Boys will be boys

Friday, December 12, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

I have met people of all facets of life.And some of them amuses me,some of them annoys me,some of them blows my mind and so on.A week or so ago,I was hanging out with 2 of my guys friends.They're great intelligent guys,who are well-off and are cute to boot.

We were hanging out at this thing that we were helping out for and we were there from morning till late afternoon.So as the 3 of us started talking about why I dumped this guy that I was getting to know for a month or so...certain issues pop out.And even until today,I find the conversation very,very funny and some were way offensive.And *hint hint*,these 2 fellas won something a couple of weeks ago..ahahahah.In order to protect their true identities,the 1st guy shall be named Peter and the other guy I'll call him,Harry.

Peter:You don't drink??*with an "I don't believe you" expression*
Me :Yes.I don't drink and I never will.
Peter:That's what they always say....
Harry:Why don't you drink anyway?
Me :Because I don't want to?And because drunk people tend to do things that they regret.*pointedly looking at Peter*---He had to nurse a hangover one bright morning during this thing that we went to a couple of months ago----

*Harry started to talked about how they mooch of some younger girls (who are their groupies) when they are broke so that they don't have to pay when they go clubbing.And how they ended up having to drive them home while they get wasted*

And then the topic of promiscuity came up...

Harry:I don't get it why people are harping on about sex.Sex should be fun.It should be about 2 people having fun.
Peter :Yeah,it should not be an emotional thing.People tend to associate sex with emotions.
Me :Don't tell me that you have lots of fuck buddies??
Harry:Yeah!And why not?I'm still single!
Peter:*He took out a condom from his wallet* I always come prepared!But I've stopped having fuck buddies since I have a girlfriend now.-_-

And then Harry tried to convince me that I should have sex for fun.Hah..Like I would fall for that!He also said that having a girlfriend that is willing to do it with him would make it easier because then he wouldn't have to have too many fuck buddies..-_-

And suddenly,another friend,whom I shall named Dick,came around.We talked and catched up and suddenly...

Dick:Dude,is there any hot chicks at &%$^??
Harry:There's this one chick named *&^..
Dick:Free hair?
Dick:Nice!What does she looks like?
Harry:She has big boobs!
Dick:Sweet!Do you have her phone number? -_-...
Harry:But Bob has already brought her to our house & into his bedroom.
Dick:What??Cisss ...*oops,they're all Malay btw*

And people wonder why I'm still single?These guys are guys whom I can talk about world issues and politics with..Who read The Times and are really smart..But,morally?....sigh...And his friends tried to set me up with Harry & I've to admit he's a great guy,if you don't look over the fact that he has fuck buddies..haha.I think I prefer to stay single for awhile though...^_^.Boys will be boys!