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Friday, January 09, 2009 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Last week,a wise lecturer told me and my colleagues that the week was going slowly but by next week,we'll wish that it was going slower.There's nothing more painful than the 'I told you so' part..This week has been such a blur to me.It's like I'm standing in the middle of Tokyo traffic.Right in the freakin' middle!Assignments are churning out already(Can you believe it that I've presentation on Tuesday & it's 15% of the grade???arrghhh!!!) ..On the plus side,Izza's back!!!

Manage to catch up the day after she came back--talk,talk,vented,gossiped,eat,eat,laugh and laugh & continued to catch up for the next 2 days--teringat 'keperakan' when she went to the 'renovated' McD or her excitement when she first saw the 'new' Intec cafe & the 'kecomelan' of sending Izrul right to the doorstep of his French class(Izza was like an overexcited parent on their kids first day of primary school)...Pictures will be posted on my Facebook soon..Glad to see that somethings never change & glad to have you back here babe!!

I'm at my parents house,taking the much needed 'game' break..eheh2.Been playing the Nancy Drew game the Haunting of Castle Malloy that I bought with the peeps at Summit a few days ago..woohoo!!I love being a detective..hahaha...The season 4 of The Hills & season 2 of Lipstick Jungle is calling me so I'll update this blog in like...a few more days??hahaha..Bye!!!


Anonymous said...

i want to play the nancy drew game too!!! where can i get it?

glad to be home :)

LIYANA said...

ooh u can get it at summit usj.it's the floor above watsons..hehe..the game shop is behind the escalator..not in front of it..^_^
i dh habis main the haunting of castle malloy..can't wait for the ransom of 7 ships!!

LIYANA said...

glad tat ur back too babe!!!