Family pictures

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Last night,right before our family was gonna watch American Idol,my youngest brother called me to my parents room.They were riffling through our past family photos.It was so funny looking at my mum & dad's pics when they were young and dating.They met during highschool & yeah,they're highschool sweethearts although my mum was a Sri Aman's girl while my dad was a Bukit Bintang boy..hahaha.But their path crossed and they've been together ever since..altogether now..AWWWWWWW...hehehe.There were a LOT of pics but here are some that I want to share with you...

This is me when I was 3 months old..Look at that huge head..hahah
Me & Kak Hani..heheh..Look at my forehead..It's grooowing..muahaha
Me& Kak Hani in blue!And I'm drooling..heheh
Matchy-matchy hoodies with my brother Haziq at Cameron..I think this was at Mardi?
My 'cool' looking parents,after my dad played squash.We were laughing last night over my dad's Micheal Jackson's hairstyle(he wanted to copy the superstar hairtstyle those days...)
My parents are on far left.My mum said that they were dating along with all of their friends who tagged along.Look at my dad pose..Budget macho la tuh..hahaha

My mum,the pillar of my strength.Look at her bag!!It's waaay huge than any of mine.She said it was the trend back then.
This was taken by the beach food stalls at The Regency,PD.I was such a ham back then!

Cousins by the beach!From left,Syazni(who's in Imaginary Frens & their song can be heard on X-Fresh or their myspace page!),me,Kak Hani(she's graduating soon!) who's holding Adila(she's 16 now),my brother Haziq(he's 19 & is in UiTM Segamat & Firdaus(he's 21 & is at UiTM Segamat too!)

Oh,brotherly love between my brother Syafiq&Haziq...A loong time ago!Now their always at loggerheads!

Raffiq&Syafiq!!How cute they WERE...hahaha

Me during my kindergarten performance..hehe.I don't remember what thet kindy name was but it was situated in Sek 11...
My cousins & I.We practically grew up together!
My 'monyok' face..Look at that hip puish pose!This must be at Kea Farm in Cameron.The lil one is Haziq.
Raffiq at The Regency's PD, kids room.It was my fave kids room ever!I still remember that everytime we go there,I love to read this thick book on planning kid's party.The illustrations were so beautiful & my mum tried to buy it for me & I even asked if I could buy the book but because they have only one copy,they couldn't sell it..boohooo.I haven't been there in like 15 years..Wonder if the hotel is still there?


Happy Chinese New Year!

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It's not too late to wish all of my friends that's celebrating Chinese New Year--a big Happy Chinese New Year...Today is Tuesday and next week it's back to presentations,quizzes & assignments..sigh...Time flies so fast!!Yesterday,me whole familia went mall hopping.My brother came back from uni on Saturday,well,actually,my parents had to pick him up in my car because from Shah Alam to Johor,my viva saves a heck lot of gas than my dad's car!

First we went to Midvalley.I think it's more than a year since I've been there!Probably because Sunway Pyramid has everything that Mid has to offer and more..ahakkzz.The farthest mall that I went to while driving on my own was probably in Bandar Baru Bangi because it was near my cousin's house.But usually I'm pretty contented with Sunway or Summit!

The reason why my family went to Mid(because we usually wouldn't go there),was because of the Festival Pembangunan Ekonomi Islam.My mum wears spectacles while my dad wears one whenever he has to read a book.They saw this thing on the telly about this eye tonic that can cure 'rabun' and that it'll be sold at the festival.

There were so many people!That my mum even met her former boss & her husband & my dad met his old friend there.My mum bought the eye tonic in the purple bottle(there's green for people with chronic bad eyesight while the blue one is just eyedrop.I manage to buy,what else,makeup at one of the booths.Hey,atleast it's halal!!hahah.

We went to The Gardens afterward and I lust over some shoes which my mum agrees that it was gorgeous!I'll definitely save up for them..heeee.

And then went straight to Summit USJ because my bro's wanted to buy games/dvd's.I bought 3 fash mags which amounted to rm37.90..gulp..hehe...I'll never doubt that I'll be in the magazine editorial work once I graduate.The February issue of InStyle was fabulous..As always!What are the chances of me going to US & interning there?sigh.I've read & collected the mag since I was 15 years old..No joke!

