunt it...LOL.

Oh,have you guys watched the last episode of the first half of the second season of Gossip Girl??Boy,that was a long explanation.Because,a friend of a friend thought that this season(the 2nd season) is the 3rd season of GG due to the fact that she doesn't get it that in the States,they'll show half of the season first and then they'll take a break for a few months and then they'll continue with the season again.I had a looong explanation to that friend cos' she was so confuse by that other friend..huhu.

Okay,the 13th episode of the 2nd season of Gossip Girl is definitely a sad one.I think I cried twice and both during Blair & Chuck's scene.eheh.Okay I won't reveal much because Izlin will kill me since she haven't watched the episode yet..(dun worry babe!If you xdpt download gak,we'll c each other in a few more days so I'll give the epi 2u..huhu).

That episode made me realize something about the relationship between a girl and a guy.It's humbling when the guy that you love,the one who's always there to protect you and is strong and a guy has his ego and everything,suddenly breaks down and have to rely on you for a shoulder to cry on and be his rock...awww..Yeah I'm a hopeless romantic eventhough I'm tough on the outside..hehe.Do you hear that my soulmate??;)

Till then have fun!Cos' I know I am!!!:P


Bondaay Beach

Monday, December 15, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Fuuh..today is a jam packed day..My mum,me & my 3 brother's went out and about to run errands,visiting my grandma & help my bro who's going to uni settle almost all of the things that he has to do/buy.Went to Subang & my bro bought the tix for Rock The World 8!!!

I'm still contemplating whether or not to go there since it'll end at night and I soooo don't like driving back to my parents house at night.Why??Because there's no freaking lights on the road!It's pitch black & the lorries always go in and out of Puncak because of the ever bustling development there.Ngeri!!!I've driven once,at night,pitch black & it was raining hard!Never again!Dah la xde divider!!

Btw,DO NOT order Kenny Roger's Chicken & Cheese Focaccia.Hurmph.Had lunch there with my mum & my brothers.I ordered the full sandwich,not the half one and it was such a let down!I prefered Dave's Deli Saltinbocca(I hope I spelled this correctly).It was like rm13 for the sandwich and it was so not worth it!I ended up only eating half of it & proceeded to Big Apple doughnuts for Glacier & Duren Duren..Yum!

Referring to the title of this blog....After lunch and all,we went to Shah Alam because my brother had to open an account at Bank Islam.As I was driving there,got a call from Izza(who's still in OZ!) but I couldn't answer her call while driving(it's my biggest pet peeves when a person uses their other hand to talk on the phone while driving)so when I got to the bank,I went out and texted her to call me back.And just when we were about to talk,lo and behold I saw my friend Kucai there.

So I handed over the phone to him and he talked to Izza a lil bit & they even manage to do a bussiness deal while they're at it.haha.And then we talked some more.I can't believe that she went to a nude beach.Well actually,she didn't intended to go there but she was at Bonndaaay Beach(Bondi Beach but I exagerrated on the spelling according to Izza's pronunciation..hahah) & somehow there were people bathing there nude.And she said there were lots!!

When she saw all the naked people,guess who she immediately associate them with?Yup.ME!Because yeah,I wanted to see what's the fuss with nudist beach & she manage to see everything dangling(ewww) first..muahahah.So she manage to cross it off her list first than me!!sob sob sob.And I can't believe that she didn't take any pics..hahaha.

And as we were talking..guess who walked over to me?Mr.Kamran!The beloved director of Dielle & Whoa Willow!..So I pass the phone over to him also and he was going on how he picked Izza to go to OZ & asked her to buy ole2 for him in XL size..LOL!After that Izza was like, "Tu Sir mane wei??"...-_-...muahahah.I explained to her and she was laughing her ass off..

Even when she's miles away from M'sia,that girl is still popular 'y'all'('gaya' kucai pada Izza td..haha).Suddenly,Faisol walked by and I also send Izza's salam to him..See how small this world is?As I was talking to Izza,3 people who knows her & me walked by & talked to her as well.Babe I know you'll be back after the semester opens & but your 'bodyguards'(inside joke) will be here!IMY!!

