Happy Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

It's not too late to wish all of my friends that's celebrating Chinese New Year--a big Happy Chinese New Year...Today is Tuesday and next week it's back to presentations,quizzes & assignments..sigh...Time flies so fast!!Yesterday,me whole familia went mall hopping.My brother came back from uni on Saturday,well,actually,my parents had to pick him up in my car because from Shah Alam to Johor,my viva saves a heck lot of gas than my dad's car!

First we went to Midvalley.I think it's more than a year since I've been there!Probably because Sunway Pyramid has everything that Mid has to offer and more..ahakkzz.The farthest mall that I went to while driving on my own was probably in Bandar Baru Bangi because it was near my cousin's house.But usually I'm pretty contented with Sunway or Summit!

The reason why my family went to Mid(because we usually wouldn't go there),was because of the Festival Pembangunan Ekonomi Islam.My mum wears spectacles while my dad wears one whenever he has to read a book.They saw this thing on the telly about this eye tonic that can cure 'rabun' and that it'll be sold at the festival.

There were so many people!That my mum even met her former boss & her husband & my dad met his old friend there.My mum bought the eye tonic in the purple bottle(there's green for people with chronic bad eyesight while the blue one is just eyedrop.I manage to buy,what else,makeup at one of the booths.Hey,atleast it's halal!!hahah.

We went to The Gardens afterward and I lust over some shoes which my mum agrees that it was gorgeous!I'll definitely save up for them..heeee.

And then went straight to Summit USJ because my bro's wanted to buy games/dvd's.I bought 3 fash mags which amounted to rm37.90..gulp..hehe...I'll never doubt that I'll be in the magazine editorial work once I graduate.The February issue of InStyle was fabulous..As always!What are the chances of me going to US & interning there?sigh.I've read & collected the mag since I was 15 years old..No joke!

And they did an exclusive interview on Georgina Chapman's life...My favorite fashion icon ever next to Audrey Hepburn of course...My friends and I did this q&a games last week and when I list her in my list of fashion icons..they were like..Huh???I guess she's relatively unknown here in Malaysia,but in the States she's well known for her gorgeous dresses & designs for Marchesa.

From the interview it's great to see that I've a couple of things in common with here like she loves Roman Holiday(I've the dvd!!!) & her favorite pair of earrings is diamond encrusted angel wings(I've got a red/gold pair of angel wings earring from Mori Pin that I bought 2 years ago)& she loves Christian Louboutin shoes!The beautiful cupcake tower in Joy Bryant's wedding in the mag definitely gave me an idea for my own..It looked so beautiful covered in fresh wild flowers & orchids.

I bought some makeup(again..sheesh..Beauty editor or assistant for a fash mag in the future perhaps??^_^) from Rimmel London.Finally!I've been waiting for it to hit the shores & they have been here for a couple of months.But their Sexy Curves mascara is not here yet though...I wish other makeup brands like Too Faced or Covergirl would be available here as well...

After Summit,we went to Shah Alam Mall(where else??My family goes there every week!) to have lunch at Pizza Hut because of my youngest brother,Raffiq.Raffiq is a mat salleh trapped in a Malay's boy body.He rarely eats rice because he doesn't particularly likes it which makes it difficult for us as a family whenever we go out to eat.

Raffiq favorite foods are croissant(which I tried to bake but give up & there's still loads of croissant butter in the freezer)& pizza(he only eats it with no toppings,only tomato sauce & cheese please!).So we always,always end up at Pizza Hut..sigh.But thankfully I love pizza but I prefer Domino's BBQ Chicken in thin crust please!hehe.

And then we went to PAS(Plaza Alam Sentral) for rugby boots because my brother plays rugby for his uni in Segamat.Like duh,when people see him they'll think he's a rugby player kot!My mum & I bought some grapes & plump looking Bing Cherries..The Bing cherries was bordering on exorbitant!It was rm32 for 300+gm!!!aiyooyoyo...Gladly it was very sweet & juicy though..My mum & me wondered if we can grow it in our garden..hurm...

Saw some gorgeous wedding cards & they had gold butterflies as the card's knob & I told my mum that I want these cards for my wedding to which she says that her own wedding card was much better.But I was adamant that I wanted gold butterflies!And my mum was like,'My wedding card cost rm6 a piece'..what????Crazy!heheh.

There,5 malls in one day!Isn't my family the best or what???ahahah.

My parents bought so many durians went they went to Johor on Sunday to pick my bro'.I was craving for it& had to had to have it the day after I got back home... since there's a lorry selling it near my faculty but me & my friends couldn't afford it..boohooo!.Suffice to say,my family(excluding my 2 younger brothers who are not durian enthusiast!) finish ALL of it in 1 day..or was it in a couple of hours??

As my buddies know,my stomach is made of iron..nothing can upset it..I ate like 2 durians on my own & didn't feel a thing while my mum was getting a wee bit dizzy..hehe.The picture below is dedicated to Hanna,Hani,Napisah & Mak..who are durian enthusiast as well.I've defended durian before in the blogsphere due to some Americans who said that durian smells like dog shit in their blog...I don't know what kind of nose they have!And a big thanks to Julie who made us bubur durian/kacang hijau last week which just fuel my craving for durian!!

There's 3 kind of durian in the pic though I've no idea what their respective names are.The orange one is the best!The darker looking one is a bitter sweet while the pale yellow one is just lovely..


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i like eating durians too