Thursday, January 22, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

4 freaking assignments in 4 days!phewwwww...What a hectic week this has been...BUT it's not as hectic as Izza's maximum credit hours..Pity her because there are harrasers out there who just doesn't get it...adoissss...If it were me,I'd be like..'Rileks sudey...(with a Jamaican drawl to it..haha)

I'm still undecided between 2009 Sunburst or Jason Mraz's in KL or BOTH!Thankfully I'll be starting my tuition classes soon so I can start to earn some money again...yeay!!Atleast I won't be one of those girls who lives off their boyfriend..I nearly did that..because it's hard to say no when one wants to shower you with extravagant gifts that you could never buy for yourself( like a White 4wd Lexus??wtf???Though I do love white cars..) but thankfully I still have my pride(ahaha) & friends who give good advices...^_^

Can't wait to watch PGL & now I don't have to buy an outfit for the closing night... thanks to Izza's OZ purchase..weeee!Love the super slinky dress & thanks a bunch babe!!

This upcoming 1 week break is exactly what I need.I'll be getting 8 hours of much needed sleep instead of the 4 /5 hours that I'm getting this whole week!Although life has been hectic,it was fun to hang out with good friends like the charades game at Pak Li with the peeps,which resulted in us getting overly friendly service from the staff..ahakzzzzz.It was hilarious when we started to guess at who each other was imitating...;)

And the whole Q/A game session with Izza & the dudes revealed a lot about each and everyone of us...hahaha.Questions ranging from children names,places to settle down,traits that you like/dislike in the opposite sex..Definitely one for the books.I still can't help but smile everytime I remember what Izza's dream wedding was..And the stares that we got from people because of everybody's loud laughs at McD'(yeah I go there..sue me!)proves how wacky she is...Lol...

This week with assignments,preparation for the camp & hanging out,I actually managed to squeeze in some humanitarian act by helping the part 8 students with their Save Palestinians Campaign & help them collect funds.Manage to sing 2 songs too...Although I'm sure I wasn't very good,thanks to Along for masking it with his voice too..hahaha.Enjoy your hols to all muh friends!!!