Lesson of the day:
I guess it's true that a guy who's only good looking,but has no matter(ceh,mcm adju db8 pulak..haha)cannot entice a girl!He might look like the twin of Hans Isaac but when the conversation it's like...BORING!!!Better luck next time I guess??


Of yogurts and movies

Saturday, December 13, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

At the age of 16-18 I had perfect skin.I'm not kidding.My family can vouch for that because my dad,even up to this day,will berate me for having even one tiny zit on my face!And I have two things to be thankful for it looking perfect.Loreal double whitening & Nestle low-fat yogurt.But a few years late,my skin is not in it's perfect condition anymore,no thanks to Nestle for discontinuing their low-fat yogurt range and instead replacing it with the Fat-free range.

Here's the deal,Fat-Free yogurt is not good for you!It contains a lot of sugar since they had to make it fat free,which means--more sugar=crave for more sugar=weight gain!And yogurt drink is just not the same like eating yogurt itself.So I was really really really happy when finally I've found the yogurt that I'll be eating everyday from now on.It's F&N's Alive yogurt!Althought it's a bit on the pricey side(rm2.49 per tiny carton),it's worth it!

My 2 favorites are the Revive yogurt(which is strawberry) and Energize yogurt(banana with chunky pears).It's goood!So go and buy them now.Oh,and although Shine drinking yogurt is delicious,their low-fat yogurt on the other hand...yucks!!It shouldn't even be called a yogurt!I love Sunglo's lowfat yogurt too but they don't have any flavors,just plain yogurt which is boring & I'm so lazy to buy my fruits & put them in the yogurt.haha.

I have watch so many movies during these past few weeks.So I'm writing my reviews on them based on my memories so I might have forgotten somethings..haha.

First up is the movie Into The Wild(based on the book by Jon Krakauer,published in 1996).Yeah I know that this movie is pretty old but I only noticed it now at my cousin's house and borrowed the dvd from her.I think I saw a picture of the movie on a friend's blog a long time ago.

The movie is based on a real life story about top student and athlete of Emory College,Christopher McCandless whom,after he graduated,decided to go on a soul searching journey.At first when I watched the movie,I was like,what a selfish little git!Because I thought that he was going to waste his time and money(with the balance of his student fund) travelling instead of using his time wisely.But he took me by surprise when he gave the $24000 to charity and went on his journey with no money at all!He basically just eat whatever he can get and hitchiked all the way!

This movie is amazing because we got to see how Christopher's journey,affected a lot of the people's life that he met along the way.Oh,btw,for people who have watched the movie,did you remember the guy who gave him the rubber boots,just before he was about to step into the alaskan mountains?That alaskan is Jim Gallien and he played himself in the movie!

This movie also proves my theory that parents plays a very big part in moulding their children.And as you watch the movie,you'll understand more why Christopher or Alex(the fake name that he used in the journey) becomes the way he is.Why he is so intent of not using any money and why he doesn't even want a new car from his parents after he graduate.And the moment that he burn his money using fire,after he left his beat up car,I was like..this dude is crazy!But I don't want to spoil more about this movie.Just go & watch it.

I love the line between Alex and Mr.Franz,when they were on the top of that hill.So when you watch the movie,pay attention to that part.

Another new movie that I watched is Wild Child.hahaha.The moment that I saw the black and white poster in the newspaper,I immediately recognize the Gucci bag that Emma was holding although it was in black and white.Yes,I speak fashion.^_^

The movie is so-so.Because I don't think Emma Roberts character,Poppy is a wild child.They didn't really exploit and used that word to the fullest.I mean for god's sake,that's the title of the movie so atleast give us a mere 10 minutes of how 'wild' she used to be!But the bright side of the movie is of course the makeover parts(I love movies with makeover parts in it,like the crass Housebunny!) and Alex Pettyfer!God he is so gorgeous!!

I remembered watching him in Stormbreaker.And a little trivia,he was together with Emma Roberts & he even had a tatoo of her initials on his wrist..awww..How sweet?But of course now he has to remove it since they're not together anymore.And,he was suppose to play Eragon but he blew it off in order to act in Stormbreaker!

