Bondaay Beach

Monday, December 15, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments is a jam packed day..My mum,me & my 3 brother's went out and about to run errands,visiting my grandma & help my bro who's going to uni settle almost all of the things that he has to do/buy.Went to Subang & my bro bought the tix for Rock The World 8!!!

I'm still contemplating whether or not to go there since it'll end at night and I soooo don't like driving back to my parents house at night.Why??Because there's no freaking lights on the road!It's pitch black & the lorries always go in and out of Puncak because of the ever bustling development there.Ngeri!!!I've driven once,at night,pitch black & it was raining hard!Never again!Dah la xde divider!!

Btw,DO NOT order Kenny Roger's Chicken & Cheese Focaccia.Hurmph.Had lunch there with my mum & my brothers.I ordered the full sandwich,not the half one and it was such a let down!I prefered Dave's Deli Saltinbocca(I hope I spelled this correctly).It was like rm13 for the sandwich and it was so not worth it!I ended up only eating half of it & proceeded to Big Apple doughnuts for Glacier & Duren Duren..Yum!

Referring to the title of this blog....After lunch and all,we went to Shah Alam because my brother had to open an account at Bank Islam.As I was driving there,got a call from Izza(who's still in OZ!) but I couldn't answer her call while driving(it's my biggest pet peeves when a person uses their other hand to talk on the phone while driving)so when I got to the bank,I went out and texted her to call me back.And just when we were about to talk,lo and behold I saw my friend Kucai there.

So I handed over the phone to him and he talked to Izza a lil bit & they even manage to do a bussiness deal while they're at it.haha.And then we talked some more.I can't believe that she went to a nude beach.Well actually,she didn't intended to go there but she was at Bonndaaay Beach(Bondi Beach but I exagerrated on the spelling according to Izza's pronunciation..hahah) & somehow there were people bathing there nude.And she said there were lots!!

When she saw all the naked people,guess who she immediately associate them with?Yup.ME!Because yeah,I wanted to see what's the fuss with nudist beach & she manage to see everything dangling(ewww) first..muahahah.So she manage to cross it off her list first than me!!sob sob sob.And I can't believe that she didn't take any pics..hahaha.

And as we were talking..guess who walked over to me?Mr.Kamran!The beloved director of Dielle & Whoa Willow!..So I pass the phone over to him also and he was going on how he picked Izza to go to OZ & asked her to buy ole2 for him in XL size..LOL!After that Izza was like, "Tu Sir mane wei??"...-_-...muahahah.I explained to her and she was laughing her ass off..

Even when she's miles away from M'sia,that girl is still popular 'y'all'('gaya' kucai pada Izza td..haha).Suddenly,Faisol walked by and I also send Izza's salam to him..See how small this world is?As I was talking to Izza,3 people who knows her & me walked by & talked to her as well.Babe I know you'll be back after the semester opens & but your 'bodyguards'(inside joke) will be here!IMY!!

Lesson of the day:
I guess it's true that a guy who's only good looking,but has no matter(ceh,mcm adju db8 pulak..haha)cannot entice a girl!He might look like the twin of Hans Isaac but when the conversation it's like...BORING!!!Better luck next time I guess??


Hey, bile izza pulang ke tanah air, e-xactly?~

yeah..coolness. hahahaha. tiba-tiba ada sir kamran. hahaha. well the hans isaac guy is not entirely boring la. hahaha. but we'll see what happens when he get back to jakarta *wink*

LIYANA said...

tu la & ko plak blur xtau tuh sape sambil melayan die kat hp..hahaha

tak aq maseh tergelak dgn gaya ko ckp bhs indon tat day..muahaha

haah!when he gets back to jakarta,he'll be nearer!!*wink*

omg :p