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Funnily,this week,both Izza & me got the chance to meet & 'hang' with both of our mothers.A few days ago,I had dinner that was cooked by Izza's mum & we talked about politics,gossip & celebs.It was cool to just chill and today,because Izza wanted to find a blue outfit for the short film awards(or was it independent film??),my mum & my lil' bro Raffiq came along to join us too.And because my mum was there,I was able to splurge..ehehe.Thanks mama!!

We walked around Pyramid & search a few places & found this boutique.There,I found the cutest mini dress in dark blue + black with 3 tiers of ruffles on top,for Izza.But because it was too expensive,we walked around a bit more.I found a cute red & white gingham dress with the top part of the dress in a sweetheart neckline & bustie/corset-ish shaped there too.

It was to die for!But because it was just as expensive as Izza's mini,we decided to walk out of the boutique.But I just couldn't stop thinking about that dress & the fact that although we walked around from one store to another,we agreed that,that mini was the best one for her.

I bought a butterfly cincher & it was so pretty & I got it at 15% off!!Most of my friends know that I'm obsessed with buying butterfly related items.It started when I was a teen & now the collection has span from shirts,dresses,tops,hairbands,necklaces,earrings,brooches,rings& so many more!hehe.I even drew a big butterfly mural on my room wall but haven't finish it yet.And I read in the newspaper a few days ago that butterflies are considered as a good omen.

So,because both of the dresses was so tempting & gorgeous..yesh..Me & Izza bought em'!!!hehehe.Izza said that it's the most she has splurge on a dress/top & the girliest she's ever bought..But it was so worth it!Initially,I didn't want to buy it because it was too expensive but after I tried it on,Izza's & the super nice owner of the store's reaction,cinch it!!hahaha.And,she gave both of us RM10 off,off each dress.Yeay!!!So afterwards Izza went back to her house in Setiawangsa to get ready for the event.I hope you took a pic of yourself in that dress!!

I'm at home &I wore the red & white dress just now to show to my mum(it's what I do whenever I buy any new clothes,I'll wear it & ask my mum's opinion)because she wasn't there when Izza & me bought it..she was somewhere else with my bro'.Even my two brothers said I looked pretty!!
Gtg,as I have some cooking/baking to do!!


From scratch

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This morning,around 4 am,as I was sleeping in my grandma's bungalow,a commotion can be heard from our neighbours house.Turns out,they were being robbed & because the robber took their phones,my aunt had to call the cops.It was muy scary!!!And I was in my room with my cousin,Kak Hani at that time & our aunt came to the room and explained what happened to us.Today everyone was extra paranoid because in this big house,there's no male around!

The March issue of In-Style is out!!!Bought it today & I remembered what made me buy my first copy of In-Style back when I was 15 years old..Remember the first season of Popular??In-Style was the fashion bible to Brooke & Nicole that Nicole told Carmen to save her money & buy In-Style instead of buying more food..ahakzzz.I was so into that show & watched it again a couple of months ago..haha.

There's a fashion spread in the March 09 issue(Sandra Bullock is on the her!!) that featured Leighton Meester as the model..I adore her!!And I love Gap the new cardigan advert in the mag.The layering of so many colors(how cool is that they layer a pink shirt over an orange cardie & a big purple cardie..on an African American woman???) seals the deal that In-Style has been saying in the past--break the fashion rules!!

Today I was reminded(because of certain things) that I'm very anal about cooking.As in the way I cook.I don't care about how others does it but when I cook ANYTHING,it has to be from scratch.No Prego or instant pasta sauce in my house.Everything is from scratch.I guess I go by the rule,that I read or heard on tv,that the more natural & wholesome your ingredients are,the better.The thing that irks me about processed food is that it has lots of ingredients that are hard to pronounce,meaning that it's not good for the body!