I love Emma Roberts and she's a younger version of her aunt and they even look alike!But she's always been typecast in roles that is just boring and too teenybopper.It'd be great of she gets to play a character with a little more weight to it.

I'll update this post later,got to go now!


Boys will be boys

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I have met people of all facets of life.And some of them amuses me,some of them annoys me,some of them blows my mind and so on.A week or so ago,I was hanging out with 2 of my guys friends.They're great intelligent guys,who are well-off and are cute to boot.

We were hanging out at this thing that we were helping out for and we were there from morning till late afternoon.So as the 3 of us started talking about why I dumped this guy that I was getting to know for a month or so...certain issues pop out.And even until today,I find the conversation very,very funny and some were way offensive.And *hint hint*,these 2 fellas won something a couple of weeks ago..ahahahah.In order to protect their true identities,the 1st guy shall be named Peter and the other guy I'll call him,Harry.

Peter:You don't drink??*with an "I don't believe you" expression*
Me :Yes.I don't drink and I never will.
Peter:That's what they always say....
Harry:Why don't you drink anyway?
Me :Because I don't want to?And because drunk people tend to do things that they regret.*pointedly looking at Peter*---He had to nurse a hangover one bright morning during this thing that we went to a couple of months ago----

*Harry started to talked about how they mooch of some younger girls (who are their groupies) when they are broke so that they don't have to pay when they go clubbing.And how they ended up having to drive them home while they get wasted*

And then the topic of promiscuity came up...

Harry:I don't get it why people are harping on about sex.Sex should be fun.It should be about 2 people having fun.
Peter :Yeah,it should not be an emotional thing.People tend to associate sex with emotions.
Me :Don't tell me that you have lots of fuck buddies??
Harry:Yeah!And why not?I'm still single!
Peter:*He took out a condom from his wallet* I always come prepared!But I've stopped having fuck buddies since I have a girlfriend now.-_-

And then Harry tried to convince me that I should have sex for fun.Hah..Like I would fall for that!He also said that having a girlfriend that is willing to do it with him would make it easier because then he wouldn't have to have too many fuck buddies..-_-

And suddenly,another friend,whom I shall named Dick,came around.We talked and catched up and suddenly...

Dick:Dude,is there any hot chicks at &%$^??
Harry:There's this one chick named *&^..
Dick:Free hair?
Dick:Nice!What does she looks like?
Harry:She has big boobs!
Dick:Sweet!Do you have her phone number? -_-...
Harry:But Bob has already brought her to our house & into his bedroom.
Dick:What??Cisss ...*oops,they're all Malay btw*

And people wonder why I'm still single?These guys are guys whom I can talk about world issues and politics with..Who read The Times and are really smart..But,morally?....sigh...And his friends tried to set me up with Harry & I've to admit he's a great guy,if you don't look over the fact that he has fuck buddies..haha.I think I prefer to stay single for awhile though...^_^.Boys will be boys!


Eid Adha

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A lot of things has been happening this week.Condolences to all the people that were affected by the landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa.It's devastating to lose all of your belongings that you've accumulate over so many years in just one night.I couldn't imagine how traumatic it must have been for the families who's house was wrecked because of the landslide.But it's sad that a lot of people are pointing fingers at each others because of it.It's not the time to point fingers!Sigh..

More on to happier things..How was your eid adha?Mine was filled with good food and started on a funny note.The night before,me and my mum were cooking up a storm.Oh,before I forget,my grandma is out of the hospital and back to her house.But my family didn't get to spend eid adha with her side of the family since my dad's side of the family,ALL of them,wanted to spend eid adha at our house.

Back to eid adha preparation.My mum asked me to make a big pot of pasta with bolognaise sauce.And my aunt,Mak Lang asked me to make creme caramel.So I made everything from scratch.No store bought pasta sauce for me okay!I think homemade pasta sauce taste a lot better than straight from the jar ones..haha.

My mum on the other hand made rendang ayam,nasi himpit and kuah kacang.But..she messed up the kuah kacang a little bit so it tasted a bit bitter.Because she put too much lengkuas..hehe.
So,the morning of eid adha,my family,we usually wake up late.Okay,find,my brothers and I wake up late.We usually wake up after 10 am.But on that day,suddenly,my relatives came at like,9.30 am!Thankfully,my lil bro,woke me up and I manage to help my mum a lil bit in heating up the food.

