Friday, January 16, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

A lot of things has been happening since my last post.The good,the bad,the ugly.ahakzzz.Been helping Izza to get her feet back on UiTM's soil..Yesterday I manage to beat the lunch hour KL's traffic to pick her up at KL Sentral aaannd manage to get back in time for our 2.10pm class!!! I also gave Hafriz some kung-fu moves yesterday(looong story but we're good now!And it'll be another thing to remember for a friendship that is almost 4 years!) too...muahaha.It's good to know that I still have the 'fighter' in me..Hey,I grown up with 3 BOYS okay!I'm tough!haha.Funnily,I've been friends with Izza & Hafriz since pre-degree(2005) & we're still good friends till today..That's an achievement on it's own!

Moving on,next week,I have 3 freakin' presentation's to do!Crazy!!!It's only the 3rd week of the semester....And I'm going to watch PGL with 5 of my friends.Yeay!Oh,and the PMFP 3 day leadership camp thing in Gombak is in a few more weeks.That'll be a nightmare to pack stuff with.Aaandd,I'm going to start tutoring secondary & primary school kids starting next week.Phewww!Life is hectic but then again,it's great that my life has a purpose right?

Mak(Farhana),did this 'mission' post-card thing for one of her counselling class & as I read it,I thought,hey,maybe I should write do my 'mission' for 2009.Out of 10,maybe 6 of them will bear fruit but it's worth the shot right?hehe.Yesterday I slept over at Hanna's & the girl's house...The last I slept there was when Izza slept there too..I think it was last week?God,my memory is getting a lil bit rusty..Oh,basically,I had a heart to heart talk with Hanna on love,which brings back a LOT of nostalgic moments in both or our lives..haha.The other girls were studying(yeah they're very diligent & I salute them for it) while Mak was doing a fashion show..ekekeke.

Afterwards,we watched Angus,Thongs and Perfect Snogging which was HILARIOUS & I love it!!!(Thanks Izlin!!)I laugh a lot while watching it & how hot is Robbie(Aaron Johnson)??Gosh what is it with me and British guys???From Colin Firth,Hugh Grant,Aaron Johnson,James McAvoy(marry me!!!Yeah I know he's married!hurmpph),Ben Barnes,Alex Pettyfer(I used to Youtubed him a lot!!),Ed Westwick,Rupert Grint,Rupert Friend,Orlando Bloom and the list goes on and on.

Maybe it's because of their accent?Or maybe because they're so charming and gentleman.A gentleman always makes me melt.In my WHOLE 22 years of living,I've only met ONE guy,who OPENED the car door for me when we go out.But a lot of them do open the doors for girls so I guess for come chilvary is not yet dead..ahaha.I have to get back to my assigments & complete everything before Sunday because going to watch AJL with my friends!!!