Thus,I make my own pasta sauce,my own pizza dough(though I do love Domino's BBQ Chicken in thin crust--makes it less guilty when I eat the whole thing cos' it's thin!),my own baguette & many more.And whenever I try a new recipe,my brother's & my dad become my guinea pigs.The last recipe I tried was Rachael Ray's No-Bake Tuna Casserole.Yes,I buy Rachael Ray mags too.I can't help but like her!!Last long semester break,I watch the repeat of the Rachael Ray show everyday before I go to bed at 1am because I'm never up by 11 am(the original time slot) during the hols..eheheh.

Cooking & food is something that I love.I have many cookbooks & browse the net for recipes.I love,love the AFC channel.I always watch Martha Stewart & The Rachael Ray show.I read foodblogs.I know how to make a bechamel sauce.I know what Trinity is in cooking(it's a combo of diced green capsicum,onion & celery that is used as a based for sauces in New Orleans) because used it as base for my pasta sauce though most of the time I use the diced celery+carrot+onion combo.I have my own basil,rosemary & oregano tree back at my parent's house cos' I love cooking with fresh herbs though dry herbs are actually more potent.

It's ironic though because my mum doesn't like to cook.She cooks because she has too,for my brothers.She doesn't cook on the weekends & only for lunch on the weekdays.But I love to cook & experiment with various recipes.I guess because both of my grandmothers are such great cooks & I'm close with them growing up so I've help them in the kitchen countless of time.I can make a really good mee rebus,laksa,sambal tumis petai,masak lemak kuning jantung pisang,kuih cara & so many more traditional Malay dishes due to my grandma.

The only dish that I never do because to me,my mum makes it better,is Ikan belah belakang(which her mum,my grandma,pass down the recipe to her).The dishes that my mum taught me how to make was a great vegetable stir fry & lempuk durian(It's my dad's fave..yumm!!).And even until now,whenever I'm home,I always ask my mum to cook the stir fry cos' nowadays I've no time to cook anything.

The Victoria Beckham autobiography book is calling me ot continue & read it...The book is full of juicy details & it's great reading how Victoria wasn't born rich.And,each of the Spice Girls persona(Baby,Sporty & yadaaa2) wasn't created for them by Simon Fuller but was actually because all of them are that way & they were different from one another even before they met Simon!

And of course,I love,love reading about how she & David Beckham started.They are so sweet & at the start of their relationship,they were separated for months & months & only talked on the phone!!!Awwww.And he's such a gentleman because when they dated,he even stood up when she wanted to go to the ladies(as a sign of respect) & when she got back,he stood up again.sigh...They're so MFEO!!Gonna continue reading it..Byeeee!!!


Dumb asses

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I consider myself to be quite a patient person--god knows how many times my patience has been tested these couple of years..but due to the fact that I've good friends who knows how to calm me down...I've refrained from doing & or saying things that I'll regret...but stooopid drivers is something that I just can't tolerate!

In my almost 1 & 1/2 years of driving on the road..I've successfully and thankfully haven't hit any cars or anyone(except for my grandma's gate..but that has been clarified in my past blog post).I was all happy2 today because 4 hours worth of class was canceled & was on my way to study for my grammar test tomorrow.

As I got out of my house,with the windows down & the cd on..singing along..all breezy like..a car almost hit mine!And it wasn't my fault & it made me,for the first time ever...because of the fact that my window was down& I can hear the screeching of the tyres of my car because I did an emergency take out my hand & show the driver the 'finger' & honking like mad at the car.Giler bodoh!!!!!!!!!

What happened actually??I was at the roundabout beside the Shah Alam Mosque,& gave the right signal,& then the left signal because I was going from 6 o'clock to 12 o'clock direction(imagine the roundabout).And if you've been to that roundabout,you'll know that cars usually come down from the flyover & when they do,they're suppose to STOP & not just go ahead or atleast,go faster before the car hits you!