And they did an exclusive interview on Georgina Chapman's life...My favorite fashion icon ever next to Audrey Hepburn of course...My friends and I did this q&a games last week and when I list her in my list of fashion icons..they were like..Huh???I guess she's relatively unknown here in Malaysia,but in the States she's well known for her gorgeous dresses & designs for Marchesa.

From the interview it's great to see that I've a couple of things in common with here like she loves Roman Holiday(I've the dvd!!!) & her favorite pair of earrings is diamond encrusted angel wings(I've got a red/gold pair of angel wings earring from Mori Pin that I bought 2 years ago)& she loves Christian Louboutin shoes!The beautiful cupcake tower in Joy Bryant's wedding in the mag definitely gave me an idea for my own..It looked so beautiful covered in fresh wild flowers & orchids.

I bought some makeup(again..sheesh..Beauty editor or assistant for a fash mag in the future perhaps??^_^) from Rimmel London.Finally!I've been waiting for it to hit the shores & they have been here for a couple of months.But their Sexy Curves mascara is not here yet though...I wish other makeup brands like Too Faced or Covergirl would be available here as well...

After Summit,we went to Shah Alam Mall(where else??My family goes there every week!) to have lunch at Pizza Hut because of my youngest brother,Raffiq.Raffiq is a mat salleh trapped in a Malay's boy body.He rarely eats rice because he doesn't particularly likes it which makes it difficult for us as a family whenever we go out to eat.

Raffiq favorite foods are croissant(which I tried to bake but give up & there's still loads of croissant butter in the freezer)& pizza(he only eats it with no toppings,only tomato sauce & cheese please!).So we always,always end up at Pizza Hut..sigh.But thankfully I love pizza but I prefer Domino's BBQ Chicken in thin crust please!hehe.

And then we went to PAS(Plaza Alam Sentral) for rugby boots because my brother plays rugby for his uni in Segamat.Like duh,when people see him they'll think he's a rugby player kot!My mum & I bought some grapes & plump looking Bing Cherries..The Bing cherries was bordering on exorbitant!It was rm32 for 300+gm!!!aiyooyoyo...Gladly it was very sweet & juicy though..My mum & me wondered if we can grow it in our garden..hurm...

Saw some gorgeous wedding cards & they had gold butterflies as the card's knob & I told my mum that I want these cards for my wedding to which she says that her own wedding card was much better.But I was adamant that I wanted gold butterflies!And my mum was like,'My wedding card cost rm6 a piece'..what????Crazy!heheh.

There,5 malls in one day!Isn't my family the best or what???ahahah.

My parents bought so many durians went they went to Johor on Sunday to pick my bro'.I was craving for it& had to had to have it the day after I got back home... since there's a lorry selling it near my faculty but me & my friends couldn't afford it..boohooo!.Suffice to say,my family(excluding my 2 younger brothers who are not durian enthusiast!) finish ALL of it in 1 day..or was it in a couple of hours??

As my buddies know,my stomach is made of iron..nothing can upset it..I ate like 2 durians on my own & didn't feel a thing while my mum was getting a wee bit dizzy..hehe.The picture below is dedicated to Hanna,Hani,Napisah & Mak..who are durian enthusiast as well.I've defended durian before in the blogsphere due to some Americans who said that durian smells like dog shit in their blog...I don't know what kind of nose they have!And a big thanks to Julie who made us bubur durian/kacang hijau last week which just fuel my craving for durian!!

There's 3 kind of durian in the pic though I've no idea what their respective names are.The orange one is the best!The darker looking one is a bitter sweet while the pale yellow one is just lovely..


Chun Li & X-Men Origin:Wolverine!

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Growing up with 3 boys in the family,including my dad,of course I've played the game Street Fighter when I was a kid and sometimes during my high school years too.ahakzz.As I was poring over the new movie trailers on iTunes,I saw this trailer & was immediately excited!

I was more excited when Chun Li is played by Kristin Kreuk!yeayyy!!I love her in Smallville & that made for tv movie that she played with that Ice dude in X-Men(I totally forgot the name of the made for tv movie cos' it was a long time ago!).I hope that it'll be a good one!!