My mum also haven't had her bath yet but she went ahead to set up the food for eid adha's breakfast.The first one who came was my aunt,Mak Lang with my cousin Ashraf and my uncle,Pak Teh.Mak Lang and Pak Teh is my dad's sibling.Mak Lang is a single parent and Ashraf is her only son.And his so damn lucky because at the age of 13,he already has the PSP okay!cisss..hahah

Mak Lang brought lemang,rendang daging and ayam masak merah.Pak Teh just brought himself..haha.Afterwards Cu came with her family and she brought Masak Lodeh and Kek Lapis.And lastly it was Pak Tam & Mak Tam who brought fried bee hoon.Pak Uda and his family couldn't come because they're in Terengganu.

We eat and eat and eat.All of my girls cousin hang out in my room and watch dvd's.And Udin somehow manage to come in,I guess because his bro' Amir hung out in my room too and Udin,opened up my make up bag and spill out everything!I wasn't in my room at that time and when I came in,there was glitter all over the floor!hahaha.

All of them went back in the evening.It was a pretty cold day,weather-wise.Since our house is under a hill,the weather is always cool(I rarely turn on the air conditioner) but since it was raining that day,though not heavily,the place was all misty and it was like we were right in the forest.I have more things to blog about like about the movie Into the Wild and The other Boleyn Girl,but after this I'm going out with the family.So maybe I'll update tomorrow!Take care!


Happy Birthday IzzaIze!!!

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On my 21st birthday,this post was created by this great person.And today is her birthday!!!!Yes,today on the 6th of december is the birthday of the great Izza Binti Izelan..On this day,a lot of famous people celebrates their birthday too.Babe,did you know that you share your birthday with King Henry VI,the gorgeous Lindsay Price(Lipstick Jungle) & today in Finland,is it's Independence Day.haha.

I know that she's having super much fun in Melbourne right now & although I have wished her earlier than most people,I wanted to do this special post for her.

I have known this girl since the 1st week that I entered uni,during the fateful orientation week where our room was next to each other and now,it's been 3 years of a great friendship.Filled with laughter,a few tears,adventures,squabbles..ahakzzz,guy probs,probs in general & many more!!

Although this semester we were separated through distance,I'm so glad that it wasn't a problem for us.Much thanks on your part because I know I rarely call you up..ehehe.(Plus,your the one who's having the time of your life there!).But it's great that when you did,we're able to talk for hours sometimes.It's like you never really left.This sem,we manage to share probs and the funny guy probs that both of us had..Yes,had.

I know for sure that you'll find the right guy for you soon!!!It might be sooner than you think ; )
I think he's among the many that has fallen at your feet.^_^And I'm sure last night incident--ehem2--proved the fact that you my friend,is HOT without even trying.

You don't need to flaunt your cleavage or put on thick make up to look hot because you are!And the most beautiful thing about Ms.Izza is that,she doesn't even know that she's beautiful...yeah..awwwww.But seriously,she is also super duper smart.She's a friend that I can talk for hours about everything!Beauty with brains=Izza Izelan.Her knowledge on politics is astounding & she actually loves LEARNING(i guess that's why she has a much better gpa than mine... :P)

Babe,I'm keeping my promise to you untill you get back here!Can't wait to see you and do all the things that we planned ^_^I know you wish I was there to celebrate this beautiful day with you & believe me,I wish I was there too...:( But don't worry,once you get back,the celebration is on!

Hopefully you'll get back earlier and you can join some of us on a roadtrip of sorts...And like the e-mail that you gave me,although I accidentally deleted it(!!!),I still remember bits of the 2 lines that you gave---'As long as we have each other,it doesn't matter what others think' or was it 'We'll always have each other..'hahah.It was a pretty mushy e-mail from Izza though..muahaha.Anyhoo,can't wait for you to get back so that we can get on the misi untuk stuff your face!haha.IMY!!!!xoxo
P/S:This is totally unrelated but I just have to show this pics..How cute is Martha Stewart's new puppy????It's the late Paw Paw grandson & his name is Genghis Khan!!!!He's sooo cuteeee!!



