Wednesday, January 21, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

3 freaking presentations in the span of 3 days straight!!!fuuhhh..Crazy!!!Thankfully,I know my marks for 2 out of the 3 presentations and they are more than good!!!hehe.And because of my presentation in Dr.Hanim's class today(I created 2 class activities for Pragmatic View & one of it was titled GAZA'S KILLER),she talked about Gaza and she came up with a good point which is,if you boycott not eating at McD' & Starbucks or stop buying this and that, whatnot..who do you think you'll be hurting the most?Isn't the franchise here own by Malaysian's & the part-time/full time workers are Malaysian(okay I know some of them are 'foreigners')???

And I agree with Dr.Hanim because like she said,the franchise are own by Malaysians and the workers are Malaysian,thus,if we stop eating there,they won't get paid!And it was funny when she mentioned does Jayathi or Cili Merah offers part time jobs??NO!haha.See,I do think it's a tad ridiculous to not eat here and there or stop buying this and that.And it was hilarious when she shouted that she couldn't buy her Lancome makeup because from the list of things that she 'supposedly' shouldn't buy from,Lancome was in it!LOL!

A funny thing happened to me today!Went out to lunch with Izza & Fa,and lo & behold,I forgot that I left 2 of my textbooks,plus my notebook,ON THE ROOF OF MY CAR!!!When I parked my car at the restaurant,only then did I realize that 'eh,my humongous t.writing book is on the roof!'.Thank God that it was so heavy that it didn't fall off..And thankfully,I found my SLA textbook at the Pak Guard pondok just now..hehehe.If not my rm45 would have gone to waste..But sadly I haven't found my notebook yet.If I still don't,I have to copy all the test bank questions for T.Writing..haih!!!Toodles & Happy Chinese New Year to all of my Chinese friends!!!