Honey & Clover

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Finally I manage to watch the Japanese tv series that I've been dying to watch in such a long time!A friend told me to watch the anime first instead of the tv series cos' he said that although if you've never watch anime before,the Honey and Clover anime will change your life.I haven't gotten the chance to watch the anime yet though.

But I'm pretty contented over the fact that I've watch the cute Toma Ikuta on Honey and Clover the tv series.Kudos to Yaya who burn a heck load of dvd's(4 Japanese/Korean series + 1 special edition Hanazakarino + 6 movies!!) for me & send it via Pos Laju..Love u babe!!!

If you've been reading my blog for quite some time,you'll know that I'm a huuuge fan of Toma Ikuta.But I have to say,although his character in Honey and Clover,as Takemoto,the 3rd year Archi student who's subdued & shy,shows his diversity as an actor(because in Hanazakarino,he played a very hyper guy),throughout the series,I was actually rooting more for Morita!

I thought that the character Morita shines better than Takemoto.But I have to say,after waiting for so long to watch the series..it disappointed me a bit over the fact that the story wasn't as great as I hoped it was.I know Yaya told me that it's not a really great series but I just wanted to watch it because of Toma.

*spoiler alerts!*

What I didn't like about the series was about Hagumi & Morita.Why?Well because to me,they're made for each other!And the fact that both of them are such great artists(as in artists of artworks) that they repeatedly won various awards.And what the heck was up with that when Morita took her out from the hospital,confessing all that shit and then a few days later he went on a around the world trip??haiyaaaa.

And Hagumi's clothes are so..awful.It practically dwarfs her!Everything is soo baggy and makes her seem lost in those potato sacks.I wonder if that's the way it is in the anime too?

At first I didn't like Mayama because to me he,liked Takemoto put it,he is a 'cyborg'.haha.But he's very very cute and seem to ALWAYS smoke in the series.I thought that his persistence over Rika was very admirable as she was acting just like a rock towards him.

The most funny part in the whole series was whenever the 3 boys's senior,Romaya(I hope this is correct..I don't remember his exact name) came back from work or when he just happens to appear out of nowhere.Because the boys looked up to him so much and he's always spewing advice although some of them doesn't make sense.Remember at the start of the series,when they were eating ham & they realize that a lot of great things in the Japanese language,most of them are 2 syllables.Like mizu=water,hamu=ham,sushi,...hahaha.

And Takemoto's 'journey' was very unexpected and his journey was almost I'nto The Wild' like...huhu.I've to say that all in all,it is a good Japanese tv series but it's very different than most series about uni students.


Liyana, i pon nk pinjam!


wA said...

I've watched the anime on animax, but, maybe it was just me, but it didn't really grab my attention.

my reason: TOO feeling2!

I like more intense one. Lovey-dovey..I'd have to say pass.

Read up Gakuen Alice! haha pomot jap.

LIYANA said...

izlin..boley,nanti i kasi kat u kay??tuh mmg i punye pon..i bought it frm yaya...^_^

aq mmg xminat anime..huk2