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Wednesday, December 24, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

I don't know why but the topic of Love is everywhere nowadays & just 2 days ago,as I was passing by from Puncak to Shah Alam,I saw 5 weddings being held!I'm not kidding.1 was in Puncak & the other 4 in Shah Alam & the weird thing is 4 out of 5 wedding choose the color bright blue + white on their mum was like maybe they all used tents from the same company?ahakzzz.And Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' and 'Tiffany Blews' from the Falloutboy are playing in my HEAD constantly..haih...

I've watched only 1 from the 6 Korean movies that Yaya gave me.And I have to say this movie,a 2003 South Korean movie,The Classic is an amazing love story!AMAZING.It'll make the most hard as a rock person to cry,even a cyborg will cry if it watches this movie.It's been a long time since I've watched a love story movie that is able to have such an amazing storyline that not only will most definitely touch any hearts but give a lot to ponder about as welll.

And I love how the story unfolds though I can't divulge much here since I think everyone should watch this movie.Although I know there are a few boring bits because this movie is a series of flashbacks and the setting is during the time of war in Korea(the flashbacks).

There are some funny but gross bits as well because of the fact that Joon-Ha(Ji-Hae's mother's first love) & Tae-Soo studies at a military school.And there are a few scenes whereby they have to bare their bums...And there's a really gross scene when they had to poop& put it in an envelope..You have to watch the movie to understand why they have to do that.

But the story starts as Ji-Hae was keeping her books in the closet,she took out her mum's box of old love letters between her and her 1st love.And Ji-Hae explains to us that her father pass away a long time ago and that her mother never remarries.And everytime her mother read the old love letters,she would cry.So we can guess that Ji-Hae's father is NOT her mother's 1st love.So Ji-Hae started to read the letter's and her mum's 1st love diary.During that moment I was like..How the heck did Ji-Hae's mum got hold of her first love's diary???Ahah!!You HAVE to watch the movie to see how everything unfolds.

In present time,Ji-Hae,who studies at this university, has a crush on this guy name Sang-Min but he is her best friend's boyfriend.So the movie goes back and forth between Ji-Hae's life and when she reads the diary,it goes to her mother's life.

I have to say that not only the movie is a beautifully sad love story but the way the storyline is played,is just amazing.There will be moments in the movie when you'll be like..'Oh!!'...Because some parts to me are just so clever,like when after the war,Joon-Ha & Joo-Hee(Ji-Hae's mum) met at this cafe,pay attention to the kid who was there before Joon-Ha came...;)And the friendship between Tae-Soo & Joon-Ha always make me smile because they are funny together.

All in all do watch this movie & be very very move by it.


hanna yg comey said...

maybe ur turn is coming soon...very soon..ahaks...

LIYANA said...

*menangis kegembiraan*
thanks hanna!!!!
syg ko!!!!

tp aq xnk la kaler putih + biru
nk lavender..yeay!!

cpat r balik dr ipoh tuh...
pastuh kite bley gi rock climbing..dh semakin ramai org aq tgk gi tmpt tuh...^_^

wA said...

hanna? rock climbing?

mampu ke? ahaks. kidding.

mcm best. tapi xkose pun ada. haha.