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At the age of 16-18 I had perfect skin.I'm not kidding.My family can vouch for that because my dad,even up to this day,will berate me for having even one tiny zit on my face!And I have two things to be thankful for it looking perfect.Loreal double whitening & Nestle low-fat yogurt.But a few years late,my skin is not in it's perfect condition anymore,no thanks to Nestle for discontinuing their low-fat yogurt range and instead replacing it with the Fat-free range.

Here's the deal,Fat-Free yogurt is not good for you!It contains a lot of sugar since they had to make it fat free,which means--more sugar=crave for more sugar=weight gain!And yogurt drink is just not the same like eating yogurt itself.So I was really really really happy when finally I've found the yogurt that I'll be eating everyday from now on.It's F&N's Alive yogurt!Althought it's a bit on the pricey side(rm2.49 per tiny carton),it's worth it!

My 2 favorites are the Revive yogurt(which is strawberry) and Energize yogurt(banana with chunky pears).It's goood!So go and buy them now.Oh,and although Shine drinking yogurt is delicious,their low-fat yogurt on the other hand...yucks!!It shouldn't even be called a yogurt!I love Sunglo's lowfat yogurt too but they don't have any flavors,just plain yogurt which is boring & I'm so lazy to buy my fruits & put them in the yogurt.haha.

I have watch so many movies during these past few weeks.So I'm writing my reviews on them based on my memories so I might have forgotten somethings..haha.

First up is the movie Into The Wild(based on the book by Jon Krakauer,published in 1996).Yeah I know that this movie is pretty old but I only noticed it now at my cousin's house and borrowed the dvd from her.I think I saw a picture of the movie on a friend's blog a long time ago.

The movie is based on a real life story about top student and athlete of Emory College,Christopher McCandless whom,after he graduated,decided to go on a soul searching journey.At first when I watched the movie,I was like,what a selfish little git!Because I thought that he was going to waste his time and money(with the balance of his student fund) travelling instead of using his time wisely.But he took me by surprise when he gave the $24000 to charity and went on his journey with no money at all!He basically just eat whatever he can get and hitchiked all the way!

This movie is amazing because we got to see how Christopher's journey,affected a lot of the people's life that he met along the way.Oh,btw,for people who have watched the movie,did you remember the guy who gave him the rubber boots,just before he was about to step into the alaskan mountains?That alaskan is Jim Gallien and he played himself in the movie!

This movie also proves my theory that parents plays a very big part in moulding their children.And as you watch the movie,you'll understand more why Christopher or Alex(the fake name that he used in the journey) becomes the way he is.Why he is so intent of not using any money and why he doesn't even want a new car from his parents after he graduate.And the moment that he burn his money using fire,after he left his beat up car,I was like..this dude is crazy!But I don't want to spoil more about this movie.Just go & watch it.

I love the line between Alex and Mr.Franz,when they were on the top of that hill.So when you watch the movie,pay attention to that part.

Another new movie that I watched is Wild Child.hahaha.The moment that I saw the black and white poster in the newspaper,I immediately recognize the Gucci bag that Emma was holding although it was in black and white.Yes,I speak fashion.^_^

The movie is so-so.Because I don't think Emma Roberts character,Poppy is a wild child.They didn't really exploit and used that word to the fullest.I mean for god's sake,that's the title of the movie so atleast give us a mere 10 minutes of how 'wild' she used to be!But the bright side of the movie is of course the makeover parts(I love movies with makeover parts in it,like the crass Housebunny!) and Alex Pettyfer!God he is so gorgeous!!

I remembered watching him in Stormbreaker.And a little trivia,he was together with Emma Roberts & he even had a tatoo of her initials on his wrist..awww..How sweet?But of course now he has to remove it since they're not together anymore.And,he was suppose to play Eragon but he blew it off in order to act in Stormbreaker!

I love Emma Roberts and she's a younger version of her aunt and they even look alike!But she's always been typecast in roles that is just boring and too teenybopper.It'd be great of she gets to play a character with a little more weight to it.

I'll update this post later,got to go now!


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