This stoopid chick,in a black Waja,stopped after she came down from the flyover.And she saw me,giving the left signal because I was about to enter the lane next to the car.But suddenly,she drove ahead,so I slow down my car& suddenly she stopped her car midthrough,so I swerve to the right in order to avoid hitting her & suddenly,she went ahead slowly.... & of course my car almost hit her & the sound of my tyres was like "Scrreeeeettccchhhhh" & that's when the honking & the finger cam flying out from the car.Giler mcm bangang!And she had the nerve to guiltily smile.Aq bg pelempang baru tau!!!Thanks a lot for that stooopid driver for ruining my day!!!!!!!!!

But then again..When I remembered this line from the movie HORTON HEARS A WHO,it never fails to make me smile & laugh...
"In my world,everyone's a pony.And they all eat rainbows & poop butterflies!"-Katie--(she has her own fan club!!)



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LOVE,LOVE,LOVE---the dances,Mbok's(I think I spell it wrong) chilling vocals,Adlin's dance,Tiara's dance,A.C Mizal's acting chops+the amazing props,the pyrotechnics was woaahh & eeeeek--like!!!The scary nenek kebayans(Izza actually SHOUTED when everyone was silent...ROFL..).Stephen Rahman's awesome voice(lama ok die tarik suare!)!!And one of the cast is my junior!!!woootttt!!!

WHO CAME--Pak Lah & his wife,Normala Samsuddin,Tan Sri Musa,me & my friends..duuh!!!It was great when Tiara said that we were the best audience so far(hurm..wonder if it has anything to fo with Pak Lah coming??hahaha)

SOUR POINTS--Someone(ehem2222) FROZE when Stephen Rahman was next to us..Like shoulder to shoulder & couldn't even click the camera right...Eleh,kate xske Stephen??Kidding!!!

5 out of 5 starssssssssss

Gtg..kene mengajar org..huhu..Buhbye!!!

P/S:Can't believe that me & izza went for breakfast the morning after in our jammies.She in her plaid pj pants while mine was filled with cartoon cats..& we ate at Al-Awaal..And I didn't wear something & she didn't wear something either...LOL.Suffice to say,at 7.30 am,heads turned(for the wrong reason) at the mamak when we went there... :P


Of TV3 & Big Apple

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To clarify,Big Apple doughnuts is Malaysian.Not American..ehehehe.

Since Big Apple opened in Shah Alam,I've been buying them like crazy.Last week,I bought 3 1/2 dozen doughnuts.1 box for my family,on Sunday,right after the camp.1 box for Ms.Sal when I she got the fever.1 box shared with the girls.And not to mentioned the time me,izza,hafriz,izlin & k.aisyah had our breakfast there...huhuhu.This is a BIG problem for my diet..(eh,diet ke???LOL).But I just can't resist Duren Duren or Semi Glacier or The Alien...Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Friday,went to Sri Pentas to get my prize!!Izza & Izrul went with me & they met their cousin who worked there as well.A funny conversation happened with the very nice mak guard of TV3(even the pak guards were very friendly!)..

Me :Kakak,nak jumpe cipam kat mane?
Mak Guard:Cipam?(laughing sweetly)Bukan Cipam la dik...Jibam!
Me :*Senyum kambing*Oooh,Jibam ek?hehehe.(dlm hati:semlm time Ewan call mcm sebut Cipam!!!..cisss)

Izza :Ewwww..cupcake pecah dlm beg aku(dengan coklat penoh di tgn)..S&*%!!
Mak Guard :Eh,ape tuh kat jari??Darah ke???(nada panik & obviously take dgr Izza tadi)
Izza :Tak coklat..huhu.

Took the visitor pass,went through the One Fm launch party..giler meriah & bersepah..hahah.
Saw the Hot Fm dj in action in their booth...Kieran was inside it.Citt xde Fafau laaaa!!!LOL..Went up,got lost..again!Asked around and manage to find the Entertainment Office.It was very messy!Messier than my own room..haha.Saw the Majalah 3 host,Syuhada,tinkering on her laptop.Naz Ahmad's wife was there too wearing think make up..hehe(I don't remember how to spell her name).Aidid was there too looking very fit..He's so not chubby anymore!!

