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I was tagged by Nina Alyssa to do this list of my fave 15 sexiest man...Since I've been busy nowadays,this is a great sojourn..hehe.I haven't opened my FB ac yet cos' I know I'll be stuck there for hours & I've got no time for that!

I do think there are a lot of hot& sexy Malaysian guys out there,but my list is based on celebs outside of Malaysia.^_^

Joe Jonas

The head of beautiful hair,the put together outfits,the impeccable manners(did you know that the Jonas Brothers wears the purity ring?)...sigh..what not to love about this hottie??


Warren Beatty(the early years)

I remembered watching the movie 'Splendor in the grass' when I was a kid and up to this day,I still remember how swoon worthy Warren was in that movie....

Lee Byung Hun
I watched All In and was so affected by it..huhu.He's not only hot but smart as hell as well.He took French Literature in uni!!!

Dave Navarro
He's THE bad boy for me...The man from Jane's Addiction...He's unbelievably hot & dark & talented & he's actually a softy..If you've read interviews on him and plus,he used to be married to Carmen Electra(If I have to choose a girl to makeout with,it'll be Carmen!hahaha)

Jared Padalecki
Sigh..The pretty boy in Gilmore Girls that made me melt..He's the perfect 1st love ever!He even made a car for Rory!!haha.I still watched him in Supernatural..Jared is definitely sexy + cute in my book.And it doesn't hurt that he's so tall!

Micheal Vartan

I love,love watching Alias.And among the many reasons that I watched the show is of course because of Micheal Vartan...He's so damn sexy and he has a twinkle in his eyes whenever he smiles...Hot!I'd choose him over Ben Affleck any day(referring to Jen Garner)!And I love him in Monster in Law!
Paul Walker
The man that redefines masculinity when I was in high school.haha.I was so into him back in high school,along with Josh Hartnett.I think he's unbeliavably hot!
Adrien Grenier
He's such a sweetie & a mama's boy..I remembered reading an interview of him in In Style a few years ago and he's so different than the douche bag that he plays in the Entourage.huhu.And that beautifully tousled hair & those blue eyes..sigh..
Adam Levine
I loved the album Songs about Jane.I listen to it over and over again.All of the songs were on repeat back when I was 17 years old!I think Adam is the only guy to me,that can sing with a pretty nasal voice and be able to pull it off!And the fact that he writes most of his songs and lot of it is based on sex...that's just hot!
Josh Hartnett
Ahh,the one I was obsessed with when I was a teen.hehe.What not to love about this guy?I remembered totally being into him after watching Haloween H20 and then in Pearl Harbor & as the sexily bad Hugo,in O(based on Shakespeare's 'Othello').Even until today,Josh is hot in my book.

James Lafferty
Sigh..The reason why I have been a true blue fan of One Tree Hill from it's 1st season is of course,James Lafferty.He's just so cute!And I love,love,love his character Nathan...His relationship with Haley in OTH is such an inspiration to me..^_^
Orlando Bloom
I remembered when me,my family and my cousins,all of the big clan,went to the cinema together to watch the 1st installment of the LOTR movies.I couldn't stop yapping about Legolas throughout the whole movie..I was like..Who's that guy??I was just so captivated by him & I'm sure millions of other girls around the world as well.But sadly now he's taken by the Victoria Secret model,Miranda Kerr.:(
Chace Crawford
I know,Ed Westwick is hot too BUT although I prefer Chuck over Nate in reel life..In real life,you have got to admit that Chace Crawford is one of the MOST beautiful specimen of a man on this planet earth!To me,he is MY Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba(you know,the really hot celebs kind?).
Toma Ikuta/Ikuta Toma
OMG!Ever since I watched Hanazakarino early this year,I have been such a huuuge fan of Toma!He's just so funny,multi-talented & cuteeee!!!If I meet him in real life,I might just scream my lungs out...haha.

James McAvoy

Numero uno goes to this gorgeous guy.I have been obsessed with him ever since late last year when I saw the movie trailer of one of my favorite books,Atonement by Ian McEwan.And ever since that day,I have watched almost all of his movies.I love him in Narnia--he's Mr.Tumnus!Love love him in Becoming Jane,Atonement & Penelope!!!I even watched Wanted..haha.He was in Wimbledon too as Carl...Sadly,he's someone's hubby...But to me,he'll always be the hottest and sexiest guy ever!


wA said...

omg babe!

we 'share' the same mcdreamy/steamy guy!

james mcavoy! though not my ichigo, dat is.

My eye-candy would include..

Won Bin!
Gong Yoo!
Kwon Sang Woo!
Antonio Sabato Jr!
Arjun Rampal!
Chace Crawford (as well)
Johnny 'Scruffy' Depp!

Dem! Why mostly Asians and older?

Where's the adik2s? Haha.

Joe Jonas?? tak seswai his skimpy so called skinny jeans yerr!


Temi said...

have a crush on that anak ikan called joe jonas too...hahahahha

yaya said...

so people(man) of course!.be like among those fifteen if you want Lili to Notice you!*JK*

p/s: citarase kite samakah?

Anonymous said...

i want orlando bloom

F said...


james mcavoyy indeed a sexiest man on earth!!!


Orlando bloom sgt sweet + charming + hnsem dan macho dan smart.


sudah jd cecair bila tgk dia. :D

btw,ive put ur link at my sidebar.
hopu u dun mind belinda! :D

LIYANA said...

Wa:i totally 4got about won bin!!!
ala,there's so many sexy guys la tat i dun think 15 is enough pon..huhuh

'where's the adiks2?'
in real life byk la tp xkan la nk ltk kat cni kan??bahaya!!hahaha

hey,joe jonas with his fab hair can pull off the skinny jeans!

temi:anak ikan??same la u dgn wawa kat atas tuh!

yaya:hahaha..xdela dieorg kene mcm the guys's just a list!

hana:he's taken..uhuk2

f:kan????james mcavoy is HOT!

irma:thanks irma!i'll link u up later!