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Saturday, January 31, 2009 Liyana Hanim 5 Comments

Last night,right before our family was gonna watch American Idol,my youngest brother called me to my parents room.They were riffling through our past family photos.It was so funny looking at my mum & dad's pics when they were young and dating.They met during highschool & yeah,they're highschool sweethearts although my mum was a Sri Aman's girl while my dad was a Bukit Bintang boy..hahaha.But their path crossed and they've been together ever since..altogether now..AWWWWWWW...hehehe.There were a LOT of pics but here are some that I want to share with you...

This is me when I was 3 months old..Look at that huge head..hahah
Me & Kak Hani..heheh..Look at my forehead..It's grooowing..muahaha
Me& Kak Hani in blue!And I'm drooling..heheh
Matchy-matchy hoodies with my brother Haziq at Cameron..I think this was at Mardi?
My 'cool' looking parents,after my dad played squash.We were laughing last night over my dad's Micheal Jackson's hairstyle(he wanted to copy the superstar hairtstyle those days...)
My parents are on far left.My mum said that they were dating along with all of their friends who tagged along.Look at my dad pose..Budget macho la tuh..hahaha

My mum,the pillar of my strength.Look at her bag!!It's waaay huge than any of mine.She said it was the trend back then.
This was taken by the beach food stalls at The Regency,PD.I was such a ham back then!

Cousins by the beach!From left,Syazni(who's in Imaginary Frens & their song can be heard on X-Fresh or their myspace page!),me,Kak Hani(she's graduating soon!) who's holding Adila(she's 16 now),my brother Haziq(he's 19 & is in UiTM Segamat & Firdaus(he's 21 & is at UiTM Segamat too!)

Oh,brotherly love between my brother Syafiq&Haziq...A loong time ago!Now their always at loggerheads!

Raffiq&Syafiq!!How cute they WERE...hahaha

Me during my kindergarten performance..hehe.I don't remember what thet kindy name was but it was situated in Sek 11...
My cousins & I.We practically grew up together!
My 'monyok' face..Look at that hip puish pose!This must be at Kea Farm in Cameron.The lil one is Haziq.
Raffiq at The Regency's PD, kids room.It was my fave kids room ever!I still remember that everytime we go there,I love to read this thick book on planning kid's party.The illustrations were so beautiful & my mum tried to buy it for me & I even asked if I could buy the book but because they have only one copy,they couldn't sell it..boohooo.I haven't been there in like 15 years..Wonder if the hotel is still there?


yana. siyesly.. aku tak tau la ni kali kebrape dah aku cakap ngn ko selama almost 4 thn kite da kenal ni..tapi aku nak cakap gak..muka syafiq looks a loooooooottt like u..siyes..gmbr syfiq n rafiq tgh mandi tu, siyes aku ingat that was u. u ngan rafiq. hehe adik beradik la katakan..saling tak tumpah.
anyways, this is ur best blog entry coz i was smiling all the way i scrolled down the page..but i was expecting 4 more pictures.hehe .:family is the best:.

LIYANA said...

napz..hehehe...nape??nape???aq same dgn syafiq..uwaaaaaaaaaaa.hahah
nk ltk more pics tp nanti2 bru sedar ade aseimen kene wat..boley x??see u 2mrw!!!
and is the best!!

super cute!

nak scan old pics jugakkk!

LIYANA said...

thanks mojo jojo!!hahahahahah

scan je laaaa

hanna yg comey said...

liyana in her chubby+cute years...
yep, family is the most important where we can turn to anytime...rindu lak kat family btol ckp napz...ko mmg same la ngn syafiq...haha...siblings kan...mane tak tumpah...