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Most of my lecturers this semester have been quite good.I love the fact that most of the lecturers are open to discussion in the classroom between the lecturer and the students and encourage us to participate.Though I’ve to say that Pn.Hanim analogy on ‘don’t ask a question just for the sake of asking it’ was very funny.She uses the example of when someone,who was driving behind you,suddenly hit your car from behind and a loud crash sound came out.And that person get out from the car and rushes over to you while saying “Kena tak??Kena tak(Did I hit your car??).That’s so funny & moronic at the same time.huhu.

One of the class that I enjoy most is my Asian Lit class which is conducted by Madam Azura.She’s so funny!But a discussion that happened in our class last week was very close to my heart.It was about how women generally got into bad marriage or are treated badly by their husband.I’ve seen this happening to a few of my relatives and heard horror stories from others and truth be told,marriage scares me.A LOT!

And thankfully,my parents are VERY different than most parents.BOTH of them,have told me that I should only get married when I turn 30!Which at first,when I told a guy that I was(WAS being the word here!) involve with,totally shocked him because it meant that it’s light years away.haha.Too bad!My parents constantly(more like MY DAD who kept telling me about it whenever he can..)tells me that I should enjoy my life,have fun,have my own career,earn my own money and only then,should I get married.Yeah,my parents are pretty liberal but now that I think about it,they’re right!

Marriage takes up a lot of commitment..And why marriage scares me is the thought that you have to spend the rest of your live,being with that one guy,through thick and thin.Because it’s NOT as easy or simple as it sounds.You(the girl,aka ME!)might be able to commit to only one guy but can he?I have a guy friend whom I’m thankful that he doesn’t read my blog(he doesn’t even own an FB ac..so ‘tech lazy’...aiyoo!!) cos’ he’ll kill me(jokingly!) for saying this...but the fact of the matter is,although he’s very cool,he doesn’t drink,very intelligent,well dressed & well-off..buuuuttt....he sleeps around.A lot!And he has quite a few FUBU’s(you know what it stands for!).

And when I tell him off for having so many chicks and the fact that he could be having myriads of STD’s now(to which he look down to ‘you know where’ and said that there’s nothing ‘on’it...yeah,ewww!),he told me that, “So what?I’m single & I can sleep with as many chicks that I want cos’ I don’t have a girlfriend!”.Okay,I get that.That’s your body and you can think with your dick but I wonder if he’ll EVER be able to settle down and get married.I mean,how the heck will marriage life be for him since he’s used to sleeping with so many girls?Get it?I know that it’s possible.But it’ll be very very hard.And that’s why cheating happens in a marriage.

They say that it’s because they want something new.Which is a lot of BS!Spice is the variety of life?My a%%!One of the short story that I learnt in my Asian Lit class,titled ‘Amelia’ just make me sick!What kind of husband is that?He keeps on cheating on his wife even when they were having their 7th child!And people wonder why I’m so afraid of marriage?And I know some of my friends are weirded out by this,but I just am!I think marriage is a very very big deal.Thus,sometimes I do think over the fact that I might not want to get married at all and just adopt a kid instead.

Because marriage is not something that you just jump into.Like the quote from the 1 paragraph that I did for my Asian Lit class on my opinion about ‘Amelia’& had to read it to my colleagues, “Marriage is not like diving from the plane with no parachute on!”.That’s why I guess I’m holding on for something better.It’s not that there haven’t been awesome guys before in my life .Some of them were very nice and smart,one was even nice,smart,well-off.It was very shocking & envious to see one who’s money is not a problem at all(Like he’ll be, “Let’s go to Italy during Christmas hols” or “I just bought a plane!”...seriously!).

But some of them lack good morals and doesn’t even practice the basics in their religion(you get the drift),both,which are important to me,despite what some people might think! I’m sorry but drinking alcohol everytime you’re ‘stressed out’ or the fact that one has an illegitimate child doesn’t really makes me want to commit!Though a guy friend have advised me to just date ‘for fun’..something which I can’t do & doesn’t want to,because I don’t see the point of dating or having a boyfriend just for the sake of it.

God,I’m just rambling.There’s more that I want to blog about,but then this post will be very very long.And as a disclaimer,this post is biased,because it’s MY opinion so yours might be different than mine,so don’t get offended!


wA said...

Yeah...marriage= merry age???


I missed Susuk! Dem! Blame it on the frail and sickly body.

'Aku insan yang lemah...'


LIYANA said...

haha..btul tuh wa...
but it doesn't apply to everyone la kn??
ironically,my parents are high school sweethearts & they're still together until today& they got married at the age of 22!!!

BUT their own daughter's idea on marriage is so different than them...haha

wA said...

Mostly because you haven't found THE man. Not just yet.

When it happens, maybe we'll see the other side of the coin?

Start flipping!

ykajane said...

liyana, I think the best time to be tying the knot is when we're financially, physically and emotionally independent, it doesn't matter if we are 20 or 25 or even 30.
but yes, to get married isn't a walk in the park.
regards, ika : )

LIYANA said...

here's wishing & hoping something great will come my way this year!

LIYANA said...

ika..i think i'm emotionally & physically independent but definitely not yet financially independent!!!:P