Met Jibam who called Ewan & waited for Ewan to get the prize from his car which was parked in the other building.huhuhu.I've to say,to me,(to me,okay!I don't care what you think!!!),Ewan is cute!!!^_^ GTG...C ya!!!


Last day of camp!!!

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Because of the fact that we slept late the night before & the night before that,ALL of us,the girls and the guys,woke up late!!!Woke up around 8 something in the morning,rushed to get ready for the last activity...Games,obstacles & FLYING FOX!!!!Afterwards,the participants had another module and then we went home.But all of us gathered at the faculty afterwards,in order to hear a few words from the participants & took pictures of all of them.All in all,the 3 days at Rebutia was an amazing experience for me.Someone who has never went camping before in her life or do the flying fox & overcome my fear of heights(during the obstacles leading to the flying fox!).I'll never forget all the funny & hilarious moments that I shared with my friends!!!!
*Flying fox!!!!!!!Scary+shaking+ coolnesss!!!*

Insiden yang menakutkan..kahkah

Fufu mmg gediks!!!

The facilitators who duped us into believing that they were older than us!!!


Of camping (2nd day)

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*The beautiful & cold as ice waterfall.Taken after we bathe in it..wheeeee!!*

*Busok2 pon sempat posing okay!*

*Searching for 10 ants to fill up the bottle..Live ants,not dead ones.*

*After getting out from the swamp..Looked how dirty we all looked!*

Late updates on the camping trip as I was super tired these past couple of days...

2nd day

The 2nd day started very early for us the facilitators..We woke up at 5.30 am(cause by an alarming wake up call!!crikey!!) and we went to bed like an hour before but,we were raring up for the day ahead.At 10.30 am we went into the jungle and it was a second time jungle trekking for me as I did once during a trip back in high school.We went through muddy swamps,rivers,and a gorgeous waterfall.There were times when one or more of us was going to fall because there were steep A little mishap happened with one of the girl participants and it made the boys & Ustaz who arrived at the camp waaaay earlier than us girls,came rushing back to our rescue.

Afterwards,I was like,do we have to go back the way that we came to the waterfall(which means we would be at the camp at night time since it was already 5 something)???Turns out there was a shortcut!!!Phewww.Had lunch at 5.30 pm with the other peeps as we only had sardine sanwiches in the jungle.I didn't carry anything with me to the jungle except for a bottle of mineral water which I accidentally left somewhere in the jungle..ehehe.

At night,me,Fazi,Fufu,Akmal & Jasmine went out to buy stuff and had satay & abc.Before we got there,we were shocked to discover a white pontianak like figure in the middle of the road!Had I not swerved my dad's car,I would have hit it!Don't worry,it wasn't really a ghost but it was a villagers idea of a prank..HAHAHA.Driving in Gombak is muy scary.The roads are so small but there's so many cars,wanting to go everywhere!Never again!After dinner & gossiping & talking about our love life(Fazi became the brunt of the joke because of....LOL),I was feeling very dizzy...Probably because most of my energy went to the 6 hours of jungle trekking so I asked Fufu to drive my dad's car.And being the great president that he is,he obliged!

Afterwards,when the participants left for the 'owl' operation,we had a meeting.And that got Fufu taking this priceless pic of Fazi..LOL

Guess what he slept on??Sejadah & hanna's water bottle..kahkahkah


Love it!

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The weekend was spent by me,camping at Kem Rebutia in Gombak with my lively & lovely PMFP committee & fellow participants of our Leadership Camp.IT WAS AMAZING.Initially,I was apprehensive about it because although I am the Vice PM for the camp with Hisyam being my PM,the idea of camping(as I've never camped before in my life!)& when I heard from Fazirul a few days before the camp that we'll be going through a swamp in the forest(I know about the jungle trekking but I never thought that we have to go through a swamp(paya in Malay)!!),it didn't exactly made me all that excited.I was more worried about it all.

