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These past few days have been spent by me driving back and forth between my parents house & HUKM so that my mum can take care of my grandma who's there while me & my brothers keep her company.And also in between,shopping trips with the family,minus my dad whos' working.I'm really really broke.My last purchase,which is 2 pairs of jeans & this soft lemony yellow cardigan with mismatched buttons(sooo cool!) was bought using my mum's money..hehe.

Since my brother Haziq is going off to uni in a couple of weeks, a lot of things need to be done,forms to be filled and etc.Been driving for more than 2 hours almost everyday since last week.Pretty tired,but I am trying to get back on my fitness routine too...Hols is a good time to get back in shape..ahaha..Yeah,right!

I've been playing a lot of new Nancy Drew games thanks to this great game store at the Summit which has all the latest pc games.Just finish The Phantom of Venice and I'm halfway through The Crystal Skull.Thanks to The Phantom of Venice,I'm addicted to the Italian card game called Scopa.It's so fun!I even download a game of Scopa online so that I can play it everyday!hehe.

Can't wait to buy the Haunting of Castle Malloy soon.

I've also been playing this cool Project Runway-esque game.Each week there's a theme for you top create a certain outfit & you'll be judge by a panel of 3 judges..hahaha.

I've watched the movie The sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 & I have to say that it's better than the first one.The first movie was just as great but I love the second one because all of them are growing up and they began to see that distance does affect their friendship because one may not tell the other everything that's happening in their lives.

*Warning plenty of spoilers below*

I have to say that I did cry a couple of times like when Kostos came to see Lena and she walked away from him.And when Tibby told Brian how sorry she was and how she was afraid to love him.And when Lena told the girls,in Greece how heartbroken she was with what Kostos did to her.Or when Carmen see her baby brother through the video that Tibby made.

I really hated that Julia!She was the typical pretty,sweet girl with everyone but is secretly harboring hatred toward Carmen,whom she is so nice to.It's so yucky when she says that Ian asked her out for dinner when she practically begged him!And how she was nice to Carmen,buying her a scone or being all happy for her when in fact,she was trying to sabotage her bit by bit.Like when she said to the director that she loves Carmen but that Carmen is just too insecure for the part of Perdita.So that Julia will look all nice as ever but Carmen is put in a bad light.God,haven't I met these kind of chicks before??haha

I love,love Carmen's dress as Perdita!Did you notice the painted tulips on the skirt when she was walking to the stage??Gorgeous!I have the Complete Works of William Shakespeare for next semester so I've been brushing up on it again(I've read it when I was 16!All of it!).The scene that was shown in the movie between Carmen & Ian,of The Winter's Tale was Act 4,Scene 4,Bohemia A Lawn Before A Shepherd's Cottage.

Tibby's Brian(remember the game dude in the 1st movie) is so damn hot!His body is just so sick man!haha.Leo is hot too & I love how she makes Lena be more of a free spirit.But if you watch the movie,you'll know how that ended up.Carmen's Ian is hot & sweet to her.Love that Brit accent..haha.Effie(although she has perfect hair!) is so damn stupid for dating Brian.Like you had to ask Tibby??Thank god that didn't work out!Plus Effie lose the pants in Greece!

Lena & Kostos relationship totally reaffirms my belief that true love just can't be stop.You could go around the world and come back to where you start and that love will still be there.

And btw,Bridget's grandma is Gywneth Paltrow's mum!

Out of 5,I'll give this movie a 4.5!

Oh,among the many books that are piled up by my bedside table..I'm halfway through Moll Flanders,The Almost Moon & Northanger Abbey.Yup,I love reading many books at one time.Haven't started on like,the 5 other books yet..hahaha.I finished Remember Me in 2 days!It's chick lit kot!

Okay,gonna get my freshly baked garlic french loaf out of the oven!Toodles!