And can't wait for May 1st for X-Men Origin:Wolverine..The trailer is awesome!!!I can't believe that Daniel Henney is in it!He went from My Lovely Kim Sam Soon & Finding Mr.Perfect to Wolverine??That's freaking awesome!!!And Taylor Kitsch(from Friday Night Lights) is playing Gambit..Sweet!!!!

Oh,have you watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl season 2??Thankfully Chuck's uncle is chucked(pun intended!) back to where he belong!How I wish things will work out between Blair and Chuck but he totally blew it by taking drugs & all those chicks during the brunch & that 'stop playing wife' thing was waaaay harsh!But Serena & Dan's situation is just too icky!!They're sharing a step brother for god's sack..How incestuous can you get??

I'm sad over the fact that Lipstick Jungle is over..Partly because I love the relationship between Joe Bennet & Victory..He's just so charming & sarcastic at the same time..huhu.Hopefully there'll be a 3rd season?In the mean time I'm keeping myself occupied with new episodes of the 4th season of How I Met Your Mother..It's so sad that Barney is in love with Robin & she has no idea about it!

I'm trying hard to download Privileged cos' I'm dying to watch it..I'm soo not gonna watch 90210 because it's generic & totally bombed in the states,not to mention the flak the girls of 90210 been getting for being too skinny(even Dan of Gossip Girl asked them to eat some cheeseburgers in an interview!).

On the movie front,can't wait to watch Shopaholic,Bride Wars,He's just not that into you,Up,X-Men Origins:Wolverine,Friday the 13th(Jared's in it!!!),Harry Potter & the half blood prince(the trailer looked so cool!).

Song wise,I can't stop listening to Adele's 'Melt my heart to stone'..It's just so beautiful & I listen to it everyday & the song title is an oxymoron,don't you think?I love Afghan's 'Yang ku tahu cinta itu indah',although I try to mentally block the voice of the girl that's singing with him,cos' she sounds like a 2nd rate Gita Gutawa.The Fray just came up with a new single 'You found me',while Kelly Clarkson's 'My life would suck without you' is a mouthful!



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4 freaking assignments in 4 days!phewwwww...What a hectic week this has been...BUT it's not as hectic as Izza's maximum credit hours..Pity her because there are harrasers out there who just doesn't get it...adoissss...If it were me,I'd be like..'Rileks sudey...(with a Jamaican drawl to it..haha)

I'm still undecided between 2009 Sunburst or Jason Mraz's in KL or BOTH!Thankfully I'll be starting my tuition classes soon so I can start to earn some money again...yeay!!Atleast I won't be one of those girls who lives off their boyfriend..I nearly did that..because it's hard to say no when one wants to shower you with extravagant gifts that you could never buy for yourself( like a White 4wd Lexus??wtf???Though I do love white cars..) but thankfully I still have my pride(ahaha) & friends who give good advices...^_^

Can't wait to watch PGL & now I don't have to buy an outfit for the closing night... thanks to Izza's OZ purchase..weeee!Love the super slinky dress & thanks a bunch babe!!

This upcoming 1 week break is exactly what I need.I'll be getting 8 hours of much needed sleep instead of the 4 /5 hours that I'm getting this whole week!Although life has been hectic,it was fun to hang out with good friends like the charades game at Pak Li with the peeps,which resulted in us getting overly friendly service from the staff..ahakzzzzz.It was hilarious when we started to guess at who each other was imitating...;)

And the whole Q/A game session with Izza & the dudes revealed a lot about each and everyone of us...hahaha.Questions ranging from children names,places to settle down,traits that you like/dislike in the opposite sex..Definitely one for the books.I still can't help but smile everytime I remember what Izza's dream wedding was..And the stares that we got from people because of everybody's loud laughs at McD'(yeah I go there..sue me!)proves how wacky she is...Lol...

This week with assignments,preparation for the camp & hanging out,I actually managed to squeeze in some humanitarian act by helping the part 8 students with their Save Palestinians Campaign & help them collect funds.Manage to sing 2 songs too...Although I'm sure I wasn't very good,thanks to Along for masking it with his voice too..hahaha.Enjoy your hols to all muh friends!!!