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These past few days have been spent by me driving back and forth between my parents house & HUKM so that my mum can take care of my grandma who's there while me & my brothers keep her company.And also in between,shopping trips with the family,minus my dad whos' working.I'm really really broke.My last purchase,which is 2 pairs of jeans & this soft lemony yellow cardigan with mismatched buttons(sooo cool!) was bought using my mum's money..hehe.

Since my brother Haziq is going off to uni in a couple of weeks, a lot of things need to be done,forms to be filled and etc.Been driving for more than 2 hours almost everyday since last week.Pretty tired,but I am trying to get back on my fitness routine too...Hols is a good time to get back in shape..ahaha..Yeah,right!

I've been playing a lot of new Nancy Drew games thanks to this great game store at the Summit which has all the latest pc games.Just finish The Phantom of Venice and I'm halfway through The Crystal Skull.Thanks to The Phantom of Venice,I'm addicted to the Italian card game called Scopa.It's so fun!I even download a game of Scopa online so that I can play it everyday!hehe.

Can't wait to buy the Haunting of Castle Malloy soon.

I've also been playing this cool Project Runway-esque game.Each week there's a theme for you top create a certain outfit & you'll be judge by a panel of 3 judges..hahaha.

I've watched the movie The sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 & I have to say that it's better than the first one.The first movie was just as great but I love the second one because all of them are growing up and they began to see that distance does affect their friendship because one may not tell the other everything that's happening in their lives.

*Warning plenty of spoilers below*

I have to say that I did cry a couple of times like when Kostos came to see Lena and she walked away from him.And when Tibby told Brian how sorry she was and how she was afraid to love him.And when Lena told the girls,in Greece how heartbroken she was with what Kostos did to her.Or when Carmen see her baby brother through the video that Tibby made.

I really hated that Julia!She was the typical pretty,sweet girl with everyone but is secretly harboring hatred toward Carmen,whom she is so nice to.It's so yucky when she says that Ian asked her out for dinner when she practically begged him!And how she was nice to Carmen,buying her a scone or being all happy for her when in fact,she was trying to sabotage her bit by bit.Like when she said to the director that she loves Carmen but that Carmen is just too insecure for the part of Perdita.So that Julia will look all nice as ever but Carmen is put in a bad light.God,haven't I met these kind of chicks before??haha

I love,love Carmen's dress as Perdita!Did you notice the painted tulips on the skirt when she was walking to the stage??Gorgeous!I have the Complete Works of William Shakespeare for next semester so I've been brushing up on it again(I've read it when I was 16!All of it!).The scene that was shown in the movie between Carmen & Ian,of The Winter's Tale was Act 4,Scene 4,Bohemia A Lawn Before A Shepherd's Cottage.

Tibby's Brian(remember the game dude in the 1st movie) is so damn hot!His body is just so sick man!haha.Leo is hot too & I love how she makes Lena be more of a free spirit.But if you watch the movie,you'll know how that ended up.Carmen's Ian is hot & sweet to her.Love that Brit accent..haha.Effie(although she has perfect hair!) is so damn stupid for dating Brian.Like you had to ask Tibby??Thank god that didn't work out!Plus Effie lose the pants in Greece!

Lena & Kostos relationship totally reaffirms my belief that true love just can't be stop.You could go around the world and come back to where you start and that love will still be there.

And btw,Bridget's grandma is Gywneth Paltrow's mum!

Out of 5,I'll give this movie a 4.5!

Oh,among the many books that are piled up by my bedside table..I'm halfway through Moll Flanders,The Almost Moon & Northanger Abbey.Yup,I love reading many books at one time.Haven't started on like,the 5 other books yet..hahaha.I finished Remember Me in 2 days!It's chick lit kot!

Okay,gonna get my freshly baked garlic french loaf out of the oven!Toodles!



Tuesday, December 02, 2008 Liyana Hanim 7 Comments

I was tagged by Nina Alyssa to do this list of my fave 15 sexiest man...Since I've been busy nowadays,this is a great sojourn..hehe.I haven't opened my FB ac yet cos' I know I'll be stuck there for hours & I've got no time for that!