I still remember the time when Mak & Napz wish me goodbye in front of their house as I was hopping in my dad's car,they were like,'why I didn't seem excited?'I was like...Cos' i'm not!I was having my period,PMS-ing & all... & the guys of PMFP have been telling me that the place is 'keras' & when someone is having their period,going through a muddy swamp & going in the jungle in that 'condition' doesn't fell very comfortable to me..huhuhu.

But,I was shocked to discover that I actually like camping & trekking in the jungle!!!It was so much fun albeit the muscle aches that I'm feeling now.Currently,both of my arms & hips hurts..I guess it's because we spent 6 hours jungle trekking(no joke!!!And we didn't stop for more than 30 mins or so at one place)..On day 2,we went in the jungle at 10.30 am & came back at the camp side at 5.30 pm!So during the weekend I did 4 things that I've never done before...1st:I went camping,2nd:I overcome my fear of heights,3rd:I did the flying fox(that was fun but the obstacles to get to the flying fox was damn scary & made me shake so bad!),4th:I didn't wear any form of make up at all,no eyeliner,or concealer..nadaa!(only during the last day)& only bathe twice during the 3 days..hahaha.

Day 1
We left our faculty,with the rain pouring down profusely at about 3 something in the afternoon.The bus went the other way while I drove my dad's car with Hanna,Hani,Azie,Azila & Jasmine.In front of us was Hisyam in his car with Furkhan,Fazirul&Akmal.I followed Hisyam's car safely to the camp but I did manage to overtake him once or twice but being a guy,he has to always be in front& the fact that he drives a sports car & I was driving an MVP,he left us behind & arrived earlier than us...ciss!

The first day started with the participants having some tea and then they were given their 'barang amanah(a thing that they have to take care with their life)' and they were given their camp to set up.I manage to set up the camp with Hanna!Yeay!!!After dinner,we did an ice breaking session.My & Azie's team,'Project Pop',won the best team because they manage to beat the other 4 teams during the games that they had to do.Afterwards,the participants were given a talk by the facilitators of the camp while the PMFP committe went out to the town nearby & had satay & lots of coffee cos' we know that we won't be sleeping tonite!

Lots of jokes were cracked up by the guys..Believe me,I've been working with the guys for a year & they are the funnniest guys I've ever met!!!There's never a dull moment when there's Furkan & Fazirul around--they made a joke about a particular lecturer that made us all laugh so hard!!

After satay & coffee & buying some provisions for the 'torturing' session for the participants.The torturing session went on for a few hours with some participants crying & most of them was chaterring through their teeth(because the camp side was very very cold at night & in the morning..).We,the committee had like only an hour of sleep afterwards at 4.30 am & had to wake up at 5.30 am.

There's so much to blog about but I'll blog about it later during this week cos' there's assignments to do & tests to study for..Ayeyayay!!!And there's plenty of pics from the camp that I've to get from many people..It's boring to blog about this but having no pic of toodles!!!



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Gravity is my utmost favorite song from Sara Bareilles album & I'm so glad that she choose it as her 3rd single...yeayyy!!!The official video of the song came out yesterday...I put it below here...

Just got the Jason Mraz tix today!!!!Can't wait for it....weeeeeee.If Sara Bareilles come here & do a concert I would surely go!!And Regina Spektor too...though I doubt that'll happen in the near future..sigh...I've heard rumors that Coldplay will be here for Sunburst..But I'm waiting for the full line up list to be out on the 6th at Pavilion before I go & buy the tix...Maybe la...If Coldplay comes I just HAVE TO GO!!!It's Coldplay kot!!!!Arggh money is running out like water..