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3 freaking presentations in the span of 3 days straight!!!fuuhhh..Crazy!!!Thankfully,I know my marks for 2 out of the 3 presentations and they are more than good!!!hehe.And because of my presentation in Dr.Hanim's class today(I created 2 class activities for Pragmatic View & one of it was titled GAZA'S KILLER),she talked about Gaza and she came up with a good point which is,if you boycott not eating at McD' & Starbucks or stop buying this and that, whatnot..who do you think you'll be hurting the most?Isn't the franchise here own by Malaysian's & the part-time/full time workers are Malaysian(okay I know some of them are 'foreigners')???

And I agree with Dr.Hanim because like she said,the franchise are own by Malaysians and the workers are Malaysian,thus,if we stop eating there,they won't get paid!And it was funny when she mentioned does Jayathi or Cili Merah offers part time jobs??NO!haha.See,I do think it's a tad ridiculous to not eat here and there or stop buying this and that.And it was hilarious when she shouted that she couldn't buy her Lancome makeup because from the list of things that she 'supposedly' shouldn't buy from,Lancome was in it!LOL!

A funny thing happened to me today!Went out to lunch with Izza & Fa,and lo & behold,I forgot that I left 2 of my textbooks,plus my notebook,ON THE ROOF OF MY CAR!!!When I parked my car at the restaurant,only then did I realize that 'eh,my humongous t.writing book is on the roof!'.Thank God that it was so heavy that it didn't fall off..And thankfully,I found my SLA textbook at the Pak Guard pondok just now..hehehe.If not my rm45 would have gone to waste..But sadly I haven't found my notebook yet.If I still don't,I have to copy all the test bank questions for T.Writing..haih!!!Toodles & Happy Chinese New Year to all of my Chinese friends!!!



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Most of my lecturers this semester have been quite good.I love the fact that most of the lecturers are open to discussion in the classroom between the lecturer and the students and encourage us to participate.Though I’ve to say that Pn.Hanim analogy on ‘don’t ask a question just for the sake of asking it’ was very funny.She uses the example of when someone,who was driving behind you,suddenly hit your car from behind and a loud crash sound came out.And that person get out from the car and rushes over to you while saying “Kena tak??Kena tak(Did I hit your car??).That’s so funny & moronic at the same time.huhu.

One of the class that I enjoy most is my Asian Lit class which is conducted by Madam Azura.She’s so funny!But a discussion that happened in our class last week was very close to my heart.It was about how women generally got into bad marriage or are treated badly by their husband.I’ve seen this happening to a few of my relatives and heard horror stories from others and truth be told,marriage scares me.A LOT!

And thankfully,my parents are VERY different than most parents.BOTH of them,have told me that I should only get married when I turn 30!Which at first,when I told a guy that I was(WAS being the word here!) involve with,totally shocked him because it meant that it’s light years away.haha.Too bad!My parents constantly(more like MY DAD who kept telling me about it whenever he can..)tells me that I should enjoy my life,have fun,have my own career,earn my own money and only then,should I get married.Yeah,my parents are pretty liberal but now that I think about it,they’re right!

Marriage takes up a lot of commitment..And why marriage scares me is the thought that you have to spend the rest of your live,being with that one guy,through thick and thin.Because it’s NOT as easy or simple as it sounds.You(the girl,aka ME!)might be able to commit to only one guy but can he?I have a guy friend whom I’m thankful that he doesn’t read my blog(he doesn’t even own an FB ‘tech lazy’...aiyoo!!) cos’ he’ll kill me(jokingly!) for saying this...but the fact of the matter is,although he’s very cool,he doesn’t drink,very intelligent,well dressed & well-off..buuuuttt....he sleeps around.A lot!And he has quite a few FUBU’s(you know what it stands for!).

