Chun Li & X-Men Origin:Wolverine!

Saturday, January 24, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Growing up with 3 boys in the family,including my dad,of course I've played the game Street Fighter when I was a kid and sometimes during my high school years too.ahakzz.As I was poring over the new movie trailers on iTunes,I saw this trailer & was immediately excited!

I was more excited when Chun Li is played by Kristin Kreuk!yeayyy!!I love her in Smallville & that made for tv movie that she played with that Ice dude in X-Men(I totally forgot the name of the made for tv movie cos' it was a long time ago!).I hope that it'll be a good one!!

And can't wait for May 1st for X-Men Origin:Wolverine..The trailer is awesome!!!I can't believe that Daniel Henney is in it!He went from My Lovely Kim Sam Soon & Finding Mr.Perfect to Wolverine??That's freaking awesome!!!And Taylor Kitsch(from Friday Night Lights) is playing Gambit..Sweet!!!!

Oh,have you watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl season 2??Thankfully Chuck's uncle is chucked(pun intended!) back to where he belong!How I wish things will work out between Blair and Chuck but he totally blew it by taking drugs & all those chicks during the brunch & that 'stop playing wife' thing was waaaay harsh!But Serena & Dan's situation is just too icky!!They're sharing a step brother for god's sack..How incestuous can you get??

I'm sad over the fact that Lipstick Jungle is over..Partly because I love the relationship between Joe Bennet & Victory..He's just so charming & sarcastic at the same time..huhu.Hopefully there'll be a 3rd season?In the mean time I'm keeping myself occupied with new episodes of the 4th season of How I Met Your Mother..It's so sad that Barney is in love with Robin & she has no idea about it!

I'm trying hard to download Privileged cos' I'm dying to watch it..I'm soo not gonna watch 90210 because it's generic & totally bombed in the states,not to mention the flak the girls of 90210 been getting for being too skinny(even Dan of Gossip Girl asked them to eat some cheeseburgers in an interview!).

On the movie front,can't wait to watch Shopaholic,Bride Wars,He's just not that into you,Up,X-Men Origins:Wolverine,Friday the 13th(Jared's in it!!!),Harry Potter & the half blood prince(the trailer looked so cool!).

Song wise,I can't stop listening to Adele's 'Melt my heart to stone'..It's just so beautiful & I listen to it everyday & the song title is an oxymoron,don't you think?I love Afghan's 'Yang ku tahu cinta itu indah',although I try to mentally block the voice of the girl that's singing with him,cos' she sounds like a 2nd rate Gita Gutawa.The Fray just came up with a new single 'You found me',while Kelly Clarkson's 'My life would suck without you' is a mouthful!