I do think there are a lot of hot& sexy Malaysian guys out there,but my list is based on celebs outside of Malaysia.^_^

Joe Jonas

The head of beautiful hair,the put together outfits,the impeccable manners(did you know that the Jonas Brothers wears the purity ring?)...sigh..what not to love about this hottie??


Warren Beatty(the early years)

I remembered watching the movie 'Splendor in the grass' when I was a kid and up to this day,I still remember how swoon worthy Warren was in that movie....

Lee Byung Hun
I watched All In and was so affected by it..huhu.He's not only hot but smart as hell as well.He took French Literature in uni!!!

Dave Navarro
He's THE bad boy for me...The man from Jane's Addiction...He's unbelievably hot & dark & talented & he's actually a softy..If you've read interviews on him and plus,he used to be married to Carmen Electra(If I have to choose a girl to makeout with,it'll be Carmen!hahaha)

Jared Padalecki
Sigh..The pretty boy in Gilmore Girls that made me melt..He's the perfect 1st love ever!He even made a car for Rory!!haha.I still watched him in Supernatural..Jared is definitely sexy + cute in my book.And it doesn't hurt that he's so tall!

Micheal Vartan

I love,love watching Alias.And among the many reasons that I watched the show is of course because of Micheal Vartan...He's so damn sexy and he has a twinkle in his eyes whenever he smiles...Hot!I'd choose him over Ben Affleck any day(referring to Jen Garner)!And I love him in Monster in Law!
Paul Walker
The man that redefines masculinity when I was in high school.haha.I was so into him back in high school,along with Josh Hartnett.I think he's unbeliavably hot!
Adrien Grenier
He's such a sweetie & a mama's boy..I remembered reading an interview of him in In Style a few years ago and he's so different than the douche bag that he plays in the Entourage.huhu.And that beautifully tousled hair & those blue eyes..sigh..
Adam Levine
I loved the album Songs about Jane.I listen to it over and over again.All of the songs were on repeat back when I was 17 years old!I think Adam is the only guy to me,that can sing with a pretty nasal voice and be able to pull it off!And the fact that he writes most of his songs and lot of it is based on sex...that's just hot!
Josh Hartnett
Ahh,the one I was obsessed with when I was a teen.hehe.What not to love about this guy?I remembered totally being into him after watching Haloween H20 and then in Pearl Harbor & as the sexily bad Hugo,in O(based on Shakespeare's 'Othello').Even until today,Josh is hot in my book.

James Lafferty
Sigh..The reason why I have been a true blue fan of One Tree Hill from it's 1st season is of course,James Lafferty.He's just so cute!And I love,love,love his character Nathan...His relationship with Haley in OTH is such an inspiration to me..^_^
Orlando Bloom
I remembered when me,my family and my cousins,all of the big clan,went to the cinema together to watch the 1st installment of the LOTR movies.I couldn't stop yapping about Legolas throughout the whole movie..I was like..Who's that guy??I was just so captivated by him & I'm sure millions of other girls around the world as well.But sadly now he's taken by the Victoria Secret model,Miranda Kerr.:(
Chace Crawford
I know,Ed Westwick is hot too BUT although I prefer Chuck over Nate in reel life..In real life,you have got to admit that Chace Crawford is one of the MOST beautiful specimen of a man on this planet earth!To me,he is MY Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba(you know,the really hot celebs kind?).
Toma Ikuta/Ikuta Toma
OMG!Ever since I watched Hanazakarino early this year,I have been such a huuuge fan of Toma!He's just so funny,multi-talented & cuteeee!!!If I meet him in real life,I might just scream my lungs out...haha.

James McAvoy

Numero uno goes to this gorgeous guy.I have been obsessed with him ever since late last year when I saw the movie trailer of one of my favorite books,Atonement by Ian McEwan.And ever since that day,I have watched almost all of his movies.I love him in Narnia--he's Mr.Tumnus!Love love him in Becoming Jane,Atonement & Penelope!!!I even watched Wanted..haha.He was in Wimbledon too as Carl...Sadly,he's someone's hubby...But to me,he'll always be the hottest and sexiest guy ever!