Happy Birthday IzzaIze!!!

Saturday, December 06, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

On my 21st birthday,this post was created by this great person.And today is her birthday!!!!Yes,today on the 6th of december is the birthday of the great Izza Binti Izelan..On this day,a lot of famous people celebrates their birthday too.Babe,did you know that you share your birthday with King Henry VI,the gorgeous Lindsay Price(Lipstick Jungle) & today in Finland,is it's Independence Day.haha.

I know that she's having super much fun in Melbourne right now & although I have wished her earlier than most people,I wanted to do this special post for her.

I have known this girl since the 1st week that I entered uni,during the fateful orientation week where our room was next to each other and now,it's been 3 years of a great friendship.Filled with laughter,a few tears,adventures,squabbles..ahakzzz,guy probs,probs in general & many more!!

Although this semester we were separated through distance,I'm so glad that it wasn't a problem for us.Much thanks on your part because I know I rarely call you up..ehehe.(Plus,your the one who's having the time of your life there!).But it's great that when you did,we're able to talk for hours sometimes.It's like you never really left.This sem,we manage to share probs and the funny guy probs that both of us had..Yes,had.

I know for sure that you'll find the right guy for you soon!!!It might be sooner than you think ; )
I think he's among the many that has fallen at your feet.^_^And I'm sure last night incident--ehem2--proved the fact that you my friend,is HOT without even trying.

You don't need to flaunt your cleavage or put on thick make up to look hot because you are!And the most beautiful thing about Ms.Izza is that,she doesn't even know that she's beautiful...yeah..awwwww.But seriously,she is also super duper smart.She's a friend that I can talk for hours about everything!Beauty with brains=Izza Izelan.Her knowledge on politics is astounding & she actually loves LEARNING(i guess that's why she has a much better gpa than mine... :P)

Babe,I'm keeping my promise to you untill you get back here!Can't wait to see you and do all the things that we planned ^_^I know you wish I was there to celebrate this beautiful day with you & believe me,I wish I was there too...:( But don't worry,once you get back,the celebration is on!

Hopefully you'll get back earlier and you can join some of us on a roadtrip of sorts...And like the e-mail that you gave me,although I accidentally deleted it(!!!),I still remember bits of the 2 lines that you gave---'As long as we have each other,it doesn't matter what others think' or was it 'We'll always have each other..'hahah.It was a pretty mushy e-mail from Izza though..muahaha.Anyhoo,can't wait for you to get back so that we can get on the misi untuk stuff your face!haha.IMY!!!!xoxo
P/S:This is totally unrelated but I just have to show this pics..How cute is Martha Stewart's new puppy????It's the late Paw Paw grandson & his name is Genghis Khan!!!!He's sooo cuteeee!!


aku firhan.. said...

aku pun nk wish
Happy Besday to Izza Izelan! =)

Anonymous said...

comelnye the puppy!

hey thanks li, this is really sweet if not an over statement.. im not 'great' certainly. but anyway, we've been through a lot and boleh katakan dah macam couple la. hahaha. thanks man, ur the bomb


oh, and thanks firhan!! haha

LIYANA said...

izza,the ms.modesty??ewww..hahaha
tu la,atleast we knew tat we could do the long distance thing kn??grahaha

come back soon!!!
i've compiled all the notes & books tat u need babe!^_^