And when I tell him off for having so many chicks and the fact that he could be having myriads of STD’s now(to which he look down to ‘you know where’ and said that there’s nothing ‘on’it...yeah,ewww!),he told me that, “So what?I’m single & I can sleep with as many chicks that I want cos’ I don’t have a girlfriend!”.Okay,I get that.That’s your body and you can think with your dick but I wonder if he’ll EVER be able to settle down and get married.I mean,how the heck will marriage life be for him since he’s used to sleeping with so many girls?Get it?I know that it’s possible.But it’ll be very very hard.And that’s why cheating happens in a marriage.

They say that it’s because they want something new.Which is a lot of BS!Spice is the variety of life?My a%%!One of the short story that I learnt in my Asian Lit class,titled ‘Amelia’ just make me sick!What kind of husband is that?He keeps on cheating on his wife even when they were having their 7th child!And people wonder why I’m so afraid of marriage?And I know some of my friends are weirded out by this,but I just am!I think marriage is a very very big deal.Thus,sometimes I do think over the fact that I might not want to get married at all and just adopt a kid instead.

Because marriage is not something that you just jump into.Like the quote from the 1 paragraph that I did for my Asian Lit class on my opinion about ‘Amelia’& had to read it to my colleagues, “Marriage is not like diving from the plane with no parachute on!”.That’s why I guess I’m holding on for something better.It’s not that there haven’t been awesome guys before in my life .Some of them were very nice and smart,one was even nice,smart,well-off.It was very shocking & envious to see one who’s money is not a problem at all(Like he’ll be, “Let’s go to Italy during Christmas hols” or “I just bought a plane!”...seriously!).

But some of them lack good morals and doesn’t even practice the basics in their religion(you get the drift),both,which are important to me,despite what some people might think! I’m sorry but drinking alcohol everytime you’re ‘stressed out’ or the fact that one has an illegitimate child doesn’t really makes me want to commit!Though a guy friend have advised me to just date ‘for fun’..something which I can’t do & doesn’t want to,because I don’t see the point of dating or having a boyfriend just for the sake of it.

God,I’m just rambling.There’s more that I want to blog about,but then this post will be very very long.And as a disclaimer,this post is biased,because it’s MY opinion so yours might be different than mine,so don’t get offended!



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A lot of things has been happening since my last post.The good,the bad,the ugly.ahakzzz.Been helping Izza to get her feet back on UiTM's soil..Yesterday I manage to beat the lunch hour KL's traffic to pick her up at KL Sentral aaannd manage to get back in time for our 2.10pm class!!! I also gave Hafriz some kung-fu moves yesterday(looong story but we're good now!And it'll be another thing to remember for a friendship that is almost 4 years!) too...muahaha.It's good to know that I still have the 'fighter' in me..Hey,I grown up with 3 BOYS okay!I'm tough!haha.Funnily,I've been friends with Izza & Hafriz since pre-degree(2005) & we're still good friends till today..That's an achievement on it's own!

Moving on,next week,I have 3 freakin' presentation's to do!Crazy!!!It's only the 3rd week of the semester....And I'm going to watch PGL with 5 of my friends.Yeay!Oh,and the PMFP 3 day leadership camp thing in Gombak is in a few more weeks.That'll be a nightmare to pack stuff with.Aaandd,I'm going to start tutoring secondary & primary school kids starting next week.Phewww!Life is hectic but then again,it's great that my life has a purpose right?

Mak(Farhana),did this 'mission' post-card thing for one of her counselling class & as I read it,I thought,hey,maybe I should write do my 'mission' for 2009.Out of 10,maybe 6 of them will bear fruit but it's worth the shot right?hehe.Yesterday I slept over at Hanna's & the girl's house...The last I slept there was when Izza slept there too..I think it was last week?God,my memory is getting a lil bit rusty..Oh,basically,I had a heart to heart talk with Hanna on love,which brings back a LOT of nostalgic moments in both or our lives..haha.The other girls were studying(yeah they're very diligent & I salute them for it) while Mak was doing a fashion show..ekekeke.

Afterwards,we watched Angus,Thongs and Perfect Snogging which was HILARIOUS & I love it!!!(Thanks Izlin!!)I laugh a lot while watching it & how hot is Robbie(Aaron Johnson)??Gosh what is it with me and British guys???From Colin Firth,Hugh Grant,Aaron Johnson,James McAvoy(marry me!!!Yeah I know he's married!hurmpph),Ben Barnes,Alex Pettyfer(I used to Youtubed him a lot!!),Ed Westwick,Rupert Grint,Rupert Friend,Orlando Bloom and the list goes on and on.

