My Lovely Sam Soon

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

This Korean tv series was aired in Korea in 2005.And if I'm not mistaken,it was aired here early this year on 8tv but of course I didn't watch it since I rarely watch tv during the weekdays when I'm at the uni.So I'm glad that Yaya sold the dvd to me.I have to say that it's not your typical Korean tv series.And I have so much thought about the whole thing so I'll try to put everything into this one post.

Can you truly be yourself in front of a guy/girl?Especially a cute guy/girl?One might say so but in reality,everybody tries to look good in front of the person that they like.As they say first impression matters a lot?So like a guy friend of mine said to me "Baru-baru memang la indah.Tgklah lagi 5 ke 10 tahun baru la kuar taik semua"..It means that you think that a person is great at first but after a few years down the road,only then that'll person show their 'true colors'.

So it was a breath of fresh air watching this show because Kim Sam Soon,the chubby 30 year old heroin,is so comfortable in being herself in front of guys like the cute 27 year old Jin Hyun.To the point that it made me cringe a little bit when she ate with a loud chewing sound in front of him.And she's very loud and she gets mad a lot and she likes to hit Jin Hyun which makes for a lot of funny scene.But I really admire her character because she truly is comfortable being herself no matter how society perceives her as a person.Which is a hard to do for a lot of people because generally everybody wants to be liked by the people they meet.

There are so so many funny moments in the series.And the hero & heroin has great chemistry with one another.And although I've watched so many Korean & Japanese series in the span of 6 years,I have yet to have this huge 'crush' on a tv hero,ever.But watching My Lovely Sam Soon,I've to say I wish that my boyfriend is Hyun Jin(played by the cutie Hyun Bin).

He's tough on the outside,a great dresser,passionate in a hot temper kind of way,the kind who fights for his girl,good with lil' kids,a lil bit arrogant but inside he's a softy.There this one scene whereby he was lying on Sam Soon's stomach while telling her about how the accident happen and from previous episodes,we know what a very hot-tempered guy he is & how 'garang' he is to Sam Soon,when suddenly,while he was telling the story,he burst out crying!And he was sobbing & it was just all so sad...but it goes to show that beneath all the front that he puts up,he's actually sensitive inside..sigh..

But yeah,the fact that he was indecisive over Sam Soon and his ex was really irritating to watch.You really shouldn't get back together with someone over sympathy!The ending of course,you can guess for yourself.It's one of my fave Korean tv show now!And did you know that there's a Pinoy version?I guess it got famous in the Phillipines too,that they adapted it!


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