Eid Adha

Thursday, December 11, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

A lot of things has been happening this week.Condolences to all the people that were affected by the landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa.It's devastating to lose all of your belongings that you've accumulate over so many years in just one night.I couldn't imagine how traumatic it must have been for the families who's house was wrecked because of the landslide.But it's sad that a lot of people are pointing fingers at each others because of it.It's not the time to point fingers!Sigh..

More on to happier things..How was your eid adha?Mine was filled with good food and started on a funny note.The night before,me and my mum were cooking up a storm.Oh,before I forget,my grandma is out of the hospital and back to her house.But my family didn't get to spend eid adha with her side of the family since my dad's side of the family,ALL of them,wanted to spend eid adha at our house.

Back to eid adha preparation.My mum asked me to make a big pot of pasta with bolognaise sauce.And my aunt,Mak Lang asked me to make creme caramel.So I made everything from scratch.No store bought pasta sauce for me okay!I think homemade pasta sauce taste a lot better than straight from the jar ones..haha.

My mum on the other hand made rendang ayam,nasi himpit and kuah kacang.But..she messed up the kuah kacang a little bit so it tasted a bit bitter.Because she put too much lengkuas..hehe.
So,the morning of eid adha,my family,we usually wake up late.Okay,find,my brothers and I wake up late.We usually wake up after 10 am.But on that day,suddenly,my relatives came at like,9.30 am!Thankfully,my lil bro,woke me up and I manage to help my mum a lil bit in heating up the food.

My mum also haven't had her bath yet but she went ahead to set up the food for eid adha's breakfast.The first one who came was my aunt,Mak Lang with my cousin Ashraf and my uncle,Pak Teh.Mak Lang and Pak Teh is my dad's sibling.Mak Lang is a single parent and Ashraf is her only son.And his so damn lucky because at the age of 13,he already has the PSP okay!cisss..hahah

Mak Lang brought lemang,rendang daging and ayam masak merah.Pak Teh just brought himself..haha.Afterwards Cu came with her family and she brought Masak Lodeh and Kek Lapis.And lastly it was Pak Tam & Mak Tam who brought fried bee hoon.Pak Uda and his family couldn't come because they're in Terengganu.

We eat and eat and eat.All of my girls cousin hang out in my room and watch dvd's.And Udin somehow manage to come in,I guess because his bro' Amir hung out in my room too and Udin,opened up my make up bag and spill out everything!I wasn't in my room at that time and when I came in,there was glitter all over the floor!hahaha.

All of them went back in the evening.It was a pretty cold day,weather-wise.Since our house is under a hill,the weather is always cool(I rarely turn on the air conditioner) but since it was raining that day,though not heavily,the place was all misty and it was like we were right in the forest.I have more things to blog about like about the movie Into the Wild and The other Boleyn Girl,but after this I'm going out with the family.So maybe I'll update tomorrow!Take care!