Happy New Year!

Friday, January 02, 2009 Liyana Hanim 7 Comments

Another year has passed and I want to wish everyone who read this blog a Happy New Year and may 2009 brings you many success and happiness.And may you have your loved ones to share your successes with..because,what is good being successful when you have no one to share it with right?;)

These pass couple of days have been filled with fun and laughter ever since I met up again with my friends since we were all apart during the semester break.I'm driving a car that's waaaay bigger than my 1st car..haha.It's a long story but my mum says that I drive this car better than the my own white viva.

I'm so glad that Mak(Farhana) is back with us and I slept over at their house a couple of days ago and listened to her antics and experiences studying at OZ & laughing my ass off for 3 hours straight until me,Mak & Napz (Hani was in KL while Hanna,was still in Ipoh!) fell asleep.Mak brought back a lot of beautiful clothes!!!She shop A LOT while she was there.And of course,her grades there was amazing!Cos' she gave me to look at her the result slip..I saw many Distinction & High Distinction..Woaaah!

Went to Sunway to watch Yes Man on the 1st day of class with 5 of my friends and because I was driving the Black S.E Unser,manage to fit all of my friends in the car.Sadly Hani(who's parents just got back from Haj 2 days ago!!) and Hanna(who's still in Ipoh!) wasn't able to join us..But nevermind,we'll watch Bedtime Stories the next time with you peeps aite?

Yes Man was so funny!Jim Carrey at his best!!We were laughing all the way...hehe.Definitely a great movie to end 2008,like a friend of mine said.

Napz has been staying with me at my parents house for the past 2 days.And she's the 1st one of the lot to turn 22 on Sunday!We shopped so much yesterday!!My loot was 2 pairs of jeans,a blazer & 2 cardies!Napz bought lots of cardies..huhu.But the place that we bought all of the things is my 'secret source(like Martha Stewart..haha) and we'll never reveal it to strangers!!^_^

I have to go now,have so many places to drive to today and have to meet the kids that wants me to teach them.My aunt set up a tuition 'center' for me at her house whereby I'll be teaching 2 of her 3 kids along with a bunch of their friends!!woohoo..Preparation for my practicum along with pocket money..hehe.I did tuition last semester and it didn't affect my grades,so why not do it again??Bye people!!


hanna yang comey said...

hey!! i wanna buy cardies too!!!

irma ibrahim said...

hello miss belinda!! :p
happy new year!
may you have a good one. :)

haha. yea my grades sucked but who cares. hahahha. mak ngn safa mmg bagus la. good role models (u know what i mean kan liyana. haha dari segi sosial dan etika. wahahahahha)

cant wait to go back! (or not. hehe)

LIYANA said...

hanna,xpe nanti kite gi & bwk mak & hani skali since u guys xdpt pegi with me & napz..hehe

may u have a good one too

izza,ko jgn nk tipu!!
grades ko bagos gaks...
izza,aq paham..keh2
weih balik cni cpat!
aq mcm lega la izrul teman ko..xde la lenjan jer..muahahaha

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Azzam?? said...

yeahh... the year was happy

LIYANA said...

ye la azzam..u have a freakin cool job,dh la pursuing ur masters gak,have ur own car & have a hse(although tuh umah ur sis)..so mmg la ur year was gr8!!!