I soooo need to organize my tutoring days now & start to earn moolah..The leadership camp is on Friday..A lil bit scared to be honest,because in my whole 22 years of living,I've never ever slept in a camp,let alone go camping!aiyoyoyo..It'll be very interesting though.When I told my parents about it..they were like..What??Camping???.My dad was more worried because he never let me go camping as a kid or teen back in school..ahaha.But I assured him that I'll be okay...Hopefully...*Gulp*

The best thing would be I get to drive my dad's car to go there & for the whole 3 days.Driving his car makes it easier for me to be merciless on the road..ahahaha.

Oh,today in Madam Adzura class,we had an interesting discussion.As always,I like the fact that we talk about a lot of things & I get to share my opinions with her in the class.She said today that there's been many research that has spanned through cultures stating that a girl who's a daddy's girl or born with brothers,tend to be very confident and they don't settle for a boyfriend.

Meaning that there's no 'okay lah' for them when it comes to choosing a boyfriend.Like,you become somebody's gf because he's "Okaylah..".ehehe.And Hafriz like put up his hand & pointed to me when Madam Adzura said that because I'm the apple of my dad's eye(though I'm closer to my mum) & I have 3 brothers(the only girl!).Then it hits me...It's so damn true!That's why I've 2 other friends..1 is a daddy's girl & another has brothers & both are still single.It's because we don't feel the need to just 'settle'.Interesting right?

That explains a lot on why most of the time I don't feel the need to have a boyfriend though there are some rare moments when I do get nostalgic..Who doesn't right?Especially if you've friends in long term relationships & it reminds you that you've never been in one!danggg!

But I've to agree with the confidence thing.Not to sound conceited...but most of the time I always have confidence in myself.There's a few times in my life whereby I felt damn nervous or bouts of insecurity but on most days I generally feel good & has no qualms about speaking my mind most of the time(which a friend said that it is rare in Malay women since I can be too honest,which gets me in trouble sometimes..eheh).

I've to thank my parents over that!They're very modern/liberal but they have traditional values.I can talk about anything to them.My mum knows EVERYTHING about me,like the back of her hand.She doesn't even ask where I go or what I do,but I'll just tell her because I'm used to sharing things about my life with her.She's an amazing mother that one!^_^..Toodles!


Family pics part 2

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Mama's hair has so much volume!Glad that I inherit only 50% of it..heheheh

My parents wedding..^_^

I have the chair that my mum's sitting on!!And the vanity beside my dad is also mine now..hehehe.

This was when The Royal London Circus came to Shah Alam...They did a workshop for kids..So yeah,I got to juggle,roll around &whatnot.Yep I was in the Sustagen Club..Blame one of my aunts who worked for the company at that time...
Nampak sgt posing..Kecik2 sudah pandai.Haziq& me,in Langkawi.

Me,Syafiq&Raffiq.Standing in front of our advert!!hahaha.Yep,if you look closely,you can see that the boy with Mickey Mouse ears is Haziq while I'm behind him.

My Khatam Al-Quran in Standard 4(10 years old)..I didn't dress myself okay!!!It was my mum & my aunts..sob sob sob..Macam nak kahwin pulak!Mama yg sepsi..haha.Look at that ancient phone!

These boys are roomates..hehe.Syafiq holding Raffiq.I think Raffiq must be saying..."Raffiq kencing!!"
My Kindergarten performance& my mum's hair..hahaha

Toothy grin.Haziq,Syafiq& me.At Tasik Dayang Bunting.I was pretending like I am an eagle while Haziq is....a mouse??heheh.Mama looked so hip hop!

Even as a kid I love durian!Maybe I was sad because there's no more??

With Mak Chak & Haziq at Palas Tea Plantation.Look at my pants!!Purple polka dots against green??The horror!!

We both looked cute!!^_^

My birthday when I was 1 years old I think???That pineapple fruit arrangement is my mum's signature.She still does it for events.
At Langkawi,Cenang Beach with mum & dad.
Picking up coconuts?

At Tok Tam's house in Alor Setar with Syafiq.
My first day of kindy!