Going away

Saturday, December 27, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

As most of you know,I have 3 brothers.And yesterday was one of them,named Syafiq,celebrated his 15th birthday while my other brother,Haziq,who's 18,left the comforts of our home for UiTM Segamat(where Hanis Zalikha is going too!hehe).Of course the whole family,yesterday,woke up at 6 am and got ready to send him there.

It was quite a bittersweet journey because although he does get on my nerves sometimes,and he does has quite a bad temper(actually that runs in the family..haha),most of the time he has been a great brother to me and I wouldn't trade him for anything else.I can proudly say that my brother paid for everything to get into Uni,himself.

He paid for the fees,to open the account,even the clothes that he had bought for it.Because while waiting to get into uni,he worked at 7e for a few months and he was even generous to his siblings.I still remember during Raya,he gave money to everyone in our family & he gave me rm50!hehe.Even when we're on the way to Johor to send him there,we stopped at the R&R for breakfast,he bought Dunkin for each of us.

I know that I'm going to miss having all 6 feet & burly of him, around ,with Segamat being quite far from where we live.We're used to being a close knit family that even the idea of boarding school to my mum,means that you're 'throwing' your children away.haha.No offense to anyone,that's just the way my mum is.So none of us was sent to boarding school and now,my brother will be far from our family.But I'm not really worried because his closest cousin,Firdaus is there and whenever he wants to come back home,one of his highschool senior who drives a Vios is there as well,and he lives near our house.

When we got to Segamat,it was funny because he seriously know nothing about all the documents that were in these bunch of envelopes that my mum had prepared for him because everything was done for him by my mum.Oh,and the people there,as in the MPP(the student council) was very friendly.There was a few students who was at the entrance to pass maps & show the way for registration.

And when we were at boys dorm(my brother's dorm name is Sempana Riau)the MPP guys shook my brother's hand and led the way.I was way more excited inside because the feeling of that 'welcome to uni' whereby you haven't been in one yet and everything is new and exciting and a little bit scary.

My mum made his bed and after putting everything away,we went to the cowboy town(after being born and bred in the Klang Valley,anywhere that doesn't have a nig sprawling mall looks like a cowboy town to us)we went to have lunch at PizzaHut.After that we went back to his dorm where my dad even manage to 'rasmikan' his bed while sleeping on it.haha.And my mum explain to my brother what is in all of the envelopes that she had prepared for him.I felt a pang at that moment.That,hey,you won't be able to see him every week now.:(..But I know he'll be fine but it's nothing wrong to miss him right?huhu.

On another note,can't wait for the second half of the 2nd season of Gossip Girl!I watched the trailer for it and all I can say is..Why Chuck??WHY?????.hahaha.


yes, u are definitely going to miss him :)

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pretty cool stuff here thank you!!!!!!!