Maybe it's because of their accent?Or maybe because they're so charming and gentleman.A gentleman always makes me melt.In my WHOLE 22 years of living,I've only met ONE guy,who OPENED the car door for me when we go out.But a lot of them do open the doors for girls so I guess for come chilvary is not yet dead..ahaha.I have to get back to my assigments & complete everything before Sunday because going to watch AJL with my friends!!!


Hello hello!!!

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Last week,a wise lecturer told me and my colleagues that the week was going slowly but by next week,we'll wish that it was going slower.There's nothing more painful than the 'I told you so' part..This week has been such a blur to me.It's like I'm standing in the middle of Tokyo traffic.Right in the freakin' middle!Assignments are churning out already(Can you believe it that I've presentation on Tuesday & it's 15% of the grade???arrghhh!!!) ..On the plus side,Izza's back!!!

Manage to catch up the day after she came back--talk,talk,vented,gossiped,eat,eat,laugh and laugh & continued to catch up for the next 2 days--teringat 'keperakan' when she went to the 'renovated' McD or her excitement when she first saw the 'new' Intec cafe & the 'kecomelan' of sending Izrul right to the doorstep of his French class(Izza was like an overexcited parent on their kids first day of primary school)...Pictures will be posted on my Facebook soon..Glad to see that somethings never change & glad to have you back here babe!!

I'm at my parents house,taking the much needed 'game' break..eheh2.Been playing the Nancy Drew game the Haunting of Castle Malloy that I bought with the peeps at Summit a few days ago..woohoo!!I love being a detective..hahaha...The season 4 of The Hills & season 2 of Lipstick Jungle is calling me so I'll update this blog in like...a few more days??hahaha..Bye!!!


Happy New Year!

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Another year has passed and I want to wish everyone who read this blog a Happy New Year and may 2009 brings you many success and happiness.And may you have your loved ones to share your successes with..because,what is good being successful when you have no one to share it with right?;)

These pass couple of days have been filled with fun and laughter ever since I met up again with my friends since we were all apart during the semester break.I'm driving a car that's waaaay bigger than my 1st car..haha.It's a long story but my mum says that I drive this car better than the my own white viva.

I'm so glad that Mak(Farhana) is back with us and I slept over at their house a couple of days ago and listened to her antics and experiences studying at OZ & laughing my ass off for 3 hours straight until me,Mak & Napz (Hani was in KL while Hanna,was still in Ipoh!) fell asleep.Mak brought back a lot of beautiful clothes!!!She shop A LOT while she was there.And of course,her grades there was amazing!Cos' she gave me to look at her the result slip..I saw many Distinction & High Distinction..Woaaah!

Went to Sunway to watch Yes Man on the 1st day of class with 5 of my friends and because I was driving the Black S.E Unser,manage to fit all of my friends in the car.Sadly Hani(who's parents just got back from Haj 2 days ago!!) and Hanna(who's still in Ipoh!) wasn't able to join us..But nevermind,we'll watch Bedtime Stories the next time with you peeps aite?

Yes Man was so funny!Jim Carrey at his best!!We were laughing all the way...hehe.Definitely a great movie to end 2008,like a friend of mine said.

Napz has been staying with me at my parents house for the past 2 days.And she's the 1st one of the lot to turn 22 on Sunday!We shopped so much yesterday!!My loot was 2 pairs of jeans,a blazer & 2 cardies!Napz bought lots of cardies..huhu.But the place that we bought all of the things is my 'secret source(like Martha Stewart..haha) and we'll never reveal it to strangers!!^_^

I have to go now,have so many places to drive to today and have to meet the kids that wants me to teach them.My aunt set up a tuition 'center' for me at her house whereby I'll be teaching 2 of her 3 kids along with a bunch of their friends!!woohoo..Preparation for my practicum along with pocket money..hehe.I did tuition last semester and it didn't affect my grades,so why not do